Best Buy starts Surface Pro 3 preorders, offers exclusive blue Type Cover

Microsoft Surface Pro 3

If you're anxious to get your Surface Pro 3 pre-order in, you can now do so at Best Buy — with an added bonus. While you can pre-order direct from Microsoft as well, Best Buy is also offering up an exclusive blue Type Cover* as well for $130 with a ship date of June 20th.

Best Buy has the same options as Microsoft, so no real benefit of one over the other at this point. Here's the breakdown of what is being offered:

  • 64GB i3 - $799.99
  • 128GB i5 - $999.99
  • 256GB i5 - $1,299.99
  • 256GB i7 - $1,549.99
  • 512GB i7 - $1,949.99

The 128GB and 256GB i5 models will ship on June 20th, however the wait goes up to August 31 for any of the other variants.

You can head to the Surface Pro 3 page at Best Buy to pre-order now.

Will you be pre-ordering from Best Buy? Waiting for now? Let us know in the comments!

*The dark blue cover is available for international users via Microsoft Store; it's only in the US that it's a Best Buy exclusive

Source: CNET


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Best Buy starts Surface Pro 3 preorders, offers exclusive blue Type Cover


The type covers may stain your leather couch. Mine got stained from the dye in the type cover (black). Be aware. Apart from that, the cover is worth having.

I am sure you would be fine with an i5 my surface pro 2 plays star Cray 2 just fine. Just don't expect to play on high graphics.

Wait, does this mean you can only get blue at Best Buy? Because I like to get my stuff directly from the Microsoft Store.

That's what I intend upon doing. Maybe the exclusive will end in a few months, I don't plan on replacing my SP2 and upgrading until approx. August, maybe even later.

Still, very bothersome to have to make trips to different stores just to get the color I want.

There's this new thing that they are calling the Internet. You should check it out. Could save wear and tear on your shoes.

I'll probably do that for the Type Cover, but the physical Microsoft Store can't be beat when buying such devices.

I would come back to the Surface line if I hadn't grown so fond of my Macbook Pro 13. The Surface seems so intriguing but something just didnt feel right, however its very lucrative.

Given how overpriced the SP3 is, the type cover should come by with every model. Just sayin'...

That blue is nice though. However..."exclusive"? Maybe in the US. Because the online Microsoft Store here has that dark blue cover for sale too.

How do you think the SP3 is overpriced when you consider it's size, quality and features? Paul Thurrott just wrote on this and showed how they're cheaper (even with KB) than any Mac on the market.

It's a premium device. By definition, those are high quality and the top of the line ergo they fetch a higher price. If you can't afford the high end premium experience, that's totally okay, but it doesn't mean they're overpriced, it just means you're over budget ;)

its his usual passive aggresive tone.

The blue cover is nice, but the SP3 is overpriced.

let him be. he wants a lexus but apparently at a hyundai price and will whine its microsofts fault until so done.

Well, I'm not comparing it to a Mac, obviously. Because compared to a Mac, yeah it's cheap. But that's because Apple products are all, without exception, overpriced.
As for the Surface itself, for the 1989€ they ask for the i7/512 (US$2717) (without cover) you can get a monstruously powerful PC or a top of the line ultrabook and still have money for a good tablet for entertainment consumption.

I get what Microsoft is trying to do here, but people who want to do really heavy work will not buy a Surface Pro 3. They'll buy a PC. Or a really good laptop. If they want people to replace their laptops with a Surface Pro 3 they have to offer the same things a laptop offers. And the Surface Pro 3 doesn't. For all the pen gimmicks, it will still require a keyboard that has to be bought separately and will still require a media reader to run CDs/DVDs/Blu-Rays (where the more often than not the powereful programms that someone who wants a powerful laptop needs). And I'm assuming you'll not need the docking station.


As for the build quality...well, given my personal experience with Surfaces, the build quality is the last thing that deserves the high prices. But that's me, who thinks that premium devices should have premium quality.

