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Xbox Live - Marvel at these Sonic 4: Episode II Screenshots and Concept Art

Now that SEGA has revealed Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II to the world via a gameplay footage trailer, they’ve releasing more and more information and assets for the game. But these details are spread out all over the place online, and who has time to find them all? I do, of course!

First up, the Sonic 4 website has been updated to provide story, character, and background info about the new game. The official Episode II story:

"The fierce battle from Episode I was only an overture…What was Dr. Eggman searching for in the Lost Labyrinth?What was Mad Gear built for?They were all a mere puzzle piece of a grandiose project schemed by Dr. Eggman.As Little Planet, where “Sonic CD” took place, approaches Sonic’s world once again, Dr. Eggman’s whole scheme will be revealed!"

I love how it ties both Episode I (which had no in-game story) and Sonic CD into Episode II’s events (which Ken Balough mentioned in our interview last year). The site also reveals what happened to Metal Sonic after his defeat in Sonic CD, details about several of Episode II’s new robotic enemies, and descriptions of two of the game’s expected four zones, Sylvania Castle and White Park Zone.

The SEGA blog is also a great source of Episode II news. They’ve posted a ton of shiny new screenshots. Remember, the screenshots are from the Xbox 360 version of the game; SEGA is playing the mobile versions close to its chest for the time being. Concept art is shared across all versions though. The aforementioned blog has a few bits of artwork here and here. Want more concept art? The Sonic Facebook page has seven more pieces, mostly depicting Sonic’s enemies.

Sonic 4: Episode II has no official release date yet, but the XBLA and PSN versions will likely launch in May. We expect the Windows Phone version to arrive several months later. In the meantime, SEGA will surely keep pumping out more Episode II art and details. WPCentral will keep you posted!

Paul Acevedo is the Games Editor at Windows Central. A lifelong gamer, he has written about videogames for over 15 years and reviewed over 350 games for our site. Follow him on Twitter @PaulRAcevedo. Don’t hate. Appreciate!

  • **and who has time to find them all? I do, of course!**  LOL!!! yeah you do!!
    this looks great cant wait :) thanks again Mr. Acevedo
  • Why only 4 zones? The average amount of distinct areas/worlds/chapters in a game is 7.
  • its probably gona be like Epesode 1.
    4 Zone = 4 acts each  ( 4x4 =  16 lvls ) + 4 additinal Bonus levels,  20 levels TOTAL.
    +time attack 20x2 = 40 total Lvls (iish)
  • Still unacceptable, all the sonic games on the genesis had at least 7 plus one could combine sonic 3 & knuckles for a total of 16. Mario games have never been under 6, Zelda games always have 7 to 9, the latest skyward sword had 12.
  • I understand your frustration , but   having 20+ lvles on a adventure game for cell phone  is still the average.    its as long if not longer then any other game we have right now.   im not saying its acceptable but it is what it is :(   look at THE HARVEST! great game ... finish it in 4hours :S  ,  Developers assume that gamers on cell phone just want quick in and out Angry bird style games and make them short ,  one day hopefully they will relies that  smart phones can also count as a SERIOUS gaming device!
    hopefully one day we will get FF style gamign with over 100hours of game time!!!but that would invole 1Gig size games ,, right now they avrige 25-100MB! lol
  • this also goes to the consoles too and the console version costs more than the mobile
  • It's 4 zones with 3 levels each for a total of 12 levels - the same number as the original Sonic I believe. Also, the games you're talking about released at retail for $50 whereas this one will cost $15 at most.
  • Yeah, 4 levels per game is pretty crappy, even for an episodic title...
  • Where's sonic cd for WP?
  • Sitting some where  with,  MR rumor, Mr Legend and Miss Mith. lol
  • I just laughed out loud reading your comment. In the business world we call it Vaporware when a vendor claims their software can do something but then they don't demo it. I prefer your slogan for the Gaming world. :)
  • We explained that in our last Sonic 4: E2 article. It's still coming, but SEGA won't provide further details.
  • Let's hope for some Super Sonic & Hyper Tails!
  • Very much agreed!