Three new games have now been added to the steadily growing list of backwards compatible titles for the Xbox One. Coming along in this latest batch are Shadowrun, Space Ark, and Shotest Shogi. All three are fairly small titles, but it's good to see the list growing nonetheless.

Xbox One backwards compatibility gains 3 new games, now 300 strong

If you're unfamiliar with these three games, Shadowrun is a first-person arena shooter available for $15 on the Xbox Marketplace. Meanwhile, Space Ark serves up some arcade fun for $9.99, tasking you with collecting fruit with bouncing animals and raising your high score to terraform planets (yes, that's as silly as it sounds). Lastly, Shotest Shogi lets you try your hand at the Japanese board game for $9.99.

Interestingly, these three additions have officially pushed the number of supported backwards compatible games to 300. That's a pretty solid achievement, especially considering it comes just a little over a year after the feature initially launched on Xbox One with only 100 supported titles.

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