Luckily, I have no problem paying those prices...except the Surfaces, to me, aren't worth them (and the Mac's are even less, btw.). And I don't like to throw money out the windows =P


But to each their own. Let's see if the market thinks that it's not overpriced and buys them or not.Judging by the sales of the previous Pro units... ;)

Nop. This has nothing to do with taxes because the dollar is worth less than the Euro. This is Microsoft's pricing in Europe and nothing else.

You may not compare it to a mac book pro / air, but that is one of the target markets for it. Just because YOU feel that way doesnt mean thats still not what its targeted for. hey I dont think cars with luxury features should be considered performance / sports cars, except they are.

What is "heavy work" to you. I work in IT, the "heavy work" users to me are people that render 3d cad and need 32 gb of ram with ssd / 15k RPM drives that need 2-4 hours to render a 3d building model. Outside of those guys, vast majority of every other user i've seen can do most of their work just fine on a surface (if they can afford it) and get more VALUE out of it if they use it to its potential.

What makes something a premium build quality to you? you're a huge nokia fan, do you think the msft is offering lower build quality to nokia products?

Please tell me who the other competitors are in the joined tablet / pc space and how msft is doing relative to them. Thats the real "market" for this, and if you understood that, then i think they're doing just fine b/c not even apple or android are in that market yet. I guess that Porsches are not selling well b/c not every driver in world is buying them too.



"What makes something a premium build quality to you? you're a huge nokia fan, do you think the msft is offering lower build quality to nokia products?"


Yes. I think they are and from my personal experience with their products, I know they are.


"Please tell me who the other competitors are in the joined tablet / pc space and how msft is doing relative to them. "

Sony and Asus. Just to name the best ones. Both have equally great products with the same specs for almost half the price.


I've already answered the rest below.

Well, I do heavy work on the go all the time and I do not carry a laptop with me. The only reason I am not buying the SP 3 is that I switched to the SP2 6 month ago, replacing my desktop and my laptop. As for the pricing... As I said, I replaced two devices with one and pay less to upgrade theo one than I would pay for upgrading the two I replaced. The SP3 is a great device for professionals.

if I want to do "really heavy work", i'll just buy a top line monitor and attach it to surface pro 3.

Pen gimmicks... Y'know, for all the Photoshop work I do, the pen is not a gimmick.

It doesn't seem like you've actually owned a Surface Pro, so you don't really know what you're talking about. Reading about it, and playing with one in-store doesn't really count. Try using one for a period of time, and then you may come to understand. The SP2 has already replaced my laptop, which the laptop pretty much replaced the desktop. Even I didn't think that was going to happen, but here I am having operated my laptop a handful of times in the last six months.

Just ordered it & have confirmation showing the order as i5- 8 MB RAM. with 128GB Pro  3. Lets see how that goes & also for $999 no tax. too good to pass up. Lets see if it's honored.

Also wondering if MS is letting customization by some of these retailers to push sales.


How do you feel the SP3 is overpriced?  An i5 128GB 4GB SP3 with a Type cover is 1129.99.  An i5 128GB 4GB MacBook Pro is 1299.99.  The resolution on the MBP is slightly higher and the screen in 1 inch bigger, but the SP3 has a touchscreen/Stylus and can be used as a tablet.

Cost seems about right to me. 

Who said macbook isn't overpriced ? :-P Anyway, i know, thinner+faster+stronger --> expensive.. Its expensive for people who don't have that much spare money.. It costs as much as a high end laptop, and thus is advertised as a laptop killer. But the price would put off many people as it is meant only for the premium customers,

I just think the term 'overpriced' is a bit loaded. The reason I say that is because MBA and MBPs actually sell very well, which means that the market is saying they're not overpriced, but in fact are priced to sell. Now I get the whole "I personally think they're not worth that money, etc." argument, but from a market standpoint, Macs aren't overpriced.

