Amazon has Sandisk SD Cards on sale for your Windows Phone

Phone Storage SD Cards

Amazon currently has a sweet deal going for those who wish to pick up some cheap Sandisk SD Cards. Offering up to 60 percent off listed pricing, consumers are able to pick up a card or two for supported Windows Phones (handsets with card slots available). Looking to get some cheap memory expansion? Now's your chance, folks.

Sadisk SD Cards Amazon

As well as listed SD Cards, the Gold Box Deal of the Day on Amazon also includes SSD options for PC builders and other mobile storage solutions. It's an awesome deal worth checking out.

Will you be picking one (or some) up? Let us know in the comments.

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Amazon has Sandisk SD Cards on sale for your Windows Phone


Thanks, I just noticed. I already have a 64GB in my 1520 but would have upgraded in a heartbeat if the 128's were part of this.

I would've bought one for my surface. Been rocking the 920 since it came out (just changed the outer shell so it still looks brand new).

I tried to change the screen on my 920 and now it doesn't work. Thank God for backup and for contract-free ATT refurbished 925s :)

I'm about to change the shell as well... To stick with white or go to yellow...

the 920 is so rock solid... McLaren will my next phone. The 1020 was my only consideration, but it ultimately did not replace this phone...

Bad experience using Sandisk in Win 8 too. Corrupted mostly all of my 20 GB music. Never will buy one again.

I have never had a problem with either of my 128gb cards in my 1520 although one of them was only in the phone for a week or so and is now in my cars head unit.

Crossed out prices are not real prices. It hasn't been priced that high since it left the factory.

Actually Best Buy does match against Amazon if item is sold under Amazon Inc and you take their price. I matched several times without any problems. They also match against few other online site like Newegg, Dell and BHPhotovideo.

And this is why I prefer onboard storage. Every WP/WM I've ever owned (including the Lumia 1020) I paid 1 cent for. I don't ever want to have to pay real money for a storage card, even at 70% off.

Yes and No.

Yes, you are correct in not needing to pay anything for extra storage (If you realy don't need to).

No in the sence that once you get an extra storage, all you apps, files etc goes with you when ever you opt to change Phone. Also, it gives you the flexibility to buy any phone and care less how much storage is on-board because you have your storage paid for just once and not everytime you a phone. OEMs do add more based onboard storage size.

Your SDCard storage can also be used on windows tablets even to install windows apps.

Example: Dell Venue 8 Pro 32gb = you can get it for say $229, the 64gb version for $299.

If you have one these current class 10 64gb selling for $30 now you have total storage of 96gb for total cost of $260 versus $299 for 64gb onboard DV8P.

When you are done with the tablet or decide to give it away to move to new better tablet, you take your storage with you same example or scenario works if this were a phone.

The key though is that you want to use mbile phones with SD-Card

I have had a 32GB SD card in my 810 since I got it, but I've been considering upgrading to a 64GB card. Totally going to check this out!

The SD cards in the photo for this article won't fit into any WP8 device without a very sharp pair of scissors, and then they probably wouldn't work very well after the mod.

Nope, SDHC Card Class 4 with 8GB capacity (all the info I get from the picture) IS a card and NOT an adaptor, sadly, as it is a very misleading picture for this article. Or maybe you're joking?

That is absolutely not true.

I just placed orders for 2 each of these babies based on this WPC post (see my purchase info below at amazon).

Micro SDCard (also called ultra flash memory-These are the tiny smaller ones for phones, cameras, surface/surface pro and most tablets) is same size ever and you don't need to cut them for any reason(s), they are not different for any device(s), you can use adapters which usually accompany them or get them free to use as SD-Card (or flash memory card "Bigger"). There are also adapters to use them as USB drive cards.


I have found out that it is better to by the micro SDCards (Ultra flash Cards) because with free adapters, you can use them as SD-Cards or USB thumb drives. Meanwhile you can not scale USB drive down to  Micro SDCard or SDCard, plus you can NOT scale SDCard down to micro SDCard.


These are one the best prices I have seen in a long time. The $30 variant speed is about 30MB/s while the extreme version is about 45mb/sec. I normally find the first one around $45-$50, and the extreme ones for prices close to $70


Order #102-6249308-0878654

  • Recipient Alfred A Soyemi
  • Total $135.83

Delivery Estimate Wednesday, June 11, 2014 by 8:00pm


Interesting. I agree with everything you say but the first sentence. @cameradork is right. I've never seen a phone that can fit the SD cards (big ones). He’s talking about “The SD cards in the photo for this article” and you’re talking about “Micro SDCard”, well, you mean MicroSD cards–in any case the difference is the Micro. So if you look again at the main photo of the article you might notice they are much bigger (and different) than the ones you ordered ;)

And no where I saw said anything or pictured micro nor adapter these are full size sdcards BTW big does not mean flash there is compact flash,micro SD,SD,memory stick etc ultra doesn't mean micro it was meant to signify class

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That's right, I most have overlooked that - was too focus on the 1st. sentence I guess ;) Thanks for the correction! I now realize some misconceptions people have.

This is not such a great deal. I'm guessing, the only reason for this article is the referral commission.

I'm more looking at this for my surface pro. Im not too familiar with pricing/specs on these, but can anyone recommend which one or if there is s better deal elsewhere? I plan to install some games on it and possibly some videos.

I bought a 128gb for my 1520 and I've done everything to get it to work. Missing pics and videos. It was such a hassle. Took it out, put my 32 back in and now it gives me problems too. Done a hard reset and still the same problems. When I placed the 128 card in my surface pro, it works like a charm. This I do not understand... I hate I ever tried to update my card. The 128 card would make this phone a living beast!

wow.. coincidently i just bought an adata 64GB class10 for my L1520. the price is MYR165, around USD52.

Picked up a 64gb SD card for my new camera...$42.99....I bought the same card on sale at Best Buy yesterday for $49.99...Price matched the Amazon sale price today at Best Buy!

I too have had the worst luck with SanDisk Ultra's in phones, camera's, laptops, etc. I won't touch one anymore.

Now... I haven't tried the SanDisk Extreme's, yet. I would love to get one and try it out, but the timing of this with my bank balance is bad.

Just picked up a 32gb for my 822. Wanted a 64gb but talked myself out of it. 32gb will hold enough of my music for running with space for apps to spare. What did put me off though is $8 to ship. Seriously? It weighs literally nothing. $8 shipping is a joke. Got it anyway though.

These cards are either useless or expensive for smart phones. One needs atleast 45MB/s to store and run apps from. I bought Transcend one and its fantastic. Also, one cant make a 1080p video without missing frames on 30MB/s cards.

Even the picture in the article is full size is this guy joking

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The articles source is android central but I have never seen a phone take a full size card

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Recently I bought Strontium Nitro 64 GB micro sdxc card class 10. But it didn't work with my Lumia 625 WP 8.1. My phone keeps on hanging after inserting this card. File system on card is exFAT. Can anyone tell me what may be the problem? Please anyone guide me that same memory card from sandisk will work or not.