Cloud Storage Windows Phone

Cloud Storage on Windows Phone – which service is the best value?

Earlier today, Google slashed their cloud storage pricing for Google Drive to some insanely low numbers. How low? For just $1.99 a month you get 100GB of storage. If you want to get 100GB on OneDrive you’ll need to pony up $7.49 per month to do that. The pricing wars are now officially on for cloud storage and hopefully the only winners here will be us, the consumers. Let’s check out how some of the major cloud storage services stack up against one another for pricing.

We’ll compare OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and Copy. You already have apps in the Windows Phone Store for OneDrive, Dropbox, Box and Copy. And we’ll see soon have excellent unofficial clients like Google Drive from Rudy Huyn and his new CloudSix initiative.

The pricing we highlight below is what the majority of you will pay as a normal consumer. We’ll ignore enterprise pricing and just look at options available to you today. For the free tier we’ll focus on what’s initially available on the onset. Most services, like OneDrive and Dropbox, offer additional free storage for referrals and other initiatives.


  • 7GB – Free
  • 50GB – $25/year or $4.49/month
  • 100GB – $50/year or $7.49/month
  • 200GB – $100/year or $11.49/month

Download OneDrive from the Windows Phone Store

QR: OneDrive

Google Drive

  • 15GB – Free
  • 100GB – $1.99/month
  • 1TB – $9.99/month
  • 10TB – $99.99/month

CloudSix for Google Drive is an upcoming third-party app that will be available soon for Windows Phone. Google currently doesn’t offer an official app in the Windows Phone Store


  • 2GB – Free
  • 100GB – $99/year or $9.99/month
  • 200GB – $199/year or $19.99/month
  • 500GB – $499/year or $49.99/month

Download CloudSix for Dropbox from the Windows Phone Store.

QR: Dropbox


  • 15GB – Free
  • 250GB – $99/year or $9.99/month
  • 500GB – $149/year or $14.99/month

Copy actually does have an official app out for Windows Phone. You can grab Copy in the Windows Phone Store.

QR: Copy


  • 10GB – Free
  • 100GB – $10/month

Download the official Box app for Windows Phone in the Windows Phone Store

QR: Box

Your turn

We like polling you all and seeing what you think. Let us know which online storage service you’re using in the poll below. Be sure to let us know what you think about Google’s new aggressive pricing and whether or not OneDrive will respond with a comparable move.

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Reader comments

Cloud Storage on Windows Phone – which service is the best value?



I don't want to pay $1.99 a month for google to spy thru my porn collection.
Microsoft needs to make pricing changes as well.

Yeah but if you keep your porn collection in the cloud MS will ban your MS account and then you lose EVERYTHING, all your stuff on SkyDrive, all of the apps and music you've purchased, everything.

What's the moral of the story?

You can't trust the cloud as your only backup. Local backup is indispensable.

And have separate accounts for different stuff.

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I don't keep a porn collection in the cloud lol but I'm still not paying $1.99 to google.
(I keep it in my external hard drive)

Am I the only one here that doesn't keep a porn collection. What's up with saving porn I just watch it I don't feel a need to download it.

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Haha! I've made £700,000 so far this month from making dog-shaped playdoh models in my garage. You need to stop being such a lazy git, mate.

Considering I have 168GB storage for free, Google's price drop doesn't bother me in the slightest...

Posted via the WPC App for Android!

It's not just about price, it's about OneDrive's near seamless integration into my software and devices, from Xbox to WP to Office.

I like how OneDrive works and how it's extremely easy. However, I'm disappointed that Google Drive gives you more for less...

YOU are giving Google more for less nothing Google giving you more for less. You give away all your data but Google walks all the way to bank laughing at ya!

Right On! Google has plenty of good services, no doubt about it. BUT, I don't trust them worth a bean..... No google acount for me!

