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Xbox One X preorders are available again on Amazon

The Xbox One X quickly sold out after going up for preorder on Amazon, but the online retailer is now showing the console as back in stock. (opens in new tab) If you missed your chance with the first go-around, now's your chance to try for a preorder again.

You'll want to act quickly, though; these will likely sell out fast with the November 7 launch date right around the corner.

See at Amazon (opens in new tab)

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  • Are you Ready!!!??!!
  • I was, but with the Groove Music pass demise and now the death of Kinect (Supported for a while), there is no way I can trust Microsoft's future in any market especially one for consumers double especially for "Entertainment" so I will pass on this.   Shame I really wanted one.
  • bob, give it one last shot....
  • Microsoft has always supported its consoles. The Xbox is one thing you would not have to worry about losing support. The 360 has been around how long now and still on shelves? At least 10 years. And now with backwards compatibility all the way back to the original Xbox, there's even more of a reason to own an Xbox one
  • Seriously. Kinect the and Groove didn't take off or do well which is just the reality, not going to argue about the reason why. Another fact is that Xbox has been doing well for a while now and they generally don't cut things off that are doing well. You can notice patterns, but you also have to analyze them.
  • "The Xbox is one thing you would not have to worry about losing support." Thanks for giving it the kiss of death.  With Satya at the helm you never and mean never know what's going to happen.  One morning you're going to come to this site or another and read Xbox has been sold or will be discontinued by the end of the year.  I don't put any thing past the current leadership of Microsoft.  I for one is hoping that's not the case, but nothing over the past 2 years have shown Microsoft won't drop any and everything so they can climb higher in the "clouds".
  • Support their console?  Did you see the drop in announcements for new games and the focus on playing old games?
  • Team Doom and Gloom: ASSEEEMBLLLLLLLE!!
  • Team MS is the best can can do no wrong: ASSEEEMBLLLLLLLE!!  :)
  • We prefer to be called Team Positive ;)
  • Well, I prefer to call you all : team MS "fans" or MS damage controlling team. Where the priority is not gaming, it's a company MS. "MS hardly make new games for it's gamers. No problem. Everything is fine. Who cares about games. MS is still the best." - LOL  
  • Wow you're getting this worked up over a product you don't even care about . The more you respond the more you reveal about yourself. Ummmm... I never said that MS could do no wrong. That was your assumption of everyone that doesn't think like you;) I said that the Xbox brand was strong. You do know that it's been around like 15 years now right?. Reading comprehension is your friend. They are not going anywhere. If you're not going to support the product, then don't support it. But why exactly are you on a Microsoft specific sight spreading negativity if you know that you are not going to buy it anyways? #trollsneedattention Lol
  • Wait. You are the one who started branding me "Team Doom and Gloom". You are the one who started trolling me... You know, I'm a gamer. I care about the gaming industry. I'm not here to sugar coat things to make company "fans" feel good.  I'm here and I don't mind criticising because I want things to improve.  If I say there is a drop in announcements for new games by MS and you feel the need to take a shot at me for that then maybe the problem is with you...
  • Should be renamed to Cloud-Box, that way, Nadella wont shut it down
  • It's been said on here before, but.... Xbox Enterprise Edition! =P
  • I'm definitely getting one. Haven't decided if I'm trading my xos or keeping it. Wish it had dolby vision support, much better than hdr 10.