Free Xbox One Gifts

If you have seen someone bragging that they are getting a free Xbox One from Microsoft, it might be true. The company has been sending out emails to “fans” and surprising them with free gifts, including Xbox One consoles and games, due to their loyalty.

According to the official Xbox LIVE twitter account, the Redmond team is picking their winners specially by considering “a variety of things like Gamerscore, LIVE tenure, and other factors in markets where Xbox One is available”. Recognized gaming site, Game Informer, has speculated “based on anecdotal evidence” exactly how Microsoft is picking its lucky winners:

“…it seems that the prizes started kicking in if you are “Master” level in the Xbox Rewards program. This requires 75,000 Gamerscore and doesn’t consider length of Xbox Live membership.”

In addition to the Xbox game console and various games (including Forza 5, Dead Rising 3, Ryse, Zoo Tycoon, and Killer Instinct) being given away, Microsoft is also including 12 month subscriptions to Xbox Music and Xbox LIVE Gold.

Are any of our readers one of the lucky winners?

Sources: Game Informer, Twitter