Microsoft is inviting gamers to preview the next Xbox One update – you could be one of them

Preparing for the epic Titanfall launch, Microsoft has set out to release two different updates to their Xbox One console before the March 11 date arrives. The first patch went out this month, and introduced a few new features; along with a bug, we are calling “the black screen of (temporary) death”. The next update that will be coming in the first few days of March is being handed out to a select few individuals for early testing and one of those people could be you.

As Microsoft always likes to highlight, you are their “passionate community” and in order to get the bug testing ready for the masses, they want their most loyal users to get a chance to receive (or not receive) the update first – the choice is yours.

If you are wondering what you will have to do to get in on the action, the answer is simple – just sit there. The Xbox team will be sending out a selection invites to Gamertags over Microsoft’s Xbox Live service. Selected users should start to receive invitations today, but it may take a bit for the system to get everyone’s invite out.

If you are chosen for the early software adopters program, you will be able to provide your feedback in a private forum and discuss features with other adopters. You will also be able to opt out of future update waves or stay in the program as it continues down the road.

According to Chief Product Officer, Marc Whitten, the update that is currently being distributed to a few select individuals is promising to improve the multiplayer and chat party experiences on the console. We also expect a patch for the new “black screen of (temporary) death” to be included.

Let us know if you get into the beta program! Do you like testing the latest cutting-edge software or do you prefer a more stable experience?

Source: Microsoft

Michael Archambault