Regarding the Surface, I'm not convinced it's necessarily the price that's the issue, but rather the image of Microsoft (and this device). Remember, Microsoft is purposefully not pricing these to compete with their OEMs, but rather to create a new, high end market for their own, unique product.

If you want a cheap laptop or PC, you have tons of options already there. Not sure what Microsoft would gain from entering that space.

+1 I didn't realize it was Daniel writing this until I clicked reply, but yah, spot on. I'm not a merchandiser and I'm not formally educated in marketing but I am an AdWords consultant and I've learned quite a bit from my gf's college merchandising books/etc and I just agree with this analysis.

I take myself as an example, because personally, I don't feel there is too much of a premium on apple laptops. The build quality and fit and finish have to count for something. Similarly, in my ppc campaigns for my clients I tell them there is inherent value in the structural approach which is part of what I charge for every month. Quality matters. It keeps you around longer and coming back more often.

Well, but here we enter the Apple VS Microsoft brand value with consumers. Apple has proven time and time again that their consumers are blindly loyal to the brand, doesn't matter how good or bad their products are. I personally know two types of Apple consumers: 1 - the fanboys who are completely sunk (and trapped) into Apple's ecosystem and will buy every single new MacBook or iPhone or iPod they release; 2 - the show-off consumers who buy Apple products because "it's cool". These, normally, don't have a clue about what they're buying.

These are two very powerful kind of consumers. Ones are fanboys, the others are mindless people. These people never really spend time considering if Apple's offerings are worth the money they ask. And Apple has been really smart in keeping them coming.

When I say "overpriced" I'm thinking only in the cost/benefit as a consumer.

Now, as you said, Microsoft lacks that brand-image. Let's be clear, Microsoft has no reputation as an OEM. They're trying to create one. Even if as a premium OEM. Now...it may be me, but I think if you want to captivate consumers to a premium device and you're just starting, you should start by making your prices a bit more realistic in regards to what you're offering. You won't capture many premium consumers if you're expecting them to blindly spend hundreds of euros on a product that they don't know from a brand they only know as "the guys who make Windows and Office" (let's remember that the Xbox has no mention to Microsoft in it).

I don't think Microsoft should sell these cheap, that's not my point. My point is that, as they are sold, they don't justify the price asked. Which is why I said they should, at least, include the keyboards with every SP3.

I agree with the keyboards thing. Seeing as they're what make the Surface so amazing, it seems absurd not to bundle them.

DJCBS, I agree with most of what you are saying, and so do a lot of people in Europe - hence the low sales of Surfaces here.

As for MS's reputation, I'd guess that most people have a fairly negative view.  Poor design and manufacturing quality with the Xbox (RROD), choosing HDDVD and having to abandon it, abandoning Zune, randomly removing features from software for no apparant reason, selling products priced at $1=£1 etc, etc.

I won't call it overpriced.  It is a premium product at a premium price.  It is a fair deal.  MS leaves other price range and product designs to OEM's.  But MS has established a high standard others can challenge.  We will be benefited as consumers in the end.  However, I do wish that MS would add a LTE verson for SP3.

Microsoft loses money on every sale. How overpriced can that be? Expensive? Absolutely. Actually worth your money? Depends entirely on your use case. Overpriced? No.

Edit: The keyboard absolutely needs to be bundled with the surface though. Especially marketed as it is. Even if it was +$100

Advantage of getting the SP3 from Best Buy is that they offer special financing with their credit card, something I wish the MS store did; Apple does it.

That blue is sooo appealing, but I'm still too in love with the purple.  As for the Pro 3, waiting til the sixth to play with one in a Microsoft Store. Want to get a good feel for it first.

People, you can purchase the devices from different places.  Buy the SP from Best Buy and the Keyboard from MS or vice versa.

Why not give them away to get the numbers up even higher? Or sell for $1?

I get what you're saying, but Microsoft is not into selling these below cost. They are a business and need to post profits.

