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What you need to know

  • The Xbox Wireless Headset is available starting today.
  • The headset delivers excellent value for its price of $100.
  • The Xbox Wireless Headset is sold out at several retailers.

The Xbox Wireless Headset is available for purchase starting today. The headset combines Xbox Wireless and Bluetooth connectivity into a budget-friendly headset. At just $100, it stands out in the crowded space of the best wireless Xbox headsets and best Xbox Series X and Series S headsets.

The Xbox Wireless Headset earned several rave reviews. Our senior editor Jez Corden lays out the value of the device in his Xbox Wireless Headset review:

For $99, I think this may actually be the only solution on the entire market that bakes both Bluetooth and Xbox Wireless into a single product, particularly for dual-source mixing. Most of these types of products start at around $130 or higher, so it's nice to see Microsoft deliver some real value here in terms of features.

While the Xbox Wireless Headset is an excellent value, it isn't just a budget piece of hardware. Corden explains:

This headset is built and designed to offer a baseline entry-level wireless experience for gamers within the Xbox and Windows ecosystem, and in that, the headset delivers. The features are without peer in this price range, and the headset construction and ergonomics are top-notch.

Make sure to read Corden's full review for sound samples and more insight into the headset.

The biggest knock on the Xbox Wireless Headset at the moment is its availability. At the time of publication, the headset is out of stock at Microsoft and several other retailers.

Good value

Xboxwire Headset Rendersasset

Xbox Wireless Headset

Best-value Bluetooth Xbox Wireless combo.

If you're a gamer who wants to combine Bluetooth and Xbox Wireless audio into a single headset's audio stream, this is the best-value option on the market right now.

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