Xbox Series X ChipSource: Microsoft

Microsoft has shared more details surrounding Xbox Series X, its next-generation flagship console on track for this holiday. The monolithic box is shaping up to lead the next lineup of consoles, from the latest AMD CPU and GPU technology to adopting load screen-slicing solid-state storage. With the full hardware specifications now disclosed, alongside some of Microsoft's plans to leverage that overhead, the promises of Xbox Series X position the device better than ever.

Accompanying the slew of new Xbox Series X tidbits, Microsoft also releases a ton of sleek images, featuring renders of the console, internal components, and the refreshed controller. We've rounded up all the new Xbox Series X images, and how they relate to the next-generation vision.

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Xbox Series X console and internals

The Xbox Series X provides a glimpse into Microsoft's next-generation approach, represented by a system looking to rival the top end of PC hardware. The previously unveiled Xbox Series X remains the pinnacle of its future-facing efforts, boasting top-tier specifications, clocking in at 12TF of graphical processing power.

Xbox Series X Microsoft's Xbox Series X design packs a ton of high-performance (and expensive) hardware, measuring 301mm x 151mm x 151mm.Source: Microsoft

Xbox Series X Ports New Xbox Series X renders confirm prior leaks, with dual USB-A ports, one HDMI-out, ethernet, power, and expandable storage.Source: Microsoft

Xbox Series X Motherboard Xbox Series X leverages a custom Zen 2 CPU from AMD, now confirmed as 8 Cores @ 3.8 GHz (3.66 GHz w/ SMT)Source: Microsoft

Xbox Series X Board The Xbox Series X CPU is accompanied by an equally menacing GPU, on track to deliver 12.155 teraflops of compute power.Source: Microsoft

Xbox Series X Board Xbox Series X adopts a custom 320-bit memory interface, with 16GB GDDR6 RAM across ten 14gbps chips.Source: Microsoft

Xbox Series X Internals The full deep dive into Xbox Series X internals, from powerful hardware down to a fine-tuned cooling system.Source: Microsoft

Xbox Series X The Xbox Series X chassis, sandwiched between two boards, and at the heart of its compact, vertical design.Source: Microsoft

Xbox Series X Cooling This demonstrates Xbox Series X's vertical "Parallel Cooling Architecture," which aims to split air flow across multiple streams, with a single top-facing fan design.Source: Microsoft

Xbox Series X Vapor Chamber Microsoft keeps its custom CPU setup cool with aid of its returning "Vapor Chamber" technology, using liquid vapor to dissipate heat.Source: Microsoft

Xbox Series X Storage Expansion Microsoft has adopted high-bandwidth PCI Express 4.0, drawing the best from internal and external SSD storage.Source: Microsoft

Xbox Series X Seagate Expandable Card Microsoft has partnered with Seagate for Xbox Series X, delivering proprietary external 1TB SSD expansions, similar to memory cards of past.Source: Microsoft

Xbox Series X's new controller

Microsoft accompanies Xbox Series X with its new and improved controller, focused on refining the in-hand feel while adding new features. It results in a console separated by its new D-Pad, share button, and overall slick new look, and retaining everything you love about the Xbox One design.

Xbox Series X Controller Microsoft bundles the Xbox Series X alongside a new controller, featuring new functionality and overall streamlined ergonomics in response to research.Source: Microsoft

Xbox Series X Controller Hero The Xbox Series X controller comes in slightly smaller than the Xbox One equivalent, with rounded bumpers and triggers, and a flat faceplate.Source: Microsoft

Xbox Series X Controller Hero The new Xbox controller features the same 3.5mm headphone jack and accessories port, maintaining compatibility with Xbox One headsets.Source: Microsoft

Xbox Series X Controller Rear USB-C hits Xbox this holiday, with its reversible design aiding easy charging, and ideal for mobile usage with Project xCloud.Source: Microsoft

Xbox Series X Controller Trigger The controller triggers and bumpers now feature a matte "tactile dot pattern" texture, inspired by limited-edition controllers during the Xbox One era.Source: Microsoft

Xbox Series X Controller D-pad The latest take on the D-Pad now features a flexible dish-like design over the existing cross used by Xbox One controllers.Source: Microsoft

Xbox Series X Controller Share Button A dedicated Share button puts social features front and center, allowing for fast screenshot and video clipping.Source: Microsoft

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