You can get a tiny Windows 10 desktop PC for just $99 with the InFocus Kangaroo

While we have see HDMI sticks that run versions of Windows in the past, the team at InFocus have just announced a new portable desktop PC that has a few extra features. The InFocus Kangaroo can run a full version of Windows 10 Home, yet still fit in the palm of your hand, and costs just $99.

VentureBeat got a chance to go hands-on with the Kangaroo, which goes on sale later today at and will be sold via the Microsoft Store site in November:

The pitch is simple: Kangaroo offers the power of a cheap full-sized computer with the convenience and mobility of a cell phone. The black satin aluminum device is powered by an Intel Cherrytrail (Z8500) SOC, 2GB of RAM, 32GB of storage (though only about 18GB is free when you first start it, but storage is expandable via a microSD card), and an on-board battery (up to four hours of "casual use"). The standalone Kangaroo Dock, which you can swap out for other future docks, includes an HDMI port and two USB ports."

Besides the on-board battery, another difference between the Kangaroo and a Windows-based HDMI dongle is that the Kangaroo can be connected even to an iPad. It includes a dock that can connect to other monitors and it even has a fingerprint reader that supports Windows 10's Windows Hello security feature. InFocus plans to release more add-ons for the Kangaroo, including a monitor and more dock adaptors.

Buy the InFocus Kangaroo Windows 10 PC from NewEgg / $99 (opens in new tab)

