Xbox Series X still launches Holiday 2020 (update)

Xbox Series X
Xbox Series X (Image credit: Microsoft)

What you need to know

  • Xbox Series X is more powerful than the PlayStation 5.
  • Microsoft's console has a 1.875 teraflops advantage over Sony's machine.
  • Xbox India claims that it's launching in "Thanksgiving 2020."
  • This may be a typo but you never know.

Updated March 18, 2020: Microsoft confirmed that the console is still launching in Holiday 2020.

This morning, Xbox India updated its Xbox Series X portal with a release date of "Thanksgiving 2020." While there were images floating around for a while, we were finally able to verify this. However, keep in mind that this could be a mistranslation because "Holiday 2020" is the release date we know of. Many speculate that it's coming in November of this year.

As with any such leak, take it with a grain of salt until Microsoft provides clarification. We're willing to bet that we're going to get an email soon that says this is a mistranslation. But, you never know. It's on the official portal and maybe someone knows something we don't.

Today, Sony unveiled the specifications for the PlayStation 5 and it turns out that Microsoft's machine is more powerful than what its main competitor has in store. However, Sony does have a faster hard drive which should help in loading games faster. But, with "multiple save states" on the Xbox Series X, it's unclear who's come out on top in the long run.

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