Xbox licensed Turtle Beach Stealth 420X wireless headset launches July 18

Turtle Beach announced the launch date of their new Stealth 420X headset this morning, bringing the company's wireless Xbox headset count to 3. The 420X launches tomorrow on July 18.

Unlike the premium Stealth 500X and Elite 800X headsets, the new 420X is targeting the more affordable end of the spectrum, clocking in at $149.95.

The 500X and 800X also boast wireless connectivity, utilizing USB-powered wireless transmitters with digital-optical cabling to connect to the Xbox One. The 420X uses a more discrete USB dongle to connect instead, which could be preferable in some set-ups.

Turtle Beach list the 420X's features as follows:

  • 100% Fully Wireless – No wires anywhere. Experience crystal clear game and chat audio using the latest, intelligent channel-hopping technology for interference-free wireless gaming.
  • Simple Setup – One simple-to-set-up USB connection to the Xbox One and players' wireless gaming dreams come true.
  • STOP SHOUTING! – Mic Monitoring lets players hear their own voice in the headset to avoid shouting.
  • Game & Chat Volume Control – Independent game audio and chat audio controls allow players to tune the mix to their preference.
  • Lightweight & Comfortable Headset Design – An updated over-ear headset design with supple, perforated synthetic leather-wrapped ear-cups provides superior comfort and improved bass response.
  • Mic Check – A high-sensitivity, adjustable boom mic picks-up voice audio loud and clear. Remove the mic to enjoy mobile/tablet gaming, as well as listening to music and watching movies.
  • 15 Hour Rechargeable Battery – A built-in rechargeable battery delivers up to 15 hours of wireless gaming.
  • Audio Presets & Voice Prompts – Four Turtle Beach audio presets and audible voice prompts from the headset tell gamers what setting they've selected.

The Turtle Beach Stealth 420X will be available from tomorrow for $149.95 / £149.99 / €199.99, and we'll have a full review coming soon.

Jez Corden
Managing Editor

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  • Can I also use it on PC?
  • I'd imagine so...? I hope so!
  • My brother got me a 500x for my birthday and absolutely love it! Keeps my girlfriend (and neighbours) happy too!
  • I keep your girlfriend happy.
  • Love the fack that you user account name is "PredictableComments".
  • I'm not an Xbox gamer nor am I from the US, but $150 doesn't seem more affordable when the console itself is $350 or so in the US right now...
  • Yeah, I have no Xbox too but I really think they rather just better of continue buying games for Xbox One.
  • Well it depends on the quality of the headset, you have to evaluate it on its own merit. This is typically the price range of high quality headsets from different brands. The most affordable are often in the 200usd price range. Guess it's the way of tech these days when a high end full PC costs the same as as a premium mobile phone!
  • Having said that, there are plenty of headphones (not headsets) with far better sound quality out there for this price. But I guess it's supply and demand, people are willing to pay this price for a headset.
  • The Sony MDRV6 comes to mind and it's less than $100. It's been around forever and it still gets rave reviews.
  • Considering the cost of a surround sound setup this is a good deal. Of course it's hard to throw a party with a single pair of headphones, but these are perfect for quiet hours or if you have loud air conditioning equipment, etc.
    Edit: Except these aren't 5 or 7 to 1 surround sound. Not quite the deal I thought, and with a USB connection only you can't utilize an existing audio receiver's SRS trickery.
  • Can it pair with PS4
  • What is a PS4?
  • For people without a pair.
  • No, Xbox requires a special chat data connection which makes it only usable on X1 and PC. This was explained by Astro Mods, hence why they are using a chat cable. They said they would have to make an X1 only headset to go wireless chat, hence what TB is doing. It reeks of Don Mattrick, hopefully MS opens up chat over USB soon. It's also why Logitech had to make two separate wheels...
  • You should probably mention the differences between this and the 500x. The big one I see is This is only stereo (lame) versus 7.1 for 500x and 800x
  • As it says in the post we'll have a full review coming soon :)
  • £150... Is not what one would class as affordable lol....
  • 150 USD and 150£ isn't cool.
  • You know what's cool? A BILLION DOLLARS
  • Need the surround sound makes all the difference in the world
  • 420X BLAZE IT!
  • Well, I tightened the Belt for 2 months and bought the 800x.  I could not be happier.  No Freaking Cords to worry about and a nice charging station.  Sound Quality is great.  Plus I have the sync'd to my Gaming PC and N920.
  • Why they couldn't allow a USB Bluetooth dongle so any headset could be used is still a big disappointment...