Source: VentureBeat

John Callaham
  • Interesting...
  • Yes, a very interesting idea.
  • John - you may want to include in the article that its part of complete PC. the doc which actually connects it, is sold separately for $40 :-)
  • I think it's additional docks? It doesn't say anything on the NewEgg product page about the dock though. $140 is a pretty good deal too on the other hand.
  • I do not think it will work w/o the dock.
  • Direct from the Kangaroo Website. The Dock is included in the "What's in the Box" under support.
  • If you scroll down that page it also gives you instructions on how to connect the device to the ipad. What I can't work out is whether the ipad just acts as a screen and you still need to use a mouse and keyboard to use this device or whether when connected to an ipad windows 10 works with touch on an ipad? Let's hope when these things get out in the market someone will put out some youtube videos showing how it connects to different screens.
  • Here's another link. When you pull it up watch the slideshow at the top. It shows the Kangaroo running Windows 10 on an iPad.
  • Thanks for the link. :)
  • Will it even available in Australia? I want one Kangaroo pls. :)
  • I was wondering that same thing. :)
  • Just checked the Newegg website. They list Australia.
  • Right... because this definitely has the flexibility of also being a phone when it's not hooked up to anything...
  • Nice
  • An extremely good idea. More options for consumers that way. Hope it catches on even though it's not for me.
  • Seems the old asus eeebox.
    99€ WOW !!
  • How can I get it from France?
  • Serious question, what's the main advantage of this over, say, the continuum dock for the 950? Is it the fact that it runs "full" windows 10?
  • Of course!
  • Yes. This is a full PC, unlike what Continuum offers.
  • You mean, "This is a full PC, unlike what the 950 Continuum offers." When the Surface Phone hits with the Intel Chipset, it should also run the full Windows 10, at least it will if Microsoft does it right, and they can. However, it will also be SO much more expensive, I'm quite sure. This is great for portability on a budget.
  • Yes, but that hardware does not exist, nor do we know the details of the software. The price may not be that much higher than the flagships of today, it all depends on what they do with the hardware & software. I doubt that it will run full W10. Not that it can't, but when you are talking things like battery life etc, the full system is just not practical.
  • Lol origami ran vista/7 HP
  • full windows 10 on a phone would is not pratical
  • Intel is making new SoCs using Skylake that will have more horsepower while using less battery power. It will make full Windows 10 on a phone very practical. These new SoCs will be available early 2016. Microsoft is already working on the phone. Just because the phone doesn't exist yet, doesn't mean it won't or can't.  I was talking about what is available now. I was talking about what a Surface Phone will be able to do in the near future.  Full Windows 10 will be so much more practical than any other OS that has been introduced up to this point in time. 
  • It can run more than two apps simultaneously, and all in one screen.
  • Yeah, this can be used as a nice little media machine, or it would be perfect in a conference room connected to either a big screen tv or a projector. A 950 you would be taking with you so it wouldn't be always connected.
  • Well the two main advantages are 1. it's an x86 unit so it can run any app. 2. It costs a fifth of the 950. The only disadvantages I can think of is that it has no screen and can't place regular phone calls. This is the closest thing to an x86 phone yet.
  • Thanks for the explanation, guys. I wasn't sure I fully grasped the concept.
  • MS's ultimate goal is to have Continuum run full Windows from your phone... This is coming in future devices.
  • While apple successfully moves imac/osx to arm & passes it off as their idea
  • @wpkevin: Yes, it is the goal of Microsoft. Anyone paying close attention knows this. @FarStrider2001: haha! Funny! OS/X cannot be moved to ARM for phones, because it would require 1) They finally enable touch interface in the OS, which would be a major task for them, and 2) They would have to give up their superior app store and all the apps in it and start from scratch with the apps. A play like that would even the playing field for Microsoft faster than anything Microsoft could ever try.
  • Neat idea. Could be a great gift for someone looking for a inexpensive pc. Make it So
  • Exactly! Just this with a wireless keyboard/trackpad combo would make a great PC to hook up to the existing television. Great for streaming netflix or doing your homework.
  • I was not really seeing the need for this until the article mentioned a built in battery for up to 4 hour of casual use... very interesting and certainly unique also...  Slightly different take on the Continuum idea it seems... May have to take a closer look at this and what it actually needs to get up and running... 
  • Would have more use cases as a thin client if it would support 2 screens.
  • Pluggable has a dual head graphic adapter (HDMI and DVI) with ethernet, using USB. It should be a perfect match for it. My Kangaroo from Newegg is coming in couple of days...... 
  • Might make a good HTPC.
  • So awesome.
  • This comes with W10, or does one need to buy a license like some stick PCs?
  • W10 Home included.
  • That it has a extra battery back up is no biggie in my opinion. It will be useless if your TV isn't switched on and of course all the windows 10 dongles are powered by the TVs when plugged in. No point having back up battery running when there is no TV screen to use the device.
  • No, the TV can't deliver enough energy (~2000mA). You have to plug in an ac adapter
  • some TVs and monitors do have USB ports that provide up to 3A, but that's fairly limited.
  • It is if you live in an area that has frequent blackouts as sometimes surge protectors just wont do & a good UPS is an expensive investment
  • I'm genuinely interested what that two gigs of ram is enough for. I mean sure for phones it's enough, but the last time i saw that being enough for a PC was the early 2000's. Use cases may vary though but isn't that still the bare minimum?
  • 2GB is plenty for really what you'd be using this for. Web browsing, light office work, media streaming, e-mail... etc It's not like this is designed to be a media creation center or a gaming machine.
  • Windows 10 is designed to run on all types of devices, and based on many tests done Windows 10 can run great even on 512MB RAM
  • Well, I wouldn't say great.. Rather, sufficiently.
  • Yeah, no. Windows 10 minimum RAM is 1GB. That's still very impressive (try running Vista in 1GB. Ha!), but let's not overstate things :). That said 2GB is fine for basic web browsing, word processing, spreadsheets, streaming or playing HD video, etc.
  • Yes minimum for x86
  • Since vista 7 era 6gb is the sweet spot considering ram is being used to drive video.
    So it would be better served with something like kodi linux
  • What rot! New PC's and especially tablet PC's are coming out with 2-4GB RAM. To claim you haven't seen that being enough in 10-15 years is complete BS.
  • It made me wonder why "Display Dock " is priced at $99. It seems expensive.
  • The PC is 99 the dock is 40
    Dock is required though Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • "Kangaroo Dock included" Can we move on now please?
  • Cool
  • I'm surprised these mini pcs haven't really caught on in The west. Have a look on aliexpress or any Chinese electronics importer site and you will see plenty of different variation of this design.
  • Has LAN?
  • Wait so u can plug this up to a TV and use ur TV as a computer basically?
  • I own an 8 inch winbook from microcenter with similar specs. Full usb and hdmi out. With a little velcro you can attach to the back of any TV. . Is this much different? .
  • Just built a RPi2 just for media playback. This is actually cheaper and full windows 10. 
  • Sounds like a great media box, provided the CPU is strong enough to do h265 decoding.
  • No LAN or WiFi. What use is of this?
  • Just because it's not mentioned doesn't mean they're not there WiFi is definitely there Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Please check the site for full featureset before commenting in the future :)
  • I know the specs arent killer, but does anyone think it could reasonably stream games? I have an old 2007 pc that i still can play iracing on with no problem, would like to do something like that and have it in my living room on the big screen. steam with its newer stuff I assume it probably an issue. would love to play the new dirt rally but my pc cant handle it