Microsoft is inviting gamers to preview the next Xbox One update – you could be one of them

Preparing for the epic Titanfall launch, Microsoft has set out to release two different updates to their Xbox One console before the March 11 date arrives. The first patch went out this month, and introduced a few new features; along with a bug, we are calling “the black screen of (temporary) death”. The next update that will be coming in the first few days of March is being handed out to a select few individuals for early testing and one of those people could be you.

As Microsoft always likes to highlight, you are their “passionate community” and in order to get the bug testing ready for the masses, they want their most loyal users to get a chance to receive (or not receive) the update first – the choice is yours.

If you are wondering what you will have to do to get in on the action, the answer is simple – just sit there. The Xbox team will be sending out a selection invites to Gamertags over Microsoft’s Xbox Live service. Selected users should start to receive invitations today, but it may take a bit for the system to get everyone’s invite out.

If you are chosen for the early software adopters program, you will be able to provide your feedback in a private forum and discuss features with other adopters. You will also be able to opt out of future update waves or stay in the program as it continues down the road.

According to Chief Product Officer, Marc Whitten, the update that is currently being distributed to a few select individuals is promising to improve the multiplayer and chat party experiences on the console. We also expect a patch for the new “black screen of (temporary) death” to be included.

Let us know if you get into the beta program! Do you like testing the latest cutting-edge software or do you prefer a more stable experience?

Source: Microsoft (opens in new tab)

  • WANT! Love Xbox One, but the social features are lacking right now.
  • Me too!
  • What's missing that you want?
  • YES!! got the email today on my Xbox one!
  • me too!!!
  • Anybody else having trouble turning off the Xbox via voice command since the latest update? "Xbox Turn Off" works, but the "Yes" confirmation does not
  • Same here!
  • Glad I'm not the only one
  • I had same issue. Contacted Xbox Support via Twitter and they said try a power cycle (press and hold power on console for 5s, leave for 30s and then power back on) Since I've done that, it hasn't been an issue
  • just an observation with microsoft and updates. a restart is always good. The Xbox One's fast startup feature isn't a real power cycle, so forcing it sounds good to me.
  • I'm having difficulties with Kinect lately. Also,the "turn all off" function on my Harmony remote isn't turning the system off anymore ...
  • Logitech have released an update to fix the Harmony Remote power off problem:
  • I have this problem too!
  • I had this same issue as well. I managed to fix it by leaving the Xbox disconnected from a power source for 10-15 minute (time may be shorter, but that's what I ended up doing) then turning it back on. Also, I re-ran the Kinect sound set up for safe measures. After that, everything was back to normal.
  • Recalibrate your Kinect. Make sure you have the volume up a little louder than you normally listen and make sure the room is quiet when it is going through the process. I had the same problem but did this and now it works without issue. I just give the command as I am walking out the door now as I don't even bother to look at the screen anymore.
  • Had this happen to me for the first time last night. Only way to fix was a hard reset. Yes and no commands would not work.
  • Like others said, just power cycle (hold power until power brick light turns amber), then turn the system back on. All will work as expected.
  • I'm having no problem on that area
  • OMG, yes, I thought it was just me!!
  • Every other voice command works, but off doesn't....
  • Power cycle the Xbox - power brick light turns orange before turning back on - as others have mentioned above. I was having this same issue, but fully turning off the power like that fixed it. Or just unplug from outlet or turn on energy saving mode from settings.. Anything to get out of instant on mode
  • I am not on the instant on. So it gets turned off fully every night.
  • Nah, I'm straight with that, but I get the black screen once in a while.
  • i set the power off option to energy savings, powered off, leave off for a minute, power on, set back to instant-on (if desired). fixed a few issues.
  • I want to get in on the beta action!
  • Sweet, got the message I'm in the beta and that they are sending me a One so I can participate. :P
  • I highly doubt they would send you a one for the beta, nice try tho.
  • Whoa, are you serious? They're literally gifting you a free Xbox One just to try out a beta of this upcoming system update? Congratulations. You must now change your name from wpguy to luckyguy.
  • No, it's a lie. I got invited. And they a are certainly not giving away Ones. Actually it's for some Ambassadors that already have the One, it would be ridiculous to give us one since we technically ar¿lready have one. I still haven't received the Xbox Message but I did receive two emails. Apparently they're having delays for the codes.
  • Some days, it really is that easy. :P
  • im up for the challenge sign me up 
  • I hope I'm chosen for this! :D
  • I was in the last 4-5 betas on the 360, hope I get this one as well.
  • Anyone else having kinnect issues since the update a few days ago?
  • Yep, I have and looking at earlier comments in this thread, we're not alone either.
  • Power cycle the Xbox. You probably have it set to instant-on in the settings, so it basically goes to sleep instead of actually shutting down, and you need it to shut down to fix your Kinect issues.
  • I got a code! Eeep! :D
  • How long did it take to load/update?
  • I got my invite earlier today because I'm part of the ambassadors program
  • Me too! But have you already received the code. Because some of us received the email but still havent received the codes. They already acknowledged it but I can't wait to donwload the app!
  • Haven't gotten code yet, I'll check eventually
  • Got it!!!
  • Just got my invite through the ambassadors program, been in all the 360 betas but pretty stoked for this one, should be good.  Love testing out the new features and giving something back to the community.
  • Bring on the beta!!!
  • Fingers crossed.
  • Better to release the one in alot of countries than an update.... Can't even buy it here....
  • I'm in. I'll keep you all posted on updates I get.
  • I don't want any beta software. I'm having enough problems with the production software. The TV app is terrible in my opinion. Freezes and disconnects on me very often! Voice commands are hard to use. I feel like the whole thing is a beta already!!!!!
  • I've been doeing betas since the original Xbox! I seven still own my "i have great hands" xbox live beta shirt and all the goodies that came with it!
  • Is this for Xbox ambassadors
  • Not just for us ambassadors but we get first dibs. Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • Got my code last night and installed the preview. I'm not an ambassador although I did participate in one of the dash previews on xbox 360.
  • Got my invite today, I'll be updating later tonight!
  • I have been privileged in beta testing the Xbox 360 dashboard from the start. That's each and every time the opportunity came up. I had the privilege of beta testing Windows when they started allowing the public to beta test. I have beta tested Internet explorer. I hope I will be one of the chosen to beta test the new update for Xbox One.
  • I get the flickering screen and lose all video signal after the latest update. Thanks Microsoft. Go to hell. Anytime I am in a game. I cannot lush the home button or I will lose my video signal and be force to power cycle to fix it. Essentially it removes all multitasking while in a game. So stupid. I have to use voice commands to navigate to it goes black. Others have problem too. I barely game.on my console anyway so it hasn't really made me too mad yet
  • power off using energy savings option. leave off for a minute. i did not have to detach the power brick using this method. your mileage may vary.
  • You need to power off and detach the power cable for 2 minutes. That should do the trick
  • Just got sent 2 codes :)
  • I got my invite. Started up the app but its been at "loading. Please wait" screen for a while now. Anyone know how long this process takes?
  • I have the same message. How long did it take yours to complete?
  • Got my invite today, cant wait to provide some feedback!