CloudMesh's big update includes background sync

CloudMesh's big update includes background sync

CloudMesh, a Windows Phone app that lets you see all your content from various cloud storage services in one place, has just received a major update. Now in version 1.3, the update brings performance enhancements, bug fixes, new synchronization features, and improvements.

The most notable new feature is the new synchronization capabilities where you can synchronize files between your phone and cloud accounts in the background. Additionally, you can also make folders offline as well.

  • New Sync feature!
  • Sync files from your phone to your cloud 100% in background.
  • Sync files from your cloud to your phone 100% in background.
  • Sync files between cloud accounts!
  • Make folder offline.
  • UI and UX improvements.
  • Added Swedish, Russian and Dutch languages.
  • Performance enhancements.

Additionally, here are some of the fixes that have been implemented:

  • Another batch of crash bugs.
  • OneDrive, Google Drive and Phone performance enhancements.
  • Live tiles on Copy.
  • Copy live tiles.

CloudMesh comes in two versions. A free one as well a premium one without ads.

How are you liking the CloudMesh update? Let us know how the background sync works for you.

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Thanks, Nawzil, for the tip.

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Reader comments

CloudMesh's big update includes background sync


Very cool app, am in the process of getting rid of my old ISP email Microsoft account so will use this to migrate the data from my old Skydrive to my new one.

Ever since WP8 you can do background downloads/uploads. On WP 8.1 things just got a little easier to do ;)

"Background" syncing is kind of deceptive here.  Actually, you must have the app open for it to sync.

What I really want is true background syncing, where files stay up-to-date automatically...without us having to open the app.  With that, I could rush off to the airport in the morning and have the satisfaction of knowing my files are on my phone.

How often should it check?  Let us choose: 10 min, 30 min, hourly, daily, weekly!

We are working on that, but first we need to test the system and check how users are using the sync capability.

Still the downloads are made in background but for now you have to open the app to start them.