Xbox One 1TB Rise of the Tomb Raider bundle will include two free games for $399

Microsoft has started its week-long announcements of upcoming Xbox One bundles with one that is certainly not unexpected. The company has announced that it will sell the Xbox One Rise of the Tomb Raider Bundle, with pre-orders starting now for $399 and shipments beginning on November 10.

Here's what people who buy the bundle can expect:

  • 1TB hard drive, so fans can play and store more games than ever
  • Full-game download of the highly anticipated and Holiday 2015 Xbox exclusive Rise of the Tomb Raider
  • The exclusive Tactical Survival Kit Content Pack, which contains a new outfit and weapon skin for Lara
  • Full-game download of Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition, the HD remake of 2013's critically acclaimed and award-winning Tomb Raider

Rise of the Tomb Raider bundle

Both the Microsoft Store and Best Buy in the U.S. are taking pre-orders now for the bundle, although as of this writing the Microsoft Store listing shows an incorrect $449 price tag. The bundle should also be available in all other Xbox One markets except for Canada, China and the UK.

Source: Xbox Wire (opens in new tab)

  • Pretty good deal
  • Well I hope they at least have one with a design!
  • We have a Forza one now and a Halo one in 3 weeks. I wouldn't bet on a third painted console.
  • Nailed one. Now to see the various Halo Bundles and a Minecraft Bundle. :)
  • I wouldn't be surprised to see one aimed at kids with Minecraft and Rare Replay. I'm not sure there will be another Halo bundle, since the Guardians one is already coming and they have one with TMCC now. I'm trying to think what they could do for 3 more when basically every exclusive has had a bundle already. Maybe something stuffed with indie games?
  • talk about a deal, damn
  • I have a feeling there's gonna be a Halo 5 bundle
  • ...that was announced at Gamescom a month ago.
  • They announced a big one. I wouldn't be surprised to see a few color combos that come only with the game. I also wouldn't be surprised to see a standard color Xbox One Elite bundle with Halo 5.
  • I don't see that happening. I mean, maybe they announce that the Effort Elite bundle comes with the game, but I don't see them making a separate bundle for that. Instead, I expect that they would add it to the Elite bundle in 2016, once they've gotten their holiday sales for the game. Halo 5 is the biggest system-selling exclusive they have, so I think they will lean towards selling it separately for now, like they did with TMCC.
  • Where is the 20nm slim Xbox One?
  • Hope i can buy such a bundle in germany :)
  • That marks 10/11 Xbox One bundles in U.S. in tht 13 months that have not had a Kinect option. Phil Spencer has failed. He has no cajones, foresight, or vision, and it's tough to trust him after the slew of lies he has spilled out. If you want to give fans "an option", Phil. That actually requires giving them an option. 
  • Yeah, you have the option to buy the Kinect separately. Microsoft would be screwing itself if it made SKUs with the Kinect, as the added price would be a deterrent to customers. There has been no real software support for the thing in a year or more, so who wants to buy it so badly Microsoft should make extra bundles?
  • Do I? Because I'm pretty sure that 10/11 of the bundles they've offered in the past 13 months do not have a Kinect option. That's not a legitimate option when you're bing incentivized to buy non-Kinect bundles, with their free games bundled in, while the lone Kine bundle has been out of commission for nearly a year and the standalone unit isn't available in stores, is often out of stock online, and has no discounts or enticing games bundled in. There have been nearly a dozen Kinect games released in the past year.  
  • He's saying they sell the Kinect separately, thus making an "option". I do think this is probably smarter for Microsoft, given that so many don't see the value of Kinect. Though I do wish they would lower the Kinect add-on price to $100 or at least $125.
  • I understood what he was saying but I was trying to get him to realize the powers of marketing and incentivization and that the lack of Kinect Xbox One bundles, coupled with the lack of discounts on it, lack of promotions with it, lack of marketing of it, lack of presence on store shelves, and failure to keep it in stock together are discincentives that hurt Kinect sales, and that, collectively, these practices are counter to what Phil Spencer said 15 months ago about giving gamers a "choice". He's not giving them a real choice: he's doing everything in his power to get them to buy Xbox One's without Kinect.
  • Jeez, If I didn't know better I would have thought you were talking about Windows Phones instead of the Kinect. 
  • No doubt that Microsoft mistakes with Kinect mirror those of Windows Phone. I guess when they drop the ball they at least drop it the same way.
  • I've never had an exist to look, but if stores don't have the Kinect available, then it needs fixed, sure. However, doubling SKUs on console bundles is pointless. They should have a $100 Kinect on display with all other accessories. $150 is silly when the console price difference was always $100. They should be aiming to sell their current stock.
  • I tracked Kinect's in-stock status from the moment the standalone unit launched last fall. The first five months of availability were a joke: they're not on store shelves anywhere (still aren't), and even online--even at the Microsoft Store--they were out of stock more than they were in stock during the first five months of existence. The stock problem is better now, but it still suffers from a total lack of marketing, promotions, and bundles.  Yes, they absolutely shoudl be aiming to sell their current stock. Why they are seemingly not doing so is mind-boggling. Making Kinect bundles doesn't require "doubling SKUs" (but even if they did do that it certainly wouldn't be "pointless"; it would lead to increased sales of a product they spent untold hundreds of millions of dollars developing, enabling them to recover sunk costs); all it requires is bundling the standalone unit in at a slight discount and advertising that that option exists.    
