Mighty Doom is a hidden DOOM Android game from Xbox and Bethesda in early access

Doom Eternal Baron of Hell
Doom Eternal Baron of Hell (Image credit: Bethesda)

What you need to know

  • Mighty Doom is a hard-to-find DOOM mobile game on Android, developed by Xbox and Bethesda Softworks studio Alpha Dog.
  • The game is currently in very limited early access and doesn't appear through normal means on the Google Play Store.
  • Mighty Doom seems to draw a lot of inspiration from the popular mobile game Archero, which is already widely available.
  • The title has been on the Google Play Store for a while, it seems, and it's not clear when Mighty Doom will see a wider release.

The most surprising story of the day has to go to the DOOM franchise. No, not the excellent DOOM Eternal, or its just-as-great DLC, DOOM Eternal: Ancient Gods Part 2. Instead, the DOOM game making headlines is... Mighty Doom! It seems Bethesda Softworks studio Alpha Dogs, an experienced mobile game studio, has been working on a DOOM spin-off for Android devices. Bethesda Softworks, and Alpha Dogs, are now Microsoft Xbox studios, making Mighty Doom the latest attempt from Microsoft to conquer mobile gaming.

It looks like Mighty Doom is heavily inspired by popular mobile game Archero. However, as indicated by the name, everything is very heavily DOOM-flavored. Players take control of the "Mini Slayer" and power up as they rip and tear through hundreds of enemies and levels. Mighty Doom can also be played with only one hand, making it ideal for casual mobile gaming.

To be clear, Mighty Doom isn't a new mobile game—it has actually been listed on the Google Play Store on Android for many months now. The listing is just very hard to find, since Mighty Doom doesn't show up through the Google Play Store search and doesn't allow most people to install or play the game. Bethesda and Alpha Dog haven't announced an expansion of its early access program, or even really acknowledged the game's existence recently.

However, the fact that Alpha Dog is now under the Xbox umbrella means there's even more interest from players in seeing how its mobile games perform. Mighty Doom is also yet another attempt to bring a "AAA" franchise to mobile devices.

Microsoft has tried its hand at mobile games before, most recently with Forza Street, but Microsoft's mobile games have a long history of failing. If Mighty Doom ever sees a full release or expanded early access, it'll be interesting to see if Microsoft can shirk expectations and deliver something fun and engaging for mobile game players.

Microsoft's biggest claim to fame on Android devices right now is absolutely through Xbox Cloud Gaming (Project xCloud) through Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. You can play dozens of high-quality Xbox games, including some of the best games on Xbox Game Pass, straight to your Android device through the power of the cloud. Many of these games, like Minecraft Dungeons, can also be played without a controller through customizable touch controls.

If you're interested in Mighty Doom, you can find the Google Play Store link to its page below.

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