Doesn't getting a bunch into the wild help as free advertising, though? Throw people a bone, offer a free Type Cover with each Surface.

Initial loss? Yes. But it would help promote excitement around the launch, get people pumped. Also, offering a pre-order exclusive will help to sway those who are on the fence.

Then, once a bunch of people have them, there will be lots out in the wild, with lots of people recommending and vouching the Surface line. This will win over people who like to follow the latest trends.

So yes, I understand that Microsoft wants to be like Apple and not do many promotions, but still: A pre-order promotion could help them in the long run.

I think what you are seeing is an artificially low price for the tablet sans keyboard, this is good for developers of onscreen keyboards.

That shade of blue is sexy.  It's almost like an indigo blue.  Wish they sold that at the MS Stores too... I hate dealing with Best Buy.

I have to play with one first before committing to any purchases... But im ready to swipe that card if it ends up being a good fit for me.

Microsoft wasn't offering student discounts on the SP3, at least I couldn't get mine to work. Did you get it?

Yes, I saved money on both the the SP3 and the type cover. I went back in to show someone else the discount, and the SP3 was $130 off the original price.

Yes, the student discount worked.  So did the graduation promo code.  I was able to pre-order an SP3, i5, 128GB/4GB model for $800 after the discounts.  The i3 would have been a hair over $600, and the top i7 model would have been $1700.

Getting these discounts is not rocket science.  People who complain about how overpriced the SP3 is are simply not figuring out how to get the discount.  And if someone can't figure out how to get the discount, they're probably better suited for a Mac anyway.  ;)

It worked for a very short time, but now only the education discount works. I missed it too :(

Sorry to hear that.  Maybe MS hadn't realized that they were giving $200-$300 discounts, so they corrected it.

I'm glad I got my order in right away.

Yeah it was pretty sweet. With the cover it came to $916 for the i5 128GB version. Now if Washington didn't have such freakin high sales tax (added $86) I would've been loving it even more.

I just made a purchase from TigerDirect which was a Core I-5 with 128GB SSD and EIGHT GB RAM for $999.  I haven't heard abou this configuration before since the Core I-5 with 128GB was always a 4GB configuration.  I double checked and they say they have it.  In fact, they show the normal price as $1099 but are marking it down to $999.

This is a great deal which basically adds 4GB of memory for the same price as the model sold at other locations.

Has to be a typo. That config doesn't exist. Guess you have to decide if you want to trust tiger direct over Microsoft.

I'll stick with the Microsoft Store for the student discount. I'll get the 128gb + i5 & a cover for about $1000. I wish there was a 128gb + i5 with 8gb of ram, but 4 should be fine for light gaming, office, and basic photoshops. 

I wish Amazon had it so I wouldn't have to pay taxes...

Yes, I want to sell my 64GB surface 2 and xps13 for a surface pro 3.  My dell venue 8 will be my sole tablet and the surface 3 will be my laptop...


I will definitely be picking up the Blue Type Cover from Best Buy, I don't know if I will actually by the SP3 from there though. Might get it straight from MS in case BB installed any of their garbage-ware on it. Can BB do that on a Surface?

Nope. Will wait another year and wait for the price to drop by 25-50%. Currently still way too expensive. Will stick to my surface pro 1st gen for a while longer.

Can we get that blue for the Surface Pro/Surface Pro 2? Or at least a red type cover? It really shouldn't be that hard to create a few more colors.

I like the dark blue cover the best, but buying from Best Buy instead of a MS Store is the craziest thing I've ever heard.

Wait so are you guys saying that the Blue cover is only available through Best Buy? I just preordered my SP3 + the blue cover (NOT cyan) on Microsoft Store (Canada). Is it only for Canada? Whoa I'm surprised

EDIT: nvm I just read the last line..

I want a blue typecover 3 so went to the BestBuy site but unfortunateky they wont ship to the UK :(

Does anyone want to buy one for me and get paid by paypal?