Xbox Live Gold members can play Fallout 4 for free this weekend

If you have yet to jump into Bethesda's latest wasteland adventure, Fallout 4 will be free for Xbox Live Gold subscribers to check out this weekend. Starting at midnight on May 25, Gold members will be able to download Fallout 4 for free and explore its ravaged lands through midnight on May 28.

Fallout 4 originally hit the scene in November 2015, offering up hundreds of hours of quests and exploration across the main game and its subsequent DLC. The game stays planted deep in the Fallout franchise's RPG roots as the player character emerges to explore the world more than 200 years after it was wracked by a nuclear disaster.

There's a ton of freedom and depth involved in the story, and a weekend with the game will only let you dip your toes into the action, so to speak. If you're an Xbox Live Gold subscriber and you haven't tried a Fallout game before, this is definitely worth checking out. And if you need a primer before jumping in, check out our review of the game.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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