You can now purchase Microsoft's Surface Book in the UK and Europe

Microsoft's Surface Book is now available for purchase in the UK and Europe at both the company's online store and participating retailers. With prices starting from £1,299 the Surface Book is geared towards those seeking a premium laptop with the ability to go solo in tablet mode.

Unsure whether or not the Surface Book is for you? It may be worth taking a look at our hands-on with the 2-in-1 from Microsoft for more details on specifications, capabilities, and to see what we made of the product.

Hit the links below to check out the respective listings for the Surface Book. Will you be picking one up? Let us know in the comments!



Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • LOL, way to late. Sorry Microsoft but if you gave a crap about the rest of the world this would have been a day one purchase for me. At this point i'll just wait for the SB2 and buy that *IF* its within a reasonable release window of the U.S. release date.
  • To be fair, Microsoft does this with all of their first gen hardware. The first band came out in America in October and the UK in the coming nrw years. Same with the Surface Book
  • Well it's got it's recent updates . Before them it wasn't worth buying .
    It's probably a good thing its only available now.
  • You should consider it a blessing in disguise due to all the day one problems! Although I agree they need to up their game on global releases if they want a chance to outsell Apple.
  • It's the age old question of, would you rather it shipped earlier and broken, or shipped later and fixed?
  • How about earlier and fixed?
  • Lol.... That's true!
  • Most companies do a first 1-2 generation small rollout.
  • Yeah we were the beta testers lol you get to enjoy it bug free
  • Lol
  • +1 Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • And fish and chips....
  • When do we Brits see the 1tb SKU?
  • I wish it had been available at launch like it was in the UK, but I'll be happy with the i7 dGPU 16GB RAM 512GB version I pre-ordered which I barely managed to afford. The 1TB version would have put me into actual debt for the first time in my life haha.
  • Now available in Germany too
  • I wonder if they were just holding back until the issues were fixed...
  • It's amazing that it takes this long for MS to get products out in major markets. The Surface is on its fourth generation, and is still not sold in several markets where its competitors resides.
  • Agreed. Competitors have a better chance at exceeding Surface sales when the Surface is sold in barely as many markets as the competition. Although maybe there's a reason behind this such as quality assurance...
  • MS looses money with every Surface sold.
  • No, they are not.
  • They better tighten up those sales.
  • So there selling it in the UK now that. Battery issue is taken care of.
  • How about India
  • How many Surface Pro 3 were sold in India compared to USA and Europe ?
  • Still they've already made the product, how hard would it be for Microsoft to make any required changes (which I assume aren't the hardest thing in the world), such as an Indian keyboard, then release? Plus given a chance it might yet catch on in India and places like that.
  • Now that I've verified that the Surface updates today have worked wonders for battery life, I could easily recommend either of these. The Book is an excellent companion for any type of work.
  • Apparently the issues with SB and S4P were solved just in time with the latest FW update. I'll see if it really helps and then I need to ask myself if I want SB now or should I wait for SB2.
  • I learned today that UK is apparently not in Europe.
  • Funny. None of my Brit friends consider themselves Europeans.
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  • I know we're part of the EU but I honestly don't consider us European in the slightest. Our culture is so much different from the rest of Europe whereas they have a lot more in common.
    As for staying in EU I'm currently undecided as I can see pros & cons to both, but there's a new ridiculous EU law which if gets enforced here will make me vote 'no' quicker than Usain Bolt.
  • "Our culture is so much different from the rest of Europe"   No. It's actually not.
  • Was about to comment on that. What rubbish title is this?
  • You'd be surprised at the amount of Brits who don't consider themselves Europeans. Although, to be fair, nowadays, when we say "European" and "Europe" around here, we are only talking about the European Union. Basically everyone not in the Union has been outcast from the right to be called "European". Which is stupid but that's how it is. So I don't really censor Brits when they say they're not "European". I'm don't consider myself European in that "European Union" sense either.
  • In case you didn't know it, UK is part of Europe.
  • :D You beat me to it!!! Although, some British folks might disagree as they refer to "having gone to Europe" themselves.
  • Today I will be supporting a nearby Media Markt here in Berlin. Just installed the best updates and prepared myself via MSFT Expert Zone...