Samsung ATIV S Photo Samples

Samsung ATIV S

We had the opportunity to take the new Windows Phone from Samsung, the ATIV S, out for a quick photo shoot to see how the 8 megapixel camera performed.

It was a little bit of a mixed bag as far as image quality.  But the ATIV S seems to be on par with other cameras we've seen from Samsung such as the Focus, Focus S and Focus 2.

Samsung ATIV S

Samsung ATIV S

Samsung ATIV S Photo Sample

Samsung ATIV S Photo Sample


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Samsung ATIV S Photo Samples


Poop in a shoe box is better than the Lumia 900 camera. You don't know how many pictures i've taken, then just deleted after seeing the results on my computer. Focus S was so much better. But anxiously awaiting the arrival of my cyan 920.

PAHAHAH!!!  Poop in a shoe box. 
I personally cant wait for this to hit the shelves.  That screen size is VERY attractive, for all those brick-sized phone lovers, and not to forget that MicroSD slot.  I've been waiting for this feature since the original focus.  My 64 GB msd