Microsoft has taken the wraps off the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition, its new disc-free console primed for always-connected gaming. Dropping the internal disc drive and passing $50 savings onto buyers, it's the lowest Xbox One retail price to date at $249.

While the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition is slated for a May 7, 2019 release, we've already received a glimpse under the hood. The Xbox One S All-Digital Edition generally fulfills its initial promises, merely cutting the internal optical disc drive for a lightweight, low-cost gaming console. Microsoft appears to be sharing identical components of the standard Xbox One S; even leaving space to add a disc drive back.

The Xbox One S disc drive SATA and power ports, which also transfer to Xbox One S All-Digital Edition.

Our first in-depth look inside the Xbox One S All-Digital comes via Austin Evans, receiving an early hands-on with the console before its reveal. The video provides a full unboxing of Microsoft's download-only console, while also exploring what has changed inside the all-white box. And it's mostly the same, albeit with new metal panel reinforcing where the drive once laid.

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The Xbox One S' former disc eject button is still seemingly found under the console's casing.

However, by sharing components with its predecessor, the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition still stows remnants of its disc drive. Evans refers to spare SATA and proprietary power ports on the All-Digital board; the two previously used to connect the disc drive itself. The radio frequency board up front also still features the same eject button, now simply masked by the All-Digital's new casing.

It's unclear whether the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition will support a Blu-ray drive, though indicates a potential DIY post-purchase upgrade path for console buyers. The Xbox One operating system appears capable of detecting its absence, though it's unknown if Microsoft has locked out capabilities entirely at a software level.

In the meantime, the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition is now available for preorder at $249, ahead of a May 7, 2019 debut.

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Xbox One S All-Digital

Secure your Xbox One S All-Digital; Microsoft's new and ambitious disc-less console. It's the cheapest Xbox One ever made, bundled with a trio of downloadable games.

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