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Xbox promotion offers 6 months Gold for the price of 3

If you can buy your Xbox Live Gold subscriptions up front over paying monthly, you'll always save a bit. But the newest promotion from the Xbox team sees you get six months for the price of three. The marketing is geared around PUBG (because isn't everything right now) but there's certainly no requirement to buy the game.

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It seems to be more than just the U.S. getting this at least, with other supported countries including Mexico, Brazil, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Australia. And since you're buying a code, why not double up and get a full year for the price of six months.

Amazon has been ahead of the game on this, though, as our pals at Thrifter broke before Microsoft, if you'd prefer to get your stuff from there.

Hit the link below to get started.

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  • So, $50 for 12 months vs $59.95. Yay?
  • So is that money better in your pocket or Microsoft's?
  • Richard, the T&Cs state " Limit one (1) promotional code per account" So NO you can't ' double up and get a full year for the price of six months' Also the 3-month bonus code will show up in the xbox messace centre up to 2 months from now, so you can't buy 3 months and give a code to a friend and start playing immediately.  I know the code will arrive before then, but that time window really is silly, and they put their usual "while stocks last" thing in there too haha It's still a good price, but you need to read the T&Cs for these things before posting about them with incorrect information.
  • Yeah, would not consider it that great a deal, since you can usually find the 12month for less than 50