List of Xbox One Apps that Support 4K Video in 2022

While the Xbox One remains a gaming console at heart, Microsoft also touts a growing suite of entertainment features. For example, the flagship Xbox One X and budget-friendly Xbox One S serve 4K video playback over Blu-ray discs, accompanied by a range of 4K-compatible apps too. We've rounded up every Xbox One video app with 4K and HDR available now.

Upgrade your Xbox video

While the Xbox One's 4K video lineup is tied down to a tight pool of applications, you'll find most movies and TV on the console. You just need to know where to look. Netflix and Amazon Prime Video lead the charge with content-rich libraries, each boasting 4K HDR blockbusters and exclusives.

myTube! is an added essential for YouTube viewers, compiling a ton of features into a snappy native app. Third-party developer, Ryken Studio, stays on top of the latest YouTube additions, delivering regular updates and refinements for its $1 cost. A limited free trial is also available for budding myTube! adopters to get hands-on today.

Matt Brown

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