While I agree, we mustn't forget Microsoft doesn't fully respect our privacy either. Are they better than Google? No doubts here, but they don't completely honor the privacy of our data, two examples:

1) Targeted political ads on Xbox

2) Every photo and video uploaded to OneDrive is analized by Microsoft. While this is for some legit reasons (I.E: to combat child pornography, and to avoid people using Microsoft's cloud service as a free host for naughty photos), I've heard that sometimes, even when you keep your private photos PRIVATE (as in, you don't share them with anyone...), Microsoft still deletes them from time-to-time.

So yeah, better than Google, but Microsoft isn't exactly a saint either...

Id rather not have my files deleted whenever they feel like doing so. I'll stick with google drive as my main cloud storage.

Are you freaking serious?

Microsoft is 'bad' because they follow the laws about storing child pornography?

You are also going to equate 'targeted' political Ads on the Xbox or Bing with Google data mining user content? 


They may not be any 'saints', but you have the devil using people and you have a company fighting against the devil.  Saintly or not, their methods and policies on user data are DIRECT opposites.

Microsoft is my life: I fully stand behind them and own many of their products, and only seeing myself using Microsoft products for the foreseeable future.

Likewise, I truly consider Google an evil company. I really do. The public loves them, and I do feel Microsoft had much good to learn from Google. But nonetheless, Google is evil.

However, I'm not going to let my love of Microsoft blind me the from the fact that they are still doing things way out of line. I more than support their campaign to scan files and images to help combat child pornography. Likewise, I support their desires to not have OneDrive become a porn hosting services, by people uploading pornographic photos and videos, then sharing the links. I more than agree with that.

However, it's appalling that, even when users ensure that they, and ONLY they can view some photos they've taken, or video they've captured of a more sensitive nature: that Microsoft still deletes it. It's the user's content, who is Microsoft to judge their PRIVATE lives?

And again, while Google and Facebook are truly vile in their ways of exploiting data, we mustn't overlook Microsoft's targeted ad campaign. Today, political ads. Tomorrow, yet another tech company milk in customer data for every last drop.

So I fully support Microsoft. I agree with their vision of the future, and I stand behind their products. However, I still have some things that upset me, and I want to raise my voice now: before we have another Scroogle on our hands.

Well said. I can't believe that some people are willing to overlook that policy just because its Microsoft. I'm blown away that MS has the gall to scan files like that.

Okay fair point on the child pornography, but they still should not touch the legitimate pornography.

It is legal to have porn, so why should MS care what anyone puts in their OneDrive?

Geez, relax guys! All I said is I wish Microsoft would charge less. You should know that I have almost 500GB of OneDrive storage, because of the surface pro 2 free GBs, some giveaways, etc.

Not yet.  But with that Bing rewards thing a couple weeks ago I'm up to 571GB.  I tried to go in and get the 100GB at the MS store promo from last month but they were already closed. 

I'm actually curious what the "max" one drive storage is right now that's possible. I suspect it's only close to 1TB.  I think I have almost every single one of the ways to get storage. 

Lols so true!Wtf will you do with even 100gbs of cloud storage.Rather use a External Hdd for keeping games,vids,etc but imp things on your cloud.

I keep all my photos from the past 10 years (when I got my first digital camera, now have 97gb worth of pictures, and growing about 1-2gb/mo) stored on my computer. I have them saved to google drive, from there they sync to 2 other computers. So I have 3 local copies (not including cold storage), and the offsite cloud backup. 

I also redirected my "my documents" folder on all my computers to a documents folder in drive. No matter what pc I sit at, my information and pictures are all available.

Please excuse my ignorance, but how useful is the 30GB to 1 TB of your data stored in the cloud if it takes "a long time" for you to access it? Also the "long time" to upload the data to the cloud has to count for something. I have hundreds of iTunes TV shows "stored" in the Apple cloud, and I can stream them to watch them again with little or no delay from Apple's servers using my mediocre 17 mbps cable modem. I do not think  OneDrive or Google Drive, or any of the others talked about will allow real time streaming download speeds at this time. Perhaps I am wrong?


