Augmented reality app for Windows Phone IDs colors in the real world [Video]

We're always a fan of augmented reality apps even if we don't have a specific use for them. Augmented Colors by SimzzDev fits in that category as we're not designers or artists by any stretch. Still, that didn't prevent us from recognizing just how cool this is.

In short, the app uses your Windows Phone camera to dynamically label colors in the world by using their RGB values and HTML color codes (e.g. #FF0000 for red). When you find a color you like, you simply tap the on-screen color bar to "lock it" in. The app then hops to the share screen where you can post that color code to Twitter/Facebook/Live, email/SMS or pin-to-start for saving for later. You can even create solid wallpapers for your Lock screen based off the color for some added function.

Augmented Colors

We could see painters and graphic designers making great use of this app or even if you're just repainting a room and you're looking for that exact color for the paint store. The app works exceptionably well for what it is meant to do and for $0.99, we think it's a bargain. There's also a free-trial where you can test out the AR part (you just can't share results), so no reason to not give it a spin.

Pick up Augmented Colors here in the Marketplace.

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Augmented reality app for Windows Phone IDs colors in the real world [Video]


That doesn't look very useful. You can't even share the info for quick saving and at least with AR, I know exactly what I'm pointing at to get the color--it's instant feedback.

Take a photo and analyze it by extracting the dominant colors? But what if I just want one and it's not dominant?

The phone's camera is full of noise. Picking individual pixels isn't very helpful.
Using an algorithm you can take into account the highlights, midtones, and shadows to determine the base color of an object. If the algorithm misses a color then just zoom in or get closer to the object (or crop the photo).
There's a lot of popular tools that do this. http://www.colorhunter.com/ is an example.

I'm red/green colorblind and this looks like it would be really useful for determining what color clothes are in a store before buying. Would be better if it has a way to compensate for lighting color (i.e. white balance)

Either of these save as a PhotoShop pallette? Hah thought not, but now that would be cool and have me buying.

Pretty amazing, the free trial is lag-free, and you don't really need to buy the full version unless you really want to save the colors

This is the developer. Thanks again WPCentral for the article. I just wanted to say through these comments, emails, and marketplace reviews, I've gotten good feedback and I'm working on a big update. Stay tuned!

Problem for me on my Omnia 7 is the camera is upside down which makes it very odd trying to point to a colour.
Am I being thick?
This is such a bizarre, but such a cool idea!
It would never occurred to me but I love it!