Chatting with Facebook friends from your Windows Phone

Facebook Messenger

When Facebook Messenger released for Windows Phone devices a couple of weeks back, it marked the third official way to chat with your Facebook friends on Windows Phone. No kidding!

While the Facebook integration is one of the touted features of the platform and you can chat with your Facebook friends from within the messaging app, you can also do the same using the official Facebook app developed by Microsoft. And now, there’s Facebook Messenger. All of which brings us to the question, "How do you chat with your Facebook friends from your Windows Phone?"

For the first couple of days, I got annoyed with multiple notifications for a single chat message but when I discovered this poll and subsequent thread on Windows Phone Central forums, I realized that I wasn’t alone.

Facebook Messenger of course offers more features than the native messaging app. You can send pictures and stickers, and also do group chats. On the app, I’ve heard cribs about the non-availability of an option for dark theme in the app though. The messaging app is limited, and any updates to the same would come baked in the OS updates. The standalone app of course would be expected to be updated more frequently.

How do you chat with your Facebook friends on your Windows Phone devices? Also, how do you like the new Facebook Messenger? Tell us in your comments or head over the this Windows Phone Central forum's discussion and chime in on things.


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Chatting with Facebook friends from your Windows Phone


Yeah seems faster and more stable...

than the official facebook chat (in the app) of course. The UI is great too. Using it till now with no issues so far.

Are you working in nights Abhi?

I thought I was the only one with routine of going to bed at 6 a.m. and waking up at 11-12... I understand it's better for you to work during nights in IST ;)

Isn't faster than WP'Chat and it's very annoying receiving 3 different toast notification for the same chat.
I hope Microsoft push their Message Hub integration.

Maybe but not in my case. Didn't I mention "than the official facebook chat (in the app) of course." I know the official app with chat lacks stability and the message hub integration is the fastest one so far (native WP style, less data) was supposed to be so. But the official messenger is also decent performance and features wise. Go to settings for a quick disable of multiple notifications.

Well ... I use the Facebook Messenger since it doesn't need to open the whole Facebook app just to see the chat portion. Regarding multiple notification, I turn it off on native messaging app and Microsoft's Facebook app. Now I only get one notification and it's Facebook Messenger.
And the advantage of official messenger app over native messaging app? You still get any message you have sent on other means like Facebook website. The native messaging app is irrelevant if I frequently switching between mobile and desktop chat.

I'm using this messenger just coz the talk that there will be no fb integration in wp8.1... Fb messenger is not much impressive...

Turned of all other fb chat than the new app.. However has anybody else noticed the fb chat app getting slower the more text you write? I mean before you push "send" it gets more and more sluggish the more text you enter..

Facebook messenger app. The Microsoft Facebook app has never done a good job at chatting. And the messenger feature on the phone is too outdated. Hopefully winphone 8.1 will have a mayor overhaul of the native Facebook messenger. Maybe we can se a native whatsapp integration too now.

Then i will no longer use Facebook chat. I love the in chat integration, it means i don't have to have a Facebook app and am therefore sheilded from most of facebooks crap. I wont use the app, i will just stop using the service.

I see what you're saying but I think the new messenger app only does chat so you still don't have to deal with it opening all the FB crap. The good thing is that it can be updated by itself instead of having to wait for the OS to be updated.

I also agree this... Have you any solution then let me know. Or If you found any solution to return default fb chat then pls let me know.....

I love the built-in app. I wish more than anything that it would stay and just get updated for stickers etc, but all signs point to them killing it.

Same. It was the app I missed most from android/iOS. I took so many steps to try to emulate it just to get reliable notifications. I tried countless 3rd party apps, tried using the built in client (but it rarely ever worked and doesn't work for groups which i use alot), tried getting email notifications for messages, microsofts fb and fb beta and they were all pretty much useless. Thank god this app is finally here.

Yes. I use the Facebook messenger app. Integration is great if you want to look at a friends status or post quickly on their wall, but I prefer messenger for chatting.

I turned off Notifications in The Facebook beta app for Messages, and turned om offline i SMS hub, so i only use Messenger app and migram for Secure Messaging :) written om my brand New 1520 :D

There's no such thing as secure messaging on a smartphone. Some apps may be more or less complicated to crack but NONE is secure.

