You can now write with a gold-colored Surface Pen for $60

Microsoft has added a new gold-colored version of its Surface Pen to its previously released silver, black and dark blue versions of the stylus. The gold Surface Pen is currently on sale in the Microsoft Store for $59.99.

Aside from its gold color, there's nothing else that's different on this version of the Surface Pen. It's designed to work on the Surface 3, Surface Pro 3, Surface Pro 4, and Surface Book devices. It also still has 1,024 levels of pressure sensitivity and offers users one click access to OneNote and Cortana on Windows 10. It also still comes with a Surface Pen Tip Kit, which gives users four different tip options. The gold version will be available in the Canada, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, and the U.S.

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John Callaham
  • Would love to see this gold colour as an option for the Surface itself!
  • I agree, a champagne coloured surface would look classy as hell on a boardroom table
  • Copying Apple yet again. Barf. Microsoft used to be a leader.
  • Last time I checked, Apple didn't create the colour champagne. They sure as hell didn't pioneer or patent it either...
  • You're delusional. Face the truth if you can. Show me one example of Microsoft producing anything in this color prior to Apple having success with it. They copy Apple with essentially all of their products nowadays. Surface Book. Copy of Mac Book. Microsoft is becoming a me too company. They need to lead. Hololens is promising. Let's hope they don't screw that up.
  • Surface Pro is not a copy of Apple. The iPad Pro is an attempted copy of Surface Pro. The Surface Book is not a MacBook copy. Show me a MacBook with a touch screen or a detachable screen. There are many convertible devices the Book could be compared to, but a MacBook isn't one. As far as the colors, who cares. I'll stick with the pen that came with my Pro 4 instead of looking stupid with a golden pen, but there will be enough people that would like to have it. Including the additional pen tips was a smart move.
  • First off, you and I both know Microsoft hasn't produced anything gold AT ALL aside from this and their limited edition Lumia 930 and 830. If it looks good, and people want it, then what's the harm in creating it? This has nothing to do with Apple's success with gold paperweights... Secondly, the Surface Book is anything but a copy of the MacBook and you cannot deny that. Microsoft has been innovating for years now, only to have Apple steal their shine and claim they're the true innovators. This idea that everything has to be a clone of, or has to be benchmarked next to Apple products is what's delusional. I'm pretty convinced you're just a troll so I'm going to leave it at that.
  • Can tell you ms has always offered various colors on there products, Zune is a perfect example of why I liked it over iPod. Got mine in red.
  • Last time I checked you're in trouble if you rip off the screen of a MacBook to use it as a tablet. Apple didn't invent laptops.
  • You do know apple don't own "gold colour", right? The high end colours that are perceived as quality, gold, silver, bronze, and variations of these. It really is that simple.
  • But wait. Apple copied the Surface Pro with their iPad pro (or at least attempted to with a poor iOS version).
  • Oh I'm sorry, I didn't realize apple had invented and patented the colour. I guess all those older champagne coloured cars all bit apple too, or did apple bite Acura and Buick?
  • Haha, the fanboys have been riled! Apple was the first tech company to release their crap in gold. This has nothing to do with cars or inventing colors. Microsoft is following the trend instead off setting it. That's my point. Someone else mentioned the Zune, ironically. Another MS me too product.
  • You can also add to the list of me too products: IPad mini, iPad pro and iWatch.
  • Asus released a gold tablet 2 years before the first gold iPad. Just saying.
  • or a dark color!
  • Is the top button configurable (customized app loud launch)?
  • It definitely is through the Surface app on the SP4. On the SP3 and S3 the app didn't add those options yet as far as I know.
  • It's got them now with the latest firmware update.
  • My surface hub app no longer has ANY configuration options for the pens button, let alone the new custom app mapping feature the surface app was supposed to have received a couple months ago. I don't get it... Any one experiencing this??
  • The options should have returned in today's firmware update for the SP3.
  • The question is...why? i mean...the Surface only comes in silver. There's no gold-coloured type cover. I don't really get the logic behind the colour choice here, but whatever. If people want it, sell it.
  • Well, you answered your question with your last sentence. Congrats
  • Ever heard of this thing called "rhetorical questions"? No? Google it ;)
  • So you're talking to yourself. B(r)ing it (on) ;) Talks for sharing. I feel the same way.    
  • Same reason they make a blue one and black one
  • There's no blue or red surface either. Which btw definitely needs to happen with the next versions. Black , Red, Blue, Silver and Gold should be color options.
  • Did you miss the part where I wrote "There's no gold-coloured type cover"? Because there are blue and red type covers.
  • Apple would have sold this for 119.99
  • Apple would have applied a microscopic layer of real gold and charged $199 for it... And given it some kind of snooty name.
  • They would have made a pink metallic pencil marketed as rose gold.
  • LOL. But Apple would call it 24K Gold and priced it as low as 9999.99$
  • lol pencil would bend so easily being 24K lol... SOLD! Apple GOLD
  • Question: is this pen only usable with surface book and surface devices? Could I use this with any windows touch screen computer, laptop or tablet?
  • No.
    Surfaces only
  • Not true. The pen will work with any device that supports N-Trig
  • It works with any Windows device that has Ntriq Digital Inking Technology. I use my Surface pen interchangeably with my Sony Viao Duo 13 pen all the time.
  • Thanks
  • This will be a must have in China.
  • WHERE IS THE RED PEN?  They've been testing the red pen in marketing images (and I hope for new surface pens they haven't been showing the old surface 3 red pen!)....
  • How about a color changing pen, like those white pens back in the day with multi-colored ink changed by pressing the corresponding color's switch up top?
  • lol, you know that would be on the software side...
  • @920Walker. They still sell them you know :P.
  • What an ugly Apple accessory.
  • Agree, the Apple "Pencil" is ugly but if you buy two of them you can do some knitting in your quiet moments.....
  • Well I had one Porsche white gold and metal wires same material like in Porsche GT and gone for a 400£ :)
  • Nope. Lose pens to easily
  • File this under: Tacky trend
  • Agree. Add rose gold, Asus purple and we have a .... party..
  • I knew that I saw a gold colored one !!!! It's mines!!!!!!!
  • I want a black Surface Pro 5 and black pen.
  • But Why.gif