Blitz Brigade also launches on Windows 8, opening up the action on the big screen

Blitz Brigade

Blitz Brigade was covered only yesterday for Windows Phone and today we're back with the Windows 8 version. If you own a Windows tablet (or have a gaming rig built) it's possible to download the Gameloft title from the Windows Store. Just like the Windows Phone version, Blitz Brigade is an online first-person shooter that shares similarities with the likes of Team Fortress and Unreal Tournament.

Blitz Brigade

Blitz Brigade also includes vehicles, sporting three different terror on wheels to select from. If you're mad about weaponry in such games, there are over 100 weapons to choose from to really dig deep and personalize how your character performs on the battlefield. Then you have the arena-style taunting and kill phrases to keep you amused when blowing heads off. An added bonus is the voice chat for enhanced teamplay. It's a neat title we're sure many gamers will enjoy.

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Blitz Brigade also launches on Windows 8, opening up the action on the big screen


I dunno. I respect Gameloft for porting so much stuff to WP/Windows. But they almost always release games and then basically abandon them from day one. The real news is when Gameloft actually releases an update for one of their games to fix bugs/etc.

Chinese players are experiencing connection error and are unable to register, Gameloft, please patch this!

So many articles and no one mentions how is the dang thing played. keyboard, touch, Xbox Controller?

No idea. All I have figured out is how to run around and get shot using the phone version. I am a magnet for other players bullets. Looking forward to trying this on the Surface Pro later.

LOL... you are not the magnet... it's because in this game had auto-aim setting...

Its hard to aim using phone..

I hope that they update there promo videos to show that you can get it for Windows and Windows Phone instead of just The App store and Play Store.. That shit is really annoying,.

Dont know what i'm doing wrong... but i can't play this game... it keeps asking me for a name and no matter what i enter, doesn't allow me to go further. When i try to rate the game it tells me that i need to rate it with the account i used to install it... but i am using that account!!!  looking into 'my apps', it is not there either!

Anyone had that experience?

Using Windows 8.1

Downloading ! Been waiting for Windows 8 version after yesterday's announcement for Windows Phone. Love playing in big screen :D

Controls: (Took Ages to work Out)

LMB Shoot

Mouse Wheel: Change Weapon/Fly In Helicopter

F: Get In Vehicle

V: Get Out Of Vehicle

Ctrl: Turn Around

Esc: Pause

C: Change to Gunner In Jeep


Hope This Helps!

Anyone can give full key mapping for window 8 PC?

I was trying to fly the helicoptor but I couldn't fly up, only fly forward.

My pc isn't touchscreen

 Title : Blitz Brigade

Question : what to press to change guns/weapons in blitz brigade on PC?

Please Someone Reply to Me,