Ofc, but far more Secure in regards to texts and Facebook. But when VPN comes i Will feel better about texting. Some encryption is better than non

According to Telegram founder, as cited with Arstechnica, their cryptography is not that secure. It's apply cryptography on your message, but not the one that makes your message is far secure than any services. More secure, yes. But not far more secure.

What exactly are you texting that needs to be secure? Get in to my texts and the most exciting thing you'll probably find out is what im having for dinner

Come on...you're suppose to post that kind of information via 6 social media accounts and then sent pictures from a few more. Fulfill your inner reality tv fantasy of being famous. :P

privacy should be a privilegium for law abiding citizens. I say more cops out in public, to assist and help citizens on a daly basis. And only surveillance persons under big suspicioun of criminal activity.

I see your point, sometimes "loading screen" actually requires a "loading" but in my device (512mb ram) when I open multiple apps then suddenly resume one, say Adobe Reader with a file (20mb) opened, requires few seconds of loading, now here if the screen is missing, I may suspect that the app is not responding and quickly close it. Isn't it so?

Heck even if I browsing with multiple tabs, most of the time, when I switching tab, the page will be reloaded. I guess it's ram limitation.

But ideally speaking shouldn't caching of the page allow it to get stored in memory and not reload from the start?

You don't have to be annoyed by multiple notifications, just change your settings in the FB app and the default messenger.

I use FB Messenger now, it seems to be the most stable.

I looked this morning and i could only see the option to disable notifications in the messenger app for a certain period of time, not disable all together, so i deleted it

If you don't want notifications in from FB Messenger then there isn't much of a reason to have it.
I was talking about turning off notifications in the other two options.

Really? It works great here, obviously a little outdated, i would like the ability to send messages, stickers aren't such a big deal

Maybe its better now, I stopped using it months ago because it would delay messages by several minutes and sometimes just skip them altogether in mid-conversation. Which made it nearly useless.

It does not really work if I chat at the web (desktop obviously), and I have errand to do on convenience store and want to continue on mobile. My sent message on the web didn't shown on my native messaging app. Since sometimes I need to recall what I have sent, this is a must have for messaging app I use. And the official messenger from Facebook happen to have that.

Using the new fb messenger app and no, I don't get multiple notifications for the same message, and guess what... It doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure out how to do it.

My 520 is always restarting randomly even from long ago in the era of 7.5. Not often, but it did happen couple of time (even until now).

I use fb messenger and turned off fb chat in the messaging app. Fb messenger is more reliable for notifications than the full fb app, and I can do more than the messaging app.

using IM+ that has ICQ connected too, and can recieve and send Skype photos, but currently spent skype notifications in im+ because of using it for calling more

I would have prefered the integrated chat service but it seems less stable. I now chat (mostly) with the messaging app but I read my notifications on the facebook app itself.

I usually just message on Facebook via computer or my iPod touch, but if I use my phone, it's through the Facebook beta app. Needless to say, I haven't gotten the Facebook Messenger app.

Messenger stand alone. Messaging Hub just doesn't work all the time, and Facebook app truncates long messages, not to mention you can't send stickers on it. The stand alone app is much more stable and faster as well.

I use Facebook messenger, I disabled Facebook integrated chat and the notifications for messages in the Microsoft app. Facebook messenger is the only one that sends you messages even when you're offline.

I disabled built in FB chat and use Messenger exclusively for FB chatting. Extremely responsive app, hope the FB "official" is rewritten to be this quick. Had a few options where touching toast notification didn't load the right conversation but not huge deal, initial version bugs. All in all I like it.

I prefer the intergraded app. Works fine for me. They should do more with but. Use it to its full potential. It could be much better. And they would be keeping there smartphone smart.

The Facebook messenger app works so well. I've ended integration of Facebook and use this all the time.

I used to just send Facebook messages from the sms hub but I'm finding myself using the Facebook message app more and more. Guess it's a good thing, knowing that it'll be gone with WP 8.1

Does no one else hate the fact that you can only use FB Messenger in Portrait? That is the deal breaker for me. Integrated chat until 8.1 forces me to stop.

