Ally Bank now at the Windows Phone Store

Ally Bank

A couple of weeks ago, we found out that Ally Bank was in the final stages of completing their Windows Phone 8 application. If you’re a customer, the wait is over. The Ally mobile banking app is now available at the Windows Phone Store. It puts everyday banking tasks at your fingertips.

What can you do with the initial version of this app? You can:

  • Deposit checks with Ally eCheck Deposit
  • Transfer money between your Ally and non-Ally accounts
  • Find nearby ATMs

Ally Bank Screenshot

You’ll need the same username and password you set up for Online Banking to use the app.

Ally Bank serves more than 1 million customer accounts, so we’re glad to have them onboard with Windows Phone. The app is a free download at the Windows Phone Store. Check it out if you’re an Ally customer and let us know what you think in the comments!

Thanks for the tip, King B!

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Reader comments

Ally Bank now at the Windows Phone Store


Should we give up on pnc and Schwab as well. Probably we keep emailing and posting on their social sites.

Now if Capital One could get on board. I love Chase bank, but after seeing this layout I wouldn't mind a revamped UI like this. This looks sleek

I need capital one and their sharebuilder. Talk about major grr. Chase would be better if it saved my password and had a pin too.

Whoa!...don't post pictures of my bank account!....oh wait, it is missing 2 zeros, it should be $000,056.02...


Seriously now....we need capitalone360 app on wp.

Seems like every week are get a few official apps like this; it is just a matter of time until we have almost all of them.  I agree that we need Capitol One, etc.  Once we get those, the smaller banks will follow.

I just want my credit union, Fort Worth Community Credit Union, to make a app for WP...
These local credit unions are so small there might just be a handful of us using WP devices... I wonder just how many people in my credit union are using WP, and if there is a way I can convince my CU to make a app..

I'm wondering the same for my credit union (currently Coastal Federal CU, but considering a switch to Truliant). I would think it may be even tougher to get a credit union to do a WP app until the market share is really big. Their dev staffs are probably pretty small compared to the larger banks (assuming they don't outsource it) and being that they are typically member-owned, they may need extra justification for that kind of expenditure for "only a few users." Dammit!

Brilliant, just closed my account after being with them for 2 years. Pain in the arse not being able to do certain things. Only good things were some interest on my checking (tiny amounts though) and getting ATM fees reimbured every month. Other than that, terrible. Nice that the app came out though!

I opened an account with them the same day I saw the article they were working on a app and what you. Just said got me worry but anyway I'm just going to give them a spin.

I love Ally bank. The key is to have another bank account like Chase so you can have a branch to go to. I love the Atm fee reimbursements. Go to any atm and you'll get paid back for the fees.

Just sent US Bank an e-mail about getting an app in the WP8 app store. 

I wish they had one!

Makes sense for Ally to build a WP app. They are a virtual bank, not brick and mortar. App works great so far.

I was fortunate that Bank of America jumped on the Windows Phone bandwagon at the very beginning. Glad to see more banking applications being made available.