A second point is that I have about 6 TB of HDD storage on my desk in the area of about half a toaster. Probably $400 or so over the years, but the data is instantly available if I want to see it or use it again. This much data would take forever to upload or to download, and be extremely costly as well. HHD storage is so cheap and small I see little need to put backup data in the cloud at this time. I just came from 4 days in Laughlin, NV and very slow internet access is $9.99 per day or an extra $20 per month tethering my iPhone on ATT, which is what I did. Still in all, about 3 mbps via the iPhone would use up the 5 GB data allotment in a real hurry. Critical files I take with me all the time. As it was I had to be careful to only check the 40 or so web sites I check every day and not download any video podcasts, movies, YouTube videos, or tv shows. The cloud has a serious problem with accessability with relativly slow access speeds for today and a long time in the future as I see it.

Any I use Xbox Video so all my TV shows movies etc can be streamed or downloaded anytime to any of my devices.

Same with Xbox music pass. Download or stream and everything is synced to all devices

It's a matter of security though. If something happens to your local storage and you have no other backups, it's gone forever. The idea of cloud storage is another backup that is not on premise and therefore won't be destroyed if say your house burns down or is flodded.

Well it's not entirely true, last time i checked this 15GB  is split beetween your email, docs, drive, etc. so you have 15GB at all for all your google destinations.

OneDrive on the other hand gives you 7GB exclusive for your data, with contacts, emails, etc all having their exclusive storage capacity.

So it's somehow a mix between which aproach you prefer more.

Given how much OneDrive storage is randomly given out for free, I'd say OneDrive in a heartbeat. Not to mention how well it's integrated into the phone.

No thanks, Google. I don't need you going through all my files. You just signaled how valuable this data was to you by showing how much you can subsidize the cost by selling it. Well, you can't have mine.

I completely agree. I believe I've read about MS going through OneDrive files, too, but I don't know if they sell the data like Google does.

Not a Google fan by any stretch, but I am obliged to point out that Google doesn't technically sell their users' data-- they sell access to their users, access that they can provide quality metrics and impressions for using the data they collect (and keep). I don't trust them either way, but I think it's a pretty important distinction nonetheless.

I am well aware of the Scroogled campaign (which is pretty low-class, IMHO, even though I do think that privacy is good leverage for MS against Google, assuming they can actually do better than Google does in that regard) but that site is rather misleading in a lot of ways, and doesn't change what Google actually does, which is bad enough on its own that it shouldn't need to be misleadingly presented. 


I would be more concerned with the access Google employees have to all the data they collect.  There have been more than a few cases of people getting stalked by Google employees with them going through the victims Gmail, chat logs, search history, Drive, etc.  Google is often full steam ahead without bothering to pause to consider "should we" and internal security is a huge afterthought.

And I appreciate that microsoft provides a way to pay them the money the data mining would generate to keep the data mining activity at bay.  Even with One Drive, it is possible to get an account where your One Drive data is partitioned and encrypted and kept safe from the prioring eyes of MS employees or data mining services.

Great point man, and that encryption thing might be worth looking into because I'm sure Google doesn't have the market cornered on unethical employees.

All companies have to scan the cloud storage, it's a requirement to help prevent themselves being sued into oblivion for copyright infringement and/or sharing of illegal material. In most cases it's just a heuristic scanner which may or may not flag to a human verifier more often than not it'll lock down the account pending appeal. Other than that MS doesn't do anything from the data. This info was released on one of the MS blogs.

There was a report about someone uploading child pornagraphy to their 'SkyDrive' and getting arrested for it. (Spring 2013).  So it showed they do comb your data for illegal activities...but nothing beyond that.

Also reports of people losing their MS accounts and such over innocent photos or kids in the bath/on the beach and stuff as well.  Overzealous enforcement of CP laws sometimes makes me afraid to share too many family pics or conversely tie my business activity so closely to a MS sign-in; all they would have to do is object to one of my pics of the kids playing with bubbles in the tub and I could lose all my docs on OneDrive and my apps on my WP.  And I can only imagine what a PITA it would be to get the decision reversed... I worry about that sometimes. 