Why is that a "deal breaker" for you? Do you just enjoy seeing less than half of the screen while the rest is covered with your keyboard??

I guess I can understand that to a certain degree but I have large hands as well and don't have an issue. It was just a question anyway man...calm your tits ;)

If you're getting multiple notifications for your messages then you can disable notifications for messages in the Facebook app so you just get the notification for the Messenger app only. Kind of a "common sense" thing actually :)

I group chat a lot, and my friends frequently use stickers and pictures, so the integrated option is out. FB messenger is waaaayy faster than the Facebook app, so messenger it is.

I use the messaging hub and by far the best feature is driving mode's ability to respond to both sms AND Facebook messages and tell friends and colleagues that I'm on the road. I often get more FB messages than SMS these days, so if MS take away the functionality of the FB integration in 8.1 I'll not be very happy.

Fb messenger app all the way. Switched off Microsoft's slower dumb version. Since the day I used fb messenger on the nexus 5 I was waiting for it to come to wp. Unfortunately the experience on other os's is much better, e..g. Transparent app in android. Just end my contract already att so that I can ditch my 920.

My only complaint with Facebook Messenger is that it starts lagging after my message gets too long before I send it...

I disabled message notifications on the Facebook Beta app when i was installing the Facebook Messenger app. I love how it works, i only hope a future update will bring the default Facebook Messenger notification sounds instead of the default Windows Phone notification sound :)

I like the new chat but it is not as fast then the inbuilt one.... Which was one of the usp for the product...

Love using the new Facebook Messenger app because I have a lot of group messages on fb and its the only way besides the Facebook app to view those. Also the stickers are fun!

As far as I'm concerned I wish they would have stuck with their deep integration. I absolutely love the princple of the people hub. If only they could just update it often (make it a standalone app). Same with the message hub, I wish it would have worked better and they had made it better. Everthing integrated was the way to go... and unfortunately they're moving away from it.

The apps is alright, needs improvements tho, we need multiple pics to be sent at once like in ios and android, the app itself is kinda slow, i wonder is wp8 id just slow like that cuz its annoying to open an app and wait for it to load everytime you open it

One of the main reasons I love WP its because of the messaging app, and I though that with time more services would be integrated like whatsapp or viber, but instead of that Microsoft is killing it. In a few months it all be separated, messenger gone, Skype app instead, Facebook gone, Facebook messenger instead, so just SMS? This is like 1000 steps backwards. For the people that enjoy the Facebook messenger app, you should be pushing Microsoft to fix the problems in the existing one, not making a separate one

Definitely using the FB messenger app. It's more reliable than the native messenger and way more usable than the FB app. I like the design too.

Fb app and fb messenger, though having more features are too sloww.... Integrated chat msger though limited is way way faster

Facebook Messenger of course, it's day and night compared to the other two. But I would welcome a dark theme, and maybe better speed.

Stand alone apps are usually better than whatever hub integration thing. Those built-in integration is killing special features like stickers, and group chats which Facebook provides.

However, it seems like friends' avatars and chat history never cached at all for this app. Everything has to be loaded again whenever the app is relaunched. This is hurting the performance as well as consuming too much mobile data. I hope Facebook will fix this so that it will work beautifully like Android version.

I use the built-in Messaging app to receive and reply to FB messages by voice using Bluetooth when I'm driving.  I'm gonna seriously miss that feature if it's not in WP 8.1.

I'm using Facebook Messenger app and uninstalled the full app. Now battery life has improved greatly. I didn't remember how power hungry the Facebook app really is. I use Facebook on the phone for chatting mostly, so it's a win for me.

Pinned FB Messaging tile from the FB app, and I've disabled FB integration in the WP messaging app. Don't see the need for the separate FB Messaging app...

LOL "intelligent conversation"
Anyway, I agree. They have banned people for less, not sure what it takes for them to notice.

I like integrated chat but no group chat is a problem.. I hope 8.1 API lets the message apps integrate with the system

Am I the only one that's just fine with the WP integrated messenger? I have no need for another FB app.