  • You can sure start by throwing out proof that the Kinect's R&D was hundreds of millions of dollars. I find that a stretch beyond comprehension. Oh, and if they did things the way you obviously want it, they'd be doubling SKUs becauase you'd want a Kinect and non-Kinect option in everything (heck, knowing you, you'd probably want the non-Kinect options cut). The reality of the matter is that people don't really want the Kinect. The voice commands are OK, but non-essential. The game options are bad (and you talk about R&D, how about the wasted money to put out software like Rivals that doesn't sell? They have to draw the line on hardware or software sunk costs). It's simply too expensive to start throwing out a bunch of Wii-level shovelware that doesn't get anyone interested. I would expect one of this week's bundles to be Kinect-inclusive. Maybe they throw D4 and Rivals into a bundle with a Kinect for $450 or something. Maybe they do a "media consumption bundle" where $500 gets you a console and Kinect with a year each of Groove Pass, Netflix, and Hulu Plus. Yeah, the purchase options suck right now, but that's also a response to the market. When your customers revolt over the Kincet, what sense does it make to keep pushing it? Maybe they should get with some retailers and have a $50 off Kinect with purchase of Xbox One deal, like they do with controllers ($20 with console purchase) and LIVE ($10 off 3 months with console purchase). Basically, I admit they could do more. Heck, maybe they SHOULD do more. However, given how the Kinect was received at E3 2013 and the software landscape, I don't really blame them for not being interested in making a big market fuss about it.
  • Microsoft has never publicly stated how much, in total, Kinect development cost them, but seeing as how they spent $100 million alone on slightly tweaking the Xbox 360 controller into what is now the Xbox One controller, it's likely the cost of Kinect development--a nascent and significantly more complex technology that has now been at development at Microsoft for more than 9 years and also required the purchase of software from PrimeSense, adding up all that as well as marketing, manufacturing and distribution expenses, it's likely Kinect has cost more than to a billion dollars, easily (hell, the Surface RT writeoff alone was nearly a billion dollars). I don't know what to tell you other than that I already told you it wouldn't require additional SKUs: all it involves is tacking on the standalone unit that they're already making and distributing and offering it as part of the bundle. That Kinect is the best-selling video game peripheral of all time and the fastest-selling consumer electronics product of all time does not agree with your claim that no one wants it. It's amazing how much people want stuff when they 1. know about it, 2. are encouraged to buy it, 3. can actually find it in a store.​ Yes, a bunch of poseur journalists and phony 'core' gamers have made it their prerogative to attack the Kinect, but Microsoft should be the one controlling the message about Kinect and marketing it to the people that do want it (advertising Xbox Fitness to home-fitness users, or games like Dance Central and Fantasia to women, children and music aficionados, etc.). They can simultaneously do that while not upsetting the phony 'core' gamers. I feel bad for companies like Harmonix and Disney who have made great Kinect games and gotten absolutely zero promotion from Microsoft for them, and for Access Games who made a stellar Xbox exclusive Kinect game in D4 and then got absolutely zero promotion from Microsoft for it, and for all those indie developers who cashed in all their chips and put their money and efforts into developing Xbox One Kinect games for years of their lives because Microsoft told them that "Xbox One is Kinect" and then subsequently pulled the rug out under them, rolled it up, and tossed it out the window. They deserved better.  
  • See, now you're talking about two different issues. You're complaining that bundles (which, in your terms, are SKUs) don't include the Kinect, yet you're saying they don't need to release new bundles (and, again, the way you're using that term is referencing SKUs) that include the Kinect. What you're basically saying is that they need to have discounts on the Kinect, and that can be said about anything--especially when it comes to digital game sales, Microsoft's sales are bad on a good week. The next matter, I just don't agree with. Microsoft threw the Kinect up front-and-center, amking it a core part of the Xbox One, and people spit in their faces. If that's not proof that your theory about not knowing the Kinect exists is wrong, I don't know what else to say. I got the Kinect because they said I had to, and a month later, I had wasted $100 on a peripheral I didn't want. I could have gotten 2 more games with that money, but they said I HAD to pay the $100 Kinect premium. All I've gotten out of it are some minorly useful voice commands (which are usually followed by a sluggish OS churning to snap an app for a few minutes, making the ease of Kinect a total waste) and a Kinect Sports Rivals game that played like crap, unless you had an insane amount of space. When you take this B.S. attitude that everyone who doesn't want to marry the Kinect is a "poseur" or "phony," your argument loses any and all merit. It's why I so frequently roll my eyes when I see your posts on this site, because statement like that are just asinine. Not everyone loves your precious Kinect, and after almost 18 months with it, I still don't see a reason to have spent $100 to get the thing. If you think that makes me a "phony," then I honestly suggest you go look up the meaning of the word, because I don't think that means what you think it means. You can say Microsoft pulled out the rug, but it's not on them. The consumers shunned it. They didn't want to pay extra for something with such little software support. Microsoft should have probably done a better job to make sure that games like Fantasia were ready for launch, but at the end of the day, third-party developers have shown little interest in supporting the thing, and your example of Harmonix is just an example of a developer built on gimmicks as it is.
  • I was going to say, they had better give you both games, haha. This kind of stuff just keeps making it harder for me to convince myself to get that Halo 5 bundle for $100 more...
  • I want a bundle with the Elite white Xbox and Kinect with Halo 5 and Rise of the Tomb Raider $399
  • Two free games for $399!? That's nearly $200 each! And I certainly don't class that as free.
  • And where the hell you'll get a new comsole only for $199??
  • I agree, without a Kinect, I'm not buying. I need voice control to convince my wife of the need to purchase, and I'm not paying $150 fotr something that should be bundled at $100 or less. I want a bundle like the one above for $450 kinect inlcuded.
  • Just goes to show how great of a deal the Titanfall bundle was back in March 2014: You got an Xbox One, Kinect, and Titanfall for $450.
  • It needs Kinect to.
  • The Game is look really nice but I got my bundle already Forza 6 Limited Edition Xbox One and looks fantastic.
  • Tomb raider is great!