You can score 10,000 Microsoft Rewards points by earning Xbox Gamerscore in May

Microsoft Rewards
Microsoft Rewards (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft Rewards and Xbox are teaming up for a gaming bonanza in May.
  • Score up to 10,000 Microsoft Rewards points by earning 10,000 in Gamerscore.
  • The challenge needs to be activated in the Microsoft Rewards app on Xbox.

There's nothing better than doing what you love for monetary gain. Such is the case with Microsoft's current gaming-themed promotion of its Microsoft Rewards program, wherein you can earn Rewards points just by playing Xbox games and earning achievements.

As spotted by TrueAchievements, from May 11 to May 31, you'll have the opportunity to earn 10,000 Microsoft Rewards points relatively easily. All you'll need to do is earn 10,000 Gamerscore.

Mind you, easy points aren't the same as speedily acquired points. Playing games can be fun and simple, but 10,000 Gamerscore will likely take even grizzled gamers a bit of time to rack up. And doing it in 20 days? Oof.

Here's the catch: You need to activate the Rewards-points-for-Gamerscore challenge via the Microsoft Rewards app on Xbox. There's a May Gamerscore Challenge punchcard in the app, and that's the one you're looking for. If you don't activate it, your accrued achievements won't count toward Microsoft Rewards points gains.

Now's an ideal time to tackle the challenge, especially since Microsoft Rewards just added Magzter GOLD to its lineup of prizes. Plus, who doesn't like earning goodies just for playing, say, the best Xbox Game Pass games?

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