The difference is that Google searches your hard drive where Microsoft only searches the items that you put on onedrive

No MS does not sell your stuff the way Google does.


If I remember correctly MS just a basic search to see if you are storing a child porn stash not regular porn. Child porn is illegal and MS isn't the only one that does that. Ppl can correct me if Im wrong but off the top that's what i recall that was about


Yep, im the same. Haven't paid a cent for my onedrive storage and have 248GB. More than happy with that.

I'm very happy with OneDrive. it's hooked into all my devices. Destop -Surface- Xbox - Lumia 920. it would be nice if they created a Roku app. I currently have 68.5GB's

Onedrive because i think of it as a safer option to trust my files. (i might not be safe though but im under that impression at the moment)

The thing is, if you pay the $50 for 100GB, it only equates to barely over $4/mo.  It's much smarter to do it that way anyway.  I feel MUCH more confident in the reliability with OneDrive and I feel much more secure about who will be accessing my files than I would EVER feel with Google.

I locked in the old 20gb of free storage for onedrive + an extra 3 just for setting it up so that photos are auto saved to the another 20free for a year. Onedrive has me covered for all of my cloud storage needs I think. Nice to know there are plenty of options though!

OneDrive for personal, Box for work.  Collaboration tools in Box far outweigh the others (apart from maybe OneDrive Business).  Strange I do have an official Box app here for WP, although it's outdated.  Incidently contacted support about the live tile not updating and apparently a whole new app from them is in the works.  :)

Shayman, I've been using collaboration tools w Office web apps (now Office Online) and OneDrive/SkyDrive for months now and I have to say it kicks ass.

This morning, I had a client writing a doc minutes before he had to present it at a meeting. He wrote while I chased his cursor, formatting his doc in my desktop version of Word (with all the power tools). mentions in their collab webinar having 33 (yes, thirty-three) people editing a doc simultaneously.

And let's face it, every online office-type app I'd anemic compared to desktop versions. Ain't it great when you can use both on the same files at the same time?

Thanks for the info. Suppose it also depends on the content and pricing plans. We don't typically work with a ton of office documents, its game development so it could range from 3d files, concept art, audio to video and not just word docs. Its mainly for us about dropping comments and review tasks on files. Also the cost of running for multiple users is apparently a lot less than onedrive business.

*whistles* wow. The really impressive part is when you compare the 200gb vs the 1tb option. It costs $2 less and gives me a full TB??? Good Christ. I like One Drive and Dropbox and have accounts with both, but I might drop them both in favor of that. I hope M$ counters by offering more for less cause I like how it seamlessly integrates with my desktop, surface pro 2, and WP

Nope they don't. My data isn't sold for advertising. No matter how you put it, Google is an advertising company and that's what they do best. Yes, OneDrive scans through files, but for malicious storages. Not to mine data and give me ads.

I guess it depends too on how much you really need.  The seamless integration of OneDrive amongst many devices is worth something.  

Sorry but I trust any domain ending in .ru significantly less than I do even Google. I have lots of respect for Russian people and their culture (literature especially), but lots of bad stuff is served out of .ru, and I'd rather not take the chance, myself. is actually a very good provider that has grown to be, I believe, the largest in russian speaking parts of the Internet. Nothing shady about that one that I know of.

One drive all the way. My 25 gigs +3 is nearly used. Just got a 20 on top of that as a bonus for the year. In reality I use maybe 15 gigs. As I take more photos I may need more but time will tell. I won't switch to something that doesn't support my phone!

Google will own the rights to everything you place in google drive...then share it with NSA or whom ever for a profit.

Not just the NSA but with Google claming the rights to all your doucments, they will also monitize it for their ad targeting.

You just can't argue with the features that OneDrive offers.  Same experience, every OS and Office streaming in your web browser.  It's a no brainer. 

