Xbox Project xCloud developer update helps in adjusting text size and more

Xbox Project xCloud Servers
Xbox Project xCloud Servers (Image credit: Microsoft)

What you need to know

  • GDC 2020 was canceled or postponed earlier this year.
  • Microsoft is holding multiple developer-aimed talks online to aid developers since GDC is no longer happening.
  • Some of these talks detail updates for Project xCloud, aimed at improving touch controls, text size and more.

While GDC 2020 had been canceled or postponed, Microsoft is committed to providing information for developers, including new details on Project xCloud. As part of an update for Microsoft Game Stack, a collection of tools for game developers to use, Microsoft has shared some important new details for the backend of Project xCloud that will aid developers in optimizing their games.

The first major part of this update is input, allowing developers to design touch controls for games. There's also new options for adjusting elements of the screen size, such as fonts and UI elements. Finally, there's network improvements for making changes as needed.

Microsoft released two talks so far on these updates, which can be found in the videos above and below. Project xCloud is still in beta testing, having recently expanded in limited fashion to iOS devices. Project xCloud is planned to expand to PC and new countries later in 2020.



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