Yet another preview build is on the way for Xbox One, bug fixes in tow

There's another build on the way for Xbox One Preview members, bringing minor fixes to Game Trials and your Games & Apps list.

Yesterday's build added Cortana to Germany, Italy, Spain and France, but today's build is a little less exciting, containing only two fixes in total.

As usual, go to Settings, System, Console Info & Updates to start the download manually when it goes live at 6 PM PDT.


OS version released: rs1_xbox_rel_1608.160826-1142

Available: 6:00PM PDT 8/27 (1:00 AM GMT 29/8)


Game Trials

  • Resolved an issue which sometimes prevented users from purchasing the full game after participating in a free trial weekend.

Game DLC in collections

  • Resolved an issue which could cause managing DLC for certain titles to crash your game collection.

In case you haven't already, check out our article on the next big Xbox One update, which will bring LFG, Clubs, Arena and other social features to the console. Stay tuned for all the latest Xbox One Preview update news.

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  • Good job Xbox team!
  • Nothing wrong with updates. Make sure to rate the update in the Xbox Preview Dashboard for your 5 points!
  • Absolutely nothing wrong with them. I really love how fast they are coming.
  • Hey me too. :D
  • Love updates
  • What's with the terrible UI when you launch a new app lately "Getting your app ready" -- needs to go back to splash screen.
  • Yeah, that is kinda odd.
  • When are they going to let you sort games in the store by genre?
  • When are they gonna allow others to join again?
  • When are they going to fix the Hulu update bug? It's a known issue and shows up as one of the problems you can select when you go to report a problem.
  • When will Cortana actually be useful? Maybe it's just because I've used Google Now for so long but there really is no comparing the two. Cortana is completely useless on Xbox (way too slow, doesn't understand 90% of basic requests) and on Win10 Cortana is nearly as bad as well - for example she doesn't know how to set time based appointments if youtype something like: remind me to .... On Friday at 1145am. She has no idea what time '1145am' is?! How long will it be before Cortana seriously competes with Google Now, Alexa, or even Siri?!
  • I have had so many issues with the past two updates (one this past Friday and the one that was pushed through early this morning). First none of my controllers would connect to the console (unless I did a full power cycle-- turn off xbox/unplug everything from it/wait three minutes/plug everything back in/turn on via home button of controller). And now my external HD isn't recognizable to the console anymore. I guess I've been lucky with past updates in that I've had 0 issues or even just really tiny annoyances.  It's probably time to leave the preview program.