Xbox Live: Gravity Guy update adds Rescue Chapter, PDLC

When Gravity Guy launched last year, two of its Achievements were unavailable to players. This was not due to glitches but by design – quite unusual for an Xbox Live game. Fast forward to today and Gravity Guy’s version 1.1 update has arrived. It packs quite a lot for an update, including a few surprises.

Gravity Guy version 1.1 release notes:

  • Added Fast App Switching support
  • Added the Rescue chapter to Story Mode (29 new levels)
  • Added paid DLCs:
    Slowdowns: Slows down the game for 90 seconds. It's like "bullet time"

The paid DLC (PDLC) is the big news here. Gravity Guy has officially become the first third-party Xbox Live game to offer PDLC, a bit ahead of Bug Village and Zombies!!!. Players automatically get three free Slowdowns, which can be used by tapping the new icon in the top-left corner of the screen. Slowdowns typically last for about one and a half levels – if the player doesn’t make any mistakes. Use up your free Slowdowns and it costs 160 Microsoft Points ($2) to buy a pack of 5 more.

It will be mighty tempting to activate those Slowdowns when you start up the new Rescue chapter. It starts with a brief introduction that reveals what happened to the hero after completing the original Run chapter. Then the game begins, Gravity Guy running and flipping through 29 more levels as he eludes the chaser. Unfortunately, several of the new levels are just stupendously difficult, giving players virtually no time to see and react before dying. Gravity Guy was always a challenging game (somewhat mitigated by unlimited lives and fairly short levels), but never quite this hard. It’s enough to make poor Harlequin repent to the Ticktockman.

What do you guys think of the update? Some gamers hate paying for DLC, but this type of content is extremely common among iPhone games. Opening the PDLC doors actually means that more popular games can be ported to Windows Phone in the future – albeit some will want to sell you lives and stuff.

Gravity Guy is a slick, fast-paced platformer in which the hero flips between floors and ceilings rather than jumping. See our review for more details. The game costs $2.99 and there is a free trial. Pick it up here on the Marketplace.

Thanks everyone for the tips on this!

UPDATE: While we were originally told that Gravity Guy would have shield PDLC in addition to slowdowns, shields were not included in this update.

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  • I like it if some devs decide to port games for this, anyhow I've started to boycott this kind of apps on iOS.
  • I don't care for this type of downloadable content mainly because it's not... content. If you want to charge me for an extra level, that's fine, but in this case, you're basically just paying for a cheat. That was one of the things that kind of irked me about the Beards and Beaks DLC (not the level packs). This case seems even worse. As far as I can tell (so far) it doesn't seem like you can do anything in the game to earn them.
    How far from now before we have to start paying to unlock some feature required to actually finish a game or earn all achievements?
    If the developer wants to make this kind of stuff part of the game, then fine, whatever. They're just never going to get any additional money out of me for this kind of stuff.
  • Damn, I used my slowdowns thinking I could get more in the game somehow.. :( Ah well, I'm okay with paid cheats. Although the new levels are quite hard, almost like they are designed to use the cheats and can't be completed normally.
  • 60fps in the update??
  • I'm fine with games providing paid DLC like this.  I'll never buy it, but I'm glad it's there for others who may want it.  And if it makes the developers more money, than more power to them.
    I would rather not beat the game they buy something like a "slowdown" or a "shield".