Honestly id pay the extra $5.50 not to have any important documents be on anything Google. I use google drive sometimes but id never pay Google for anything other then the apps were missing but they'd be free due to ads

Built my own home server twice now for personal stuff, WP stuff gets synced to onedrive. Don't need any of the others especially not the spymaster general.

I alternate between all of them and thus never run out of space. I have over 100 gb of space on Box thanks to promotions, 30 gb on Skydrive, and 50 on Dropbox, 75 on Google Drive. All free.

I store some files in one place and others in another. I don't see myself ever needing to buy additional storage.

The thing about these numbers is that most users won't get much more benefit out of 100+ gigs than they would out of, say, 25. All my docs and pics fit in my 25 Gigs of Skydrive (I have much more available, but that is my base "for life" storage), and that's plenty for my needs. My backup drives have TBs of stuff, but that is media, mostly, and 100 or even 200 GB isn't enough to back all of that up even if I wanted to. I think a lot of users are probably in the same boat.

I know that applies to me.  I have been using SkyDrive for years.  My OneDrive currently reads:

28 GB total; 26.7 GB available.

I don't think I will have a need to purchase more space for a while.

Owning a surface pro 2 and a windows phone, onedrive is a no- brainer. With all the freebies I have around 260 GB for two years. Plus I got a free surface pro 2 replacement after a botched update. I gave the extra 200GB to my wife. It was a sweet deal.

+3310 I think it would be the time if they want to complete with Google. 7GB is ridiculous for a company like Microsoft.

None of these services preclude your doing that as well, you know. I look at OneDrive as a kind of "safety net" in case I forget to save to my removable media

I use OneDrive and won't be switching. But moves like this will definitely draw more people into Google 's ecosystem. Something Micosooft can't afford. Schools are adopting Chrombooks and Googles sevices businesses are adopting Googles services, Goigles Android virtually owns mobile and could become increasingly ubiquitous powering the internet of things, Microsoft lost Sync in Fords vehicle to Blacberry, while Apple is prancing thier in car OS across a number of manufacturers. If Google can lure people into saving thier photos, videos, documents(lives) into Google Drive, those same people will be more likely to use other Google services. Microsoft needs to respond to this fast and do it in a big and very visible way. They need as much good perception as they can get. Come on Microsoft, don't let Google 'Play' you! (See what I did there?)

I use OneDrive because I have no choice. I have Google Drive but only on the PC. The day I get a proper Google Drive app on WP and RT, I'm probably using it over OneDrive since 15GB>7GB

One that is missing from your list is Syncplicity. By far the best sync experience and have apps for wp8 and windows 8. Sync client on the desktop is the best. Use it across my 3 laptops, 3 tablets and 2 phones. Check it out.

Honestly I barely use 3GB of the 30 I have on one drive. Most of that is game clips from Xbox one that I uploaded to transfer to my PC and haven't deleted yet. I like having it to use but really don't need it.

I am using both OneDrive and Google drive and Google just tempted for a 100 GB account (currently free). But just to be the devil's advocate, how about hubiC? hubiC offers a 25 GB free acount and 100 GB for 1 euro per month (that's 1,20 US dollars per month). PLUS, there is a WP8 app. I have signed for the free account but I have noticed some issues with the PC client.

I voted "Other".

I started with Dropbox and already have 28.25 gigs for free at this point.

I now also have a OneDrive account which started with 7 gigs free and then via Bing Rewards I've cashed in 100 Bing points for 100 additional OneDrive gigs for a year.

With what I have I feel like I'm set. No need to look elsewhere ; )

I love OneDrive. I have over 100GB of data from freebies I've gotten from Microsoft and Bing Rewards. The others like Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive I have, but I don't use anymore. I love how OneDrive is integrated into my desktop, tablet, and Windows Phone. I won't go back ever. :)

A few weeks ago I purchased 100 GB of OneDrive space for 100 Bing Rewards points.  OneDrive is cheaper.