The redundancy does get annoying. I've contemplated removing it... But selfishly, I'm hoping they add the pop-out function to Windows.

The new FB messenger does the best job of pulling all of the past messages, so I turned off my native FB chat. But I wish they would speed it up / fix bugs. 3/4 times I tap a notification, I am greeted with a screen that says "start the conversation"

I like the hub integration wish I could do attachments to it. Simpler is better with integration. Get at it MS

Integrated fb to keep my contacts in my phone.
Fb messenger for chat and FB app for other notifications(only live tile notif. & disabled for msgs).

WP probably needs to wise up and ask the user which application they want to be the default task handler when there are multiple apps installed that can do the same job and send toasts/notifications for that app only. Toast notifications are a nuisance in itself at times. For instance if someone or a group whatsapped 100s of messages while the phone was offline, the notification system won't stop until it has 'toasted' every goddamned message on top of your phone after you have come online....doesnt matter whether you have launched the app and you are in it. And while those toasts keep popping up, using IE can give you nervous breakdown....it is nearly impossible to reach the top bar of links (I don't what that bar of links is called) in any website. You swipe the toast away and quickly try to click or touch on the 'Forum' link..just won't happen.

i feel you bro...things like this gets me frustrated and just makes me regret having purchased a windows phone device. some things in the OS need so much polishing

This is still lacking features and yet the best messenger app i had experienced its blazing fast thanx to the rocking light wp8 os man am so excited for wp8.1 with notification system and and better facebook experience on it

First we would like an option to make it dark. i realy cant chat at night in my bed. Second, there should be an option too, to download pics that others send to us. except that, for me this app is absolutely awesome.

If the integrated chat worked with group messages I'd be fine with that, but to me without, its useless. Messenger for me.

One problem though. It doesn't show if the message was from a group message or private message in the toast notification.

The new Messenger is great!Integrated chat is way too unreliable for me, and its not practical to expect MS and Facebook to depend on each other for rolling out updates - for example, Microsoft would have to roll out an OS-level update even for minor bug-fixes to the integrated chat, or for introducing basic features like stickers. Likewise, server-side changes by Facebook could end up breaking integrated chat on Windows Phone completely - improbable maybe, but still a possibility. By keeping the messaging experience separate, both parties can roll out more relevant updates with minimal turnover time.

Messenger uses too much traffic and drains a lot of battery. But it is more useable than the integrated and FB apps. I think they will add more cacheing and minimize traffic (I am not concerned by data limit, but it slows and drains the battery faster).

It's a trade-off between functionality within the app vs. the convenience of having all messaging centralised (email, sms, chat etc.) under the contact History. Of course you can have both chat app and native running at the same time to get chat written to History, but it is annoying to get multiple notifications. If you could silence the native chat message notifications but still have chats written to history, that would be better for me personally.

I primarily still use the integrated option. Roots a more seamless experience, and 'person' focused since any SMS conversations with that person are integrated there as well. Or if I wish to switch to SMS I can do so Also, if I wish to go the the persons contact card for any other reason, I can tap his/her name and be brought there quickly with messager. Its a less featured rich, but a far more efficient, person-centric experience.


I agree with you 100%. I hate having multiple apps I have to deal with notifications. Having one app that has both Facebook and SMS is awesome. Mostly the only people that I Facebook chat with, I usually SMS as well. It's really nice having that feature and nothing can beat that.

I use the built-in functionality.  I just think it's wasteful and redundant to install apps that do the same thing my Windows Phone currently does innately.  Sadly, it looks like WP8.1 will be REMOVING that capability, thus making WP not much better, function-wise, than the competition.  I will have no choice but to use a stupid app.

I used to use the default messaging app on my WP . it was great but now after fb messenger was released it became the best way to chat with my fb friends . Btw the chat within the official fb app was very bad .

If you guys are annoyed getting 3 notifications disable it. Fb messenger is fast enough. You can turn off Facebook chat from the message settings. You can turn off messages separately from Facebook app settings.

I cant get this damn app to give me notifications on Lumia 620/ WP8.1. Neither this or FB app show up in the Notifications+actions settings and all in app setting are on. Can anyone help?