Coloring book apps for Windows 10 offer a great opportunity to relax, exercise your creative spirits and can be a fun time waster. The Windows Store has a modest selection of coloring book apps ranging from those designed for our younger audience and selections that are suitable for kids and adults alike.

This collection includes some of the best coloring book apps available for Windows 10 PC or Mobile. We are not including apps such as Fresh Paint or Sketchable, that are quality apps in their own right but more drawing apps than coloring book in nature.

Toonia Colorbook

Toonia Colorbook

Toonia Colorbook is a wonderful color book option for kids that can help them develop concentration, motor and eye-hand coordination skills. This free coloring book app is available for Windows 10 PC and Mobile with 32 coloring pages that are sorted into four themes. An additional four themes are available that adds 24 pages each. The add-on themes run $1.99 each.

Toonia ColorbookToonia Colorbook

Toonia Colorbook includes a nice selection of crayon colors to choose from with the option to unlock color patterns for $2.99. You can bundle both the extra color patterns and pages for $8.99.

Coloring is accomplished by touching an area of the coloring page and sliding your finger around the area you want painted. There is a safeguard in place to prevent colors from crossing the lines. The Windows 10 app supports multi-touch so you paint with a friend or cover more ground by using all your fingers.

Toonia Colorbook

Coloring progress is saved and reflected on the thumbnail images of each page. When finished coloring a page, you can save, share or print the works of art. Toonia Colorbook offers an entertaining range of coloring pages that includes space creatures, fantasy creatures, farm animals and more.

The free app is available for Windows 10 PC and Mobile and includes various in-app purchase opportunities. Toonia Colorbook offers an enjoyable way for kids and adults to pass the time.

Download Toonia Colorbook from the Windows Store

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Art of Coloring by Disney

Art of Coloring

Art of Coloring by Disney delivers a host of coloring pages featuring Disney characters to your Windows 10 PC or Mobile device. The offer you the opportunity to tap into your creativity and to relax a little.

Art of Coloring

Coloring pages include designs featuring Disney characters from Frozen, The Jungle Book, The Lion King and more. The free version of Art of Coloring provides you with eight coloring pages with additional theme packs available through in-app purchase. Individual themes run $2.99 each and includes 20 coloring pages each.

Coloring options include a basic palette of colors with two additional color palettes available for $1.99. These extra colors can be bundled with the additional theme packs (80 coloring pages) for $11.99.

Art of Coloring

Coloring a page is accomplished in tap/fill style with support for the Microsoft Surface Pen. Pages that offer a lot of detail can be pinched to zoom to allow for more precise coloring. Completed coloring pages can be downloaded or shared via the Windows 10 sharing menu.

All in all, Art of Coloring by Disney is an attractive coloring book option. The free version offers a nice range of coloring pages to let you decide if the additional pages are worth the investment.

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Zen Coloring Book for Adults

Zen Coloring Book

Zen Coloring Book for Adults offers you a variety of coloring designed to help you relax, focus and forget about the troubles of the day. The pages offer more detail than other options that make Zen more suited for older Windows 10 users.

The free app, available for Windows 10 PC, includes two free coloring page themes totaling forty designs. 175 additional coloring pages are available through a $2.99 in-app purchase that includes animal, floral, butterflies, zodiac and other themes.

Zen ColoringZen Coloring

Zen's color controls offer you a lot more discretion in your color shading and intensity to give your artwork a little more depth. Colors can be added in brush style or fill style. You also have a fantastic color picker that allows you to choose the right shade needed for your page.

Drawings can be zoomed in to give you better access to the smallest of details and completing a drawing can be somewhat time-consuming. Fortunately, Zen does save your progress to allow you to leave and return to the drawing without losing any of your work.

Zen Coloring Book

Completed pages can be saved or shared using an assortment of paper textures that further adds to the artistic nature of this Windows 10 app.

Overall, Zen Coloring Book for Adults may be a little too intense for children but is a great option for adults who are looking to relax during a little down time. It is a fun way to express your creativity.

Download Zen Coloring Book for Adults from the Windows Store

Adult Coloring Book

Color Book

The Adult Coloring Book app delivers a wide range of pages to color and a free-form sketch pad to your Windows 10 PC or Mobile device. While marketed as an adult coloring book, the style of pages can easily appeal to both young and adult coloring aficionados.

Color BookColor Book

The free version of Adult Coloring Book includes a dozen pages to color with additional pages available through a $3.99 in-app purchase.

The coloring page has an extensive color palette running down the right side of the display and coloring is accomplished in tap/fill style. The sketch pad offers an assortment of brush and pencil sizes and the same large color palette. Coloring or sketch pages can be zoomed and completed pages can be saved or shared.

Color Book

Overall, Adult Coloring Book is a decent Windows 10 coloring book app, but the free pages didn't feel very adult oriented. I would have preferred to have seen a more diversified collection of pages. Available for Windows 10 PC and Mobile, it is an option worth trying but may be better suited for kids than adults.

Download Adult Coloring Book from the Windows Store

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While several of the Windows 10 coloring book apps are available for Windows 10 Mobile, they play out a lot better when used from a Windows 10 PC. The larger screen of a tablet or PC provides more elbow room to color from. The Mobile versions of these apps just seemed too cramp and not as enjoyable to use.

Also, with few exceptions, most of these coloring apps serve as a trial version with the full catalog of coloring pages available through in-app purchase. Some may gripe about this model but it does give you a chance to test out the coloring controls before investing in the full collection of pages.

If you have tried any of these Windows 10 apps out, let us know what you think of things in the comments below. There are a few more coloring apps in the Windows Store and if we have missed your favorite, feel free to share your recommendation in the comments as well.