It's a no brainer! I hate google but what they offer is realistic, especially in this economic situation and shits on all competition. Don't let google have the upper hand! Price match and compete or loose out!

I currently have 167G of storage on oneDrive for free. I have had way more than the 7G free for years. There are free storage give away and its just so seemless with windows phone and Windows in general...oh Xbox too

Pricing is not all, but how safe your stuff are, that's my opinion. I have been using dropbox and onedrive long enough to say I trusr them. I never used google drive and probably never will.

I've been using Dropbox the last few years, but I feel inclined to switch to OneDrive as I am moving my email to Outlook. I like how the MS account ties together services like Outlook, OneDrive, Office Online etc. The integration of Office and OneDrive is useful too.

It's a bummer I can't somehow move my available capacity from my older MS account to the newer, so I can consolidate. I've received some of the recent freebie storage space previously.

Just writing in case there's someone out there reading comments for actual information, not bias, not point out to obviously biased ad campaign websites, regarding privacy and security on cloud storage services.

It's a bit old already, but here you go:

If you are really worried about privacy of the data you're putting on cloud services, your best bets are outside the list. SpiderOak, Wuala and Mega are pointed out among the few which your data is less likely to be looked upon.

Very simple reason actually, the data gets encrypted before getting to their servers. They don't have the key to it, so they can't look what's there.

Microsoft has some bad rep in the past regarding cases where the content was looked into and the user was banned from the service with arguable excuses, Google, Dropbox and Amazon have publicaly declared that they will open up the info if the feds comes a'knocking, and Apple also scans things up.

As for personal information and whatnot, it's a bit stupid (sorry guys) to assume that Google will look into your files and send it to 3rd parties or whatever. It's not worth the hassle as they can get info by several other means more easily (and in a more relevant way for 3rd parties and advertisers), and it'd be a breach of contract that's just not worth the risk.

As for the post, I'd say Google's offering is pretty tempting depending on how I'd use it.

All in all though, I'm just not willing to pay subscription money for any service. Just use all the free options together for different purposes. No worries about privacy because I'm not shoving illegal content anywhere, and personal stuff is off the cloud.

If I was going to use cloud to backup projects and personal stuff I don't want anywhere public on the Internet, I'd consider one of those in Lifehacker's post. Files outside my PC only after they are encrypted.

I agree with your stance in general, but between Apple, Google, and Microsoft, Google is way too creepy.

Google harvests user data, profile user activities (trackings on search, ads, youtube, gmail, drive) and sell it to the highest bidder (basically to any of their "trusted parties"). How else an online advertising company make billions, when everything (well mostly) they are offering to consumer is free of cost?

No doubt Microsoft is not a saint either. They do scan pictures, executables and documents and sniff around to find the "fishy" stuff (NSA and conspiracy theory), but unlike Google, Microsoft and Apple are selling products to make money. Their core business is simple: sell real stuff; hardware, software and services. While Google is making money by selling you, the consumer.

Having said that, from the core privacy point-of-view; anything running on BGP (aka the Internet backbone) is not secure. It requires certain amont of time and energy investment to crack the security protocols. Online privacy is a myth; even the P2P solutions are insecure from certain perspective.

As long as I'm using a Windows Phone, it's gonna be OneDrive. But since when did Google start offering 15GB for free?

As a Windows Phone user nothing beats OneDrive. Also, OneDrive is more easily accessible across a myriad of devices (WP, iOS, Android, PC, Xbox One and 360 etc...).

If i have taken the trouble to remove as much google as possible on my rooted nexus 7 i certainly ain't using google for cloud storage even if FREE....
One Drive intergrates nicely on Wp8 ....

Well currently I'm using my 7gb on onedrive, when iam done with those, I will buy more. I'm trying to not use Google services, anyway Microsoft should give a little more!!!

I use one drive and box. They are both great, but the ease of one drive a WP and windows 8 is just soooo good.

