Xbox head pledges to improve gaming on the Windows Store with fixes for Vsync and more

The Windows Store is an in-built application for all Windows 10 users, providing direct access to a large library of apps, games and other entertainment. With the Xbox-brand having established its largest-ever presence on PC alongside Windows 10, Microsoft has started to push first-party triple-A titles onto the platform.

With the recent release of Rise of the Tomb Raider on PC, gamers have begun to question the potential of the Windows Store and its ability to handle modern triple-A titles. As of now, games available through both the Windows Store and market-leader, Steam, see superior versions on Valve's digital distribution platform. These issues are mostly attributed to the limitations of the current Windows Store, with many features absent that gamers consider a core component of a PC release.

Head of Xbox at Microsoft, Phil Spencer has addressed these concerns, promising that they are looking to improve the gaming experience for Windows 10 users.

Earlier today, Microsoft's Mike Ybarra followed up to this comment by confirming one of the store's most requested fixes is in the works, giving players greater control over vertical synchronization. The setting, which is commonly applied to games to eliminate screen-tearing, can have a significant effect on the game's performance. In the current implementation, all copies of games purchased through the Windows Store have Vsync permanently enabled, without the option to toggle the setting.

With the upcoming release of Remedy's Quantum Break for Windows 10 and more triple-A titles in the pipeline, it's critical an expansive experience is offered to those who game using the Windows Store. Microsoft already has scheduled an appearance at GDC, hosting multiple sessions for developing Windows games. At these events, we may hear more about upcoming changes to the Windows Store, that better accommodate full-fledged titles.

Source: Phil Spencer (Twitter), Mike Ybarra (Twitter) via GameSpot (1,2)

Matt Brown

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