Xbox One X vertical stand now available for standalone purchase

When preorders for the Xbox One X went live earlier this year, Microsoft unveiled a limited-run "Project Scorpio" edition – a throwback to the console's original codename. Sporting a unique design and Project Scorpio branding, the console paid homage to its legacy, giving fans the chance to secure a console ahead of standard edition versions.

While the Project Scorpio edition mostly provided cosmetic benefits, the package also included a functional advantage – a vertical stand for the console. Like the previously released Xbox One S, the device is able to be positioned in an upward orientation, however, a dedicated stand is recommended for further stability. At the time, Microsoft did clarify that a stand would be available for standalone purchase later down the line, however, is yet to make any formal announcements about availability.

With the launch of the Xbox One X, an officially licensed stand has surfaced on Amazon, from gaming accessory manufacturer PowerA. Unlike the official Xbox One S stand which was sold under the Microsoft name, this stand is manufactured by a third-party. However, comparing its design to our stand from the Project Scorpio edition, the two products are seemingly identical.

It's unclear if this is the standalone stand to be offered to Xbox One X users, or if another Microsoft-branded solution is still in the works. However, as an officially licensed design, this appears to be a valid solution for any standard Xbox One X users looking to keep their console upright.

The PowerA stand is now available for preorder via Amazon, priced at $14.99 in the United States. For now, it appears the stand is exclusive to the United States.

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