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From Windows Mobile to Android

OnePlus 3T is the best Android phone for Windows Mobile converts

First impressions of Windows MR

We went eyes-on with Windows Mixed Reality — and it's very cool

By the numbers

Why you don't need an unlimited data plan

Theme me up Scotty

Master the new theme settings in the Windows 10 Creators Update

Microsoft Android

Using Android in the Microsoft ecosystem

Nothing to fear

Why the decline of Windows 10 Mobile won't affect this site

The elephant in the room

Developers, what will it take for Microsoft to win you to the UWP?

Not for everyone

4 reasons why you should buy an all-in-one as your next PC

Postive > negative

It's time to celebrate the GOOD things about Windows Mobile

Responsible recommendations

Do you still recommend Windows phones to family and friends?

1080p vs supersampling vs 4K

Exclusive look at the resolution differences between Scorpio and Xbox One

Sound off!

What would Microsoft have to do to bring you back to Windows Mobile?

Badass on a budget

CHUWI Hi13 review: A Surface Book alternative that costs only $369

From the Forums

Why have things gone so wrong for Windows phone?

Sonic sound

Turn on Windows Sonic and experience spatial audio in Windows 10


Windows Central Podcast 46: A Windows phone reset

Hey cortana ... ?

A brief history of Cortana, Microsoft's trusty digital assistant

Scratching the surface

Here's one way Microsoft could make the Surface phone succeed

Beyond the doom and gloom

What does the 'death of Windows phone' mean for Windows Central?

Le sigh

Check out our in-depth Windows 10 Mobile Creators Update review

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All Articles by Simon Sage


Should you buy the ASUS ZenBook UX305?

If you're in the market for a stylish ultrabook but are on a tight budget, the ASUS ZenBook UX305 is a laptop worth looking into.

The UX305 has earned high marks for its build quality, slim profile, and its reasonable pricetag. Let's dig into some reviews and see if it's worth your personal investment. On top of pro reviews, we'll also be hearing from the Windows Central community in the comments about their first-hand experiences with this laptop.

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Five great gaming laptops

Gamers on the go will want to check out these powerful laptops.

Consoles are far from the end-all be-all of gaming, and these laptops have the power to prove it. The latest graphics cards, giant displays, a wealth of inputs, and tailor-built keyboards are all expectations when it comes to machines of this caliber. Be warned: these laptops are bulky, power-hungry, and not cheap. On the upside, they'll offer almost all of the enjoyment you'd get out of a standard desktop gaming rig while you're out and about.

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Should you buy the Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon?

The Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon is a fine laptop, but should you get it?

We've had some time with the Thinkpad X1 Carbon and are amply impressed, but when it comes to making a final purchasing decision, we want to provide you guys with a broad range of reviews. Here you'll find a quick run-down of what the Thinkpad X1 Carbon costs, what the critics have to say about it, and what owners in our community have experienced. Despite the whole Superfish fiasco, Lenovo still makes a mean laptop.

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Should you buy the Dell XPS 13?

Is the Dell XPS 13 the right laptop for you? Check out these reviews to find out.

It's been a few months since Dan has given his hands-on with the Dell XPS 13, and lots of other owners have weighed in with their opinions. We're rounding up critic opinions and giving a brief tour of the Windows laptop so folks considering a purchase can get a comprehensive perspective on whether or not it's the right move for them. Of course, we welcome existing owners to sound off in the comments with their own experiences as well.

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Five great HP laptops

HP makes great laptops; here are just a few!

We're digging into each laptop manufacturer to see their top laptops, and now we're looking at HP. They've got a long history in electronics, and their latest breed of laptops are impressive. You'll find a little something for road warriors, businesspeople, gamers, and modest, everyday users.

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These are some of the fastest, sexiest Windows laptops you can get your hands on right now.

Budget and practicality be damned, you want the best laptop out there. We're showcasing some of the most eye-popping, top-of-the-line laptops currently available. A lot of these high performers will be perfect for gamers, but others aim to stay reasonably powerful while remaining insanely thin.

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Five laptops ready for work

We've got a selection of laptops here that are perfect for the workplace.

Often work will require you to hit the road, and though business-oriented tablets may suffice in some instances, there's no substitute for a proper laptop. Laptops that are secure, rugged, and long on battery life are vital to getting things done.

Laptops make fine desktop computer replacements too, most offering enough horsepower to handle day-to-day tasks. Combined with a second monitor and full-sized keyboard, laptops can create fine working stations.

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