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Xbox Project xCloud usage 1.75 times longer in Korea over U.S. and UK

Microsoft, SK Telecom partner for Xbox Project xCloud
Microsoft, SK Telecom partner for Xbox Project xCloud (Image credit: SK Telecom)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft has expanded its partnership with SK Telecom, welcoming more Korean users to its Project xCloud Preview, and introducing new Xbox One titles.
  • SK Telecom states that Project xCloud testers in Korea on average spend 1.75 times longer gaming while revisiting the service three times more.
  • Microsoft launched the Project xCloud Preview in Korea last year, entering a partnership with SK Telecom, and leveraging its 5G infrastructure.

Microsoft continues its ongoing rollout of the Project xCloud Preview, providing a glimpse of its Xbox game-streaming technologies, ahead of a broader rollout scheduled for 2020. The invite-only test brings full-fledged Xbox One console gaming to mobile devices, leveraging Redmond's cloud knowhow to deliver low-latency gaming over the internet. And with Project xCloud tests underway in the US, UK, and Korea, Microsoft has expanded eastern availability with SK Telecom.

Microsoft partnered with SK Telecom back in October, among the first mobile carriers under exclusive contracts to support the rollout via their 5G networks. The partnership continues with its latest expansion, inviting more users to preview tests, while further expanding available titles in the region.

The announcement also provided the first insight into Project xCloud Preview usage data, with Microsoft spotlighting increased platform usage in the region. "Project xCloud preview participants in Korea are on average spending 1.75 times more time gaming and revisiting three times more compared to the participants in the United States and United Kingdom," stated SK Telecom in a press release.

Xbox Project xCloud Reveal

Source: Microsoft (Image credit: Source: Microsoft)

The increased interest comes as little surprise, with Korea among famed mobile gaming havens. Over half of the Korean online population consumes mobile games, according to Newzoo, providing ample opportunities for future Microsoft expansions. That follows hard times for Xbox One in Korea, with PC and mobile dwarfing console adoption, at the heart of ongoing localization woes.

"Our partnership with SK Telecom has played a valuable role in helping Microsoft reach new, mobile-first gamers while also learning more about delivering high-quality game streaming through 5G networks," stated Corporate Vice President, Project xCloud, Kareem Choudhry. "As we enter the next phase of our preview in Korea, it is critical for us to have a strong partnership with a respected company like SK Telecom to push the technology forward."

Xbox Project xCloud Preview is now live in the US, UK, and Korea, while Xbox Console Streaming, leveraging at-home Xbox hardware, is now available in all Xbox-supported countries.

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  • I hope Microsoft expand this project expand this project across the asia-pacific. Play lots of mobile game here in Southeast Asia. And please sell Xbox officially in Thailand. Right now is very hard to play on an Xbox.
  • My main issue with xcloud is how small on screen elements are. I know microsoft may have some plans to address without changing the game itself. After testing on a Note 10+ up to a 10" tablet. I prefer my 65" tv and 110" 4k projector. Aside from that, they did an amazing job with latency and the overall experience.
  • When was tablet Support added? Phone screen size is way too small for me
  • I simply installed the android xcloud app on a samsung 10.1" running android.
  • Funny story. My wife wanted to play Assassin's Creed on Xbox recently so I couldn't play it. But I wanted to play it on a TV. So I used my Roku to project my phone screen to the TV and opened the xCloud streaming app and played that way. I know this is probably a problem most people don't have, but hey, it sort of worked ;)
  • That's of course your preference. But many people game and play Doom on a 6" screen Switch Mini. Going by Switch sales many people have no problem gaming in 6 or 8" screens.
  • Interesting. Surly part of the story here is how cheap and fast an internet connection can be in SK compared to other countries.
  • Eastern countries have always played handheld and portables more than the west. Japan moved away from consoles years ago. The PS4 is even now selling pretty bad in Japan. The Switch is absolutely murdering PS4 in Japan. Korea is very similar.