BUILD attendees receive 100GB SkyDrive storage and Surface RT tablet with Touch Cover

To show its support for developers and the ecosystem's future, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced at the company's BUILD event today that all attending developers will receive a gift - 100GB storage on SkyDrive, as well a brand new Surface RT tablet with Touch Cover.

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BUILD attendees receive 100GB SkyDrive storage and Surface RT tablet with Touch Cover


Update: Nokia's Richard Kerris joined Microsoft on stage at build today and also announced a free Lumia 920 for attendees.

Any of you at Build, you should go ask Paul Thurrott for his Surface, because after what he wrote today about how he hates it, he certainly won't want to keep it for himself!

Sounds like to me Paul had his own ideas as to what Windows RT /Surface should be and ignored every press release from MS on what it will be. I picked one up, with the touch cover, and see it as a nice way to have a device that is more then a tablet but I don't need a full-blown notebook. Got my media consumption apps (Just waiting for a Nook app), news, weather, games, Office and Skydrive. The last two are biggie as I'm taking some courses online and will be travelling and I see the surface as a great way to keep up on my classes and take notes as needed.
Now if I was looking for a laptop replacement I might have looked at the Surface Pro, but that isn't what I want or need at this time.

Here is what you have to understand about that article from Thurrott. I think he's butt hurt for a few reasons. One, Microsoft did not invite him when they handed out the Surface to the press for early review. Two, he didn't get an early Windows Phone 8 device like he has always gotten before other press guys. Three, if anybody knows about what Windows RT is capable of, it's him so that article doesn't make any sense. I'm not saying the article is not true, I'm just saying it's pointless because Microsoft never once claimed that Windows RT devices were PC replacements, not once.

Well, Microsoft HAS been touting the whole "no compromise" bit. I think that's not quite true, tho how much that matters to a consumer buying a surface depends on their expectations for usage scenarios.

@sepatown...I agree with you 100%.  When you hear Thurrott on Windows Weekly its obvious that is upset at MSFT.  Also, I think he needs Meds because he is all over the map.  One moment he loves Windows 8 and then the next he is slamming it.  Its becoming unbearable to listen to.  This from a guy that wrote a book called Windows Phone Secrets and Windows 8 Secrets.  So he should not be surprised.  I love my Surface RT and I knew it wouldn't replace my laptop that I run VS2012 on.  However, my wife chose Surface RT over the ASUS RT tablet and it has replaced her laptop because all she needed was the Office products. 

You're absolutely right. It's becoming unbearable listening to him on Windows Weekly. I too got the Surface RT and I absolutely love it because the build quality is great and I didn't have any illusions about the Surface RT replacing my laptop or desktop. He knows better, he's just mad because he no longer receives the special treatment Microsoft used to give him.

A free Nokia 920 and 100 GB of SkyDrive storage... for free for life?!?  Holy Crap!!  I'm in the wrong line of work!!
I don't get jealous often, but this is one of those rare moments...

Well those of us who paid cash for ours still waiting in vain for our Surfaces to arrive. Absolutely brilliant.

Did they really take your cash first? I was lucky enough to get my Surface delivered Friday within 30 minutes of the promised 10:30am delivery time. But Microsoft did not charge my credit card until yesterday!

I said the same thing. Pre-ordered on day one and it is still in pre-processing stage. I guess handing out free ones takes priority.

Jeeze, I couldn't even get my 25gbs transfered over becuase MS account linking error...grrrr...
Hopefully this brings in some devs, WP8 needs more big name apps.

Actually I think they need more "next big thing" apps. Otherwise they'll always be playing catch up.

Man, Microsoft WAS NOT kidding when they said they were going ALL IN on this. Look at the money they are throwing at this!! Insane. If this doesn't work, I don't know what will.