You can try on clothes on your TV with your Kinect-equipped Xbox One and The Mall shopping app

Xbox One owners now have a new option for buying things directly from the game console. The Mall shopping app recently launched, and it includes the unique feature of letting people try on virtual clothes and see how they look on the big screen before they buy them, if they also have the console's Kinect camera-sensor add-on.

Here's how The Mall app works:

"This next generation shopping experience is now available to the tens of millions of Xbox One users in the USA. It allows users to select a garment and try it on through Microsoft's Kinect motion tracking camera and The Mall's virtual wardrobe technology."

In addition, Xbox One users who also have an iOS or Android device can also purchase items on The Mall app via the PowaTag app:

"The revolutionary mobile payment app securely links your credit card and shipping details to the product on screen, allowing for a one-touch purchase. The platform completes the purchase using pre-entered information, meaning shoppers will not have to fill out long forms using their Xbox One controller each time they make a purchase."

The Mall app is currently available just for U.S Xbox One users but will expand to the UK and Canada in February 2016.

Source: 123Kinect

John Callaham