Yeah, sure, it's 7 on an iPhone ...

Sure. We get it. It's Windows Phone 7 Series on an iPhone. On April 1. Funny. But not funny "ha ha." The other kind of funny. So stop it. Just stop it. Thanks for nothing, everyone who sent this in. :p We don't do April Fool's jokes here. Only, we just did. Oh, bother.

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  • Well i guess i won't show you guys my WP7S on Gameboy video. It's a little slow, and you have to press harder on the Gameboy screen to register input, but i'm surprised i was able to get it working at all.
  • The *really* funny thing is that this iPhone WP7S theme is better than the shite that the 'developers' over on XDA churn out!
  • LOL this shows you why all mac fanboys are liking windows phone 7 UI more better than crappy iphone. People it obvious iphone has been blown away by windows phone 7 awesome UI. we all know this woke up all mac fanboys out there hahahaha
  • Hi, I am totally impressed with windows 7 series. Amazing thing is WP7s chassis specifications don't require any specific sync/charge format, meaning OEMs who make our next-gen phones are free to use Mini-USB, Micro-USB or even their own proprietary format.
  • that's the funniest thing I've seen all day
    UglyStupidPhone7 please die