Xbox Fitness adds MMA-based Extreme Combat program to Xbox One

Even if you own an Xbox One, you may not be aware that it comes with access to Xbox Fitness. Microsoft hyped up this feature of its new console when it launched in 2013, but since then the company has mostly put it on the back burner. This week, Xbox Fitness added its first new workout program in quite a while, and it's called Extreme Combat.

The workouts are lead by well-known fitness trainer Mike Karpenko. Here's a quick description:

"Are you ready to take it to the extreme? Extreme Combat created exclusively for Xbox Fitness is a total-body MMA (mixed martial arts) program with 5 workouts that challenge your core, increase your calorie burn, and build your strength. Start in fight position and end in fit position as you throw punches, deliver knockout kicks, and torch calories."

Keep in mind that Xbox Fitness does require a paid Xbox Live Gold subscription and, more importantly, the Kinect Xbox One sensor. The price of the Extreme Combat workout is $29.99, but the first of the five workouts is available for free.

Check out Extreme Combat for Xbox Fitness ($29.99)

John Callaham