I wont stray from OneDrive, as it just works too well and is integrated naturally across all my devices.  However, I hope they drop the price, AND go back to at least 25GB of free storage for all users.  The drop to 7GB never made sense to me.

I'm currently working for Google, and I have to use a Chromebook for almost everything I do, so therefore a Google Drive app for my WP is a huge necessity! I love Onedrive, but having the Google Drive app on my Nokia would make life a whole lot easier for me. 

Well maybe if your company weren't huge douches, we could have official google apps on our phones. But its a di ck measuring contest till the death with ms and google.

In a interesting note: Not even a week ago, the Swedish government made a public warning to everybody working within its confined space to use Google Drive because of Google policy's (its not allowed). I wonder if there is similar talk in other countries and if maybe this is the way for Google to show it down peoples throats to put on more pressure? Not sure if my English is good enough for you to understand what I mean.
If Google is encountering resistance they have to answer some way for the company that it makes sense.
Now personally I use OneDrive because it works great on Microsoft products and it still feels safe.

I have an old OneDrive account, so even without all the free storage they gave me for my SP2 and the other stuff, I have 25 gb.

It's not just about monetary value, it is also about what corporation do you trust with you data and personal files.


I use OneDrive exclusively, but Microsoft needs to get competitive with Googe's pricing, before we lose potential customers to the mindless hoard!

I'm a legacy Hotmail user and have 28GB free for life on my OneDrive...I expect that soon MSFT will again give me more freebies with Google's new move...

LOL. I'm sitting here at my computer, reading WP Central on my phone and about to add a comment using my WP keypad... Funny, how attached we get to that little device.

Now, back on-topic. Google vs. OneDrive? I currently have 70 GB free on OneDrive and have only used about 10 GB, including all the separate folders I've shared with clients and videos uploaded from my WP. I think we tend to lose perspective on how much storage 7 GB really is, but I guess it depends on what types of files you store. Do you really listen to the 1,000+ songs you've stored in the cloud? Or view the pictures of the Christmas party from 4 years ago?

What I find invaluable about OneDrive, besides the integration with my WP and my laptop, is the sharing thing. I have clients who share their OneDrive folders with me and I can view them on my phone, my laptop, any device where I can log into my own OneDrive. I have live tiles on my WP to other people's OneNote files... My daughter can update my OneNote grocery list from her phone or her computer. I can update her calendar from my WP.

So it's not just about the storage, but about how that storage can be used and shared for real-time collaboration and productivity.

Does Google offer collaboration? Yes, but the apps are anemic compared to Office Online. And nothing beats OneNote for all the loose snippets of information, meeting notes, etc. If I had to pay for Office Online/OneDrive? I'd do it in a heartbeat. Just name the price.


I just got 100GB for free for a year through Bing rewards, and I already had 25 since I signed up for my ms account. So I vote OneDrive. I also have 50GB on box for free for life, but I never use it because it isn't as well integrated as OneDrive.

I took the opportunity to build my own private SharePoint 2013 server because I don't trust any cloud service.

Works just like OneDrive but it's 4TB of truly private storage and I own every bit of it including the hardware it runs on.

To my amazement I still have some hair on my head after that experience.

Two android and a lumia here.  I use Google Drive for non pics and was using dropbox for auto upload until they added that to the android app for Onedrive.  I have been using Onedrive for all of my deivces lately and like it, so I hope MSFT will respond to Googles lower price although I have only used 1% of my 50GB on Onedrive so far!  

It's probably worth noting that if you pay the yearly amount for OneDrive it becomes closer to the GoogleDrive price, except for the TB options, but that is ridiculous amounts of space that I can't imagine bring all that useful online, would rather use a portable drive which is much cheaper.

I guess many of us are Microsoft "fanboys" or at least like MS quite a lot. Personally I use onedrive since it has a great app for both WP and Windows 8.1 and as well to ios and android. Paying yearly and I have no plan to change cloud storage provider.

There is another cloud service available for Windows Phone.

MEO Cloud, and offers 16GB of storage.