While the Xbox One remains a gaming console at heart, Microsoft also touts a growing suite of entertainment features. For example, the flagship Xbox One X and budget-friendly Xbox One S serve 4K video playback over Blu-ray discs, accompanied by a range of 4K-compatible apps too. We've rounded up every Xbox One video app with 4K and HDR available now.

Leading 4K library: Netflix

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Leading the console streaming lineup, Netflix boasts 4K and HDR support on Xbox One. Backed by a healthy library of supporting content, it's a top-tier streaming pick.

From $9/mo. at Netflix

Prime streaming: Amazon Prime Video

Another key player in Xbox One streaming, Amazon Prime Video hosts 4K and HDR content. It packs a diverse TV and movie collection, paired with strong in-house 4K exclusives.

$13/mo. at Amazon

Direct from Xbox: Microsoft Store

The Xbox One's integrated Microsoft Store serves a broad 4K HDR movie selection. It now has hundreds of movies and TV with Movies Anywhere support, although non-U.S. offerings are limited.

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Upgrade your YouTube: myTube!

myTube! is the king of third-party YouTube apps, hitting Xbox One feature-rich with smooth navigation. Supporting 4K HDR playback alongside 60 frames per second (FPS) and background audio for all, it's a strong rival to Google's offering.

$1 at Microsoft

Watch and play: Mixer

Microsoft's newly-secured Mixer live-streaming platform is building a name in game streaming. Although 4K content is minimal, it powers the crystal-clear streams for Xbox E3 conferences.

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Bring your 4K movies: Plex

Plex grants snappy, streamlined access to your films, TV, and music wherever you go. With 4K HDR video support, it's ideal for mobilizing your video library. The app is free but plans start at $5 per month for some extra functionality including advanced audio features and multiple accounts.

Free at Microsoft

All-in on 4K: UltraFlix

UltraFlix hits Xbox One claiming the "world's largest library of 4K content," dedicated to super-sharp video. Movies, TV, sports, and concerts are among the roster, with 100 hours of free viewing too.

Free at Microsoft

4K HDR rentals: Vudu

Vudu brings 4K HDR video rental to Xbox One from a wide range of movies and TV. It packs an impressive lineup, offered under subscription-free per-title purchases.

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4K video sharing: YouTube

YouTube's Xbox One app falls short in several ways, lacking the stability and support of fellow platforms. However, it's secured 4K support on Xbox One, with HDR supposedly in the pipeline.

Free at Microsoft

Upgrade your Xbox video

While the Xbox One's 4K video lineup is tied down to a tight pool of applications, you'll find most movies and TV on the console. You just need to know where to look. Netflix and Amazon Prime Video lead the charge with content-rich libraries, each boasting 4K HDR blockbusters and exclusives.

myTube! is an added essential for YouTube viewers, compiling a ton of features into a snappy native app. Third-party developer, Ryken Studio, stays on top of the latest YouTube additions, delivering regular updates and refinements for its $1 cost. A limited free trial is also available for budding myTube! adopters to get hands-on today.

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