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Xbox Windows Phone games AlphaJax and Galactic Reign get all the updates

Temple Run isn’t the only Windows Phone to get an update lately. A couple of Microsoft-published Xbox games were recently patched as well: AlphaJax and Galactic Reign. Do these updates fix major errors like a blank sky and missed screen swipes? Read on to find out!

AlphaJax version 1.4 release notes

AlphaJax version 1.4 update profanity filter

  • Profanity filter added to in-game chat
  • Bug Fixes
  • Dictionary Update:
  • ade, ades – a drink composed of fruit juice
  • ahi – a large tuna
  • aspirin – pain reliever, been brought into proper usage as a descriptor, not a proper noun.
  • demister, demisters- device for removing frost from windshields
  • dongle, dongles - security device for software
  • exabyte, exabytes- one quintillion bytes
  • fae – reduced form of frae
  • frisbee, frisbees – concave plastic disc has been brought into proper usage as a descriptor, not a proper noun.
  • hotty, hotties – a sexually attractive person
  • poblano, poblanos – type of chili
  • poxy – Infected with pox
  • quo, quos – In conjunction with quid: an action performed or thing given in return for something
  • raita, raitas – cold side dish consisting of yogurt & spices
  • roofie – tablet of drug Rohypnol
  • rosacea – chronic skin disorder
  • strobing- the action of strobe
  • trub, trubs – a truffle

The profanity filter should keep abrasive players from going all Christian Bale on other players. We tested it and found that a few harsh words will still go through unfiltered, but some of the stronger ones get turned into asterisks. What’s okay to say and what isn’t? If you must know, you’ll have to put on your naughty hat and see for yourself.

The dictionary update is a welcome change. But more words still need to be added! As you might remember, I’ve been crusading for the word email to added to the game’s dictionary. The team responsible for AlphaJax’s dictionary contends that email is still spelled e-mail – you know, like it used to be back in the 1990s.

Nowadays nobody hyphenates the word, so why not reflect that in the game? If you agree with me (or have another word you’d like to see added), head over to this thread and make your voice heard.

AlphaJax is free and works great on Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8. Get it here on the Windows Phone Store.

QR: AlphaJax

Galactic Reign version 1.1 release notes

Galactic Reign for Windows Phone

  • Fixed the “too many videos” bug in Battle Academy.
  • Completed games no longer count toward the active game count when sending invites.
  • Privacy settings are now checked consistently across all platforms.
  • Tweaked certain Battle Academy challenges to make scoring more consistent.
  • Updated the UI to reflect the proper values for certain components.

Galactic Reign is a sci-fi themed turn-based strategy game. We recently interviewed the team behind the game’s unique cloud-based videos – check it out here.

The changes in these update are divided between the very meh single-player Battle Academy mode and the much more wow asynchronous multiplayer mode. One change we’re still pulling for is the ability to tweak volume levels by increments instead of simply turning sound on or off… Hopefully that option will come along in the future.

Galactic Reign costs $4.99 on Windows Phone (Store Link) or Windows 8 (Store Link). Try a few multiplayer games and you might just get hooked.

QR: Galactic Reign


Reader comments

Xbox Windows Phone games AlphaJax and Galactic Reign get all the updates


@Paul Acevedo: Nope. That's not the official way, but I call it 360 as I'm too lazy to type XBox or XBox 360! =P

I believe all the bugs are out. Only issue I've had since the last update is not getting a notification when its my turn sometimes.

Pretty sure AlphaJax just uses ENABLE as a dictionar. while I know they can and have proactively added new words to the game that are not within ENABLE, I think the best option to have 'email' added would be to talk to those that run the ENABLE database.
Also, in something unrelated, why is wpcentral on my laptop being redirected to the mobile site? from the twitter links, and when I type in my address bar.

It might start again in the future. I've had it happen with Engadget on my desktop. I'll clear everything from my browser, that'll fix it, and it'll start again after a week or so.

The best solution is to click 'switch to desktop version' at the top-right corner of the screen. Much easier than deleting your cookies.

Supposedly the afro hair style is still a proper noun and thus can't be included. Same with the emo music genre and adjective. So lame.

Is AlphaJax 1.4 only for WP8?  I can see 1.4 in the market but it doesn't give me the upgrade button at the bottom; only the share icon...

That's the trick when there's an update & it doesn't grab it just hit the "Share" button click message. then just back out of it then close marketplace wait a minute then open up marketplace again & it should show the update.

The AlphaJax phase has passed I think. Good game it is way better than words with friends, I just personally cant take anymore scrabble games anymore. So boring.

Is it just or is there an issue with the Alphajax update?
App on phone reports its version 1.3 and store is showing version 1.4 yet I can't update.

I alphajax the only game this community cares about in this post? What about galactic reign? Great game just wish you could text the person you are playing online.

Yeah that would be great, as well as a Swiss ranking type system to help players play against each other better.. At the moment I've got too many dead games, id love to be able to do rematches with some people tho

Okay, I'll put on my naughty hat and say 'suka' and 'viol'. Yes, Cyrillic for 'bitch' and French for 'rape', but Nintendo blocks both. At least for 'suka', that's what gave me my username today, lol.

AlphaJax has a bug. The leading player Zurtrogx is exploiting it. Invited him and played a move. After an hour, he won by walkover without even putting a tile.

Good to see alphajax update. I deleted it because I couldn't get it to work properly. it would not load and kept kicking me off. It was a bummer too because I was getting killed in a game.