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ZeniMax ordered to issue refunds for Fallout 76 in Australia

76 (Image credit: Bethesda)

Fallout 76

Fallout 76 (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Fallout 76 is an action game from Bethesda, that is owned by ZeniMax.
  • The company has been ordered to issue refunds who asked for them a while back.
  • This ruling took place in Australia.

Fallout 76 has had a hard time recently, and the Fallout 1st reveal didn't go according to plan. However, it looks like the game's misfortunes aren't over yet. Today, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) ordered ZeniMax to refund consumers for Fallout 76. The press release said the following.

The ACCC has accepted a court-enforceable undertaking from three related video gaming companies after they acknowledged they were likely to have misled consumers about their consumer guarantee rights in relation to the online action game Fallout 76. The companies... together, ZeniMax... accepted that their actions were likely to have contravened the Australian Consumer Law... The ACCC received complaints that ZeniMax representatives told consumers that they were not entitled to a refund after they had experienced a variety of faults with the Fallout 76 game, including, in some cases, problems with the servers, lagging, graphic, and visual problems... ZeniMax has acknowledged that they are likely to have misled... consumers about their rights to a refund when they experienced faults with ZeniMax will offer to provide refunds to consumers who contacted them... to request a refund and have not already received one. Consumers who accept a refund will no longer be entitled to access and play the game.

It's great to see that the ACCC is helping those consumers who were denied a refund. Hopefully, ZeniMax will be more careful in the future when advertising games and putting them out in broken states.

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  • These big companies continue to delve into shady business practices. Besthesda, like EA continue to go down a slippery slope. Let's not forget publisher 2k as well.
  • I just don't get why the game is still so stilted now? It still runs like crap and has many issues like completing an area only to have the enemies respawn when a different person logs into the game and enters your area of quest. His enemies spawn in, his traps spawn in. I keep checking back in once a month and give the game an hour or two and come away disappointed. It feels like nothing has changed. It is more stable, but waiting for loot to load into boxes gets me down everytime. I have gigabit internet and still have to wait 10-15 secs for loot to load in a box from a quest that gives out great gear. Litterally have no ploblems on any other game. All my friends who come back every now and then also have same issues like the game isn't fixed at all. ☹️ I hope one day I'll have a multi-player fallout that is good. Whether it be this one or not. Wish it was delayed another year just for polish.
  • "Consumers who accept a refund will no longer be entitled to access and play the game." that is too broad and concerning, as it leaves Zenimax open to barring players from joining at a future date - which would be profoundly moronic should they engage in that practise.
  • That particular account (possibly email) would be locked, if the person rebought the game, they would have access again. Otherwise the ACCC would just kick their arses again. If there is one thing Australia does exceptionally well it's consumer rights.
  • I skimmed the article but I didn't seem to see this information, but it was specifically for people who requested a refund within a specific period from release of the game (I think it was the first six months or so) so someone can't just up and buy the game now and choose a refund based on the known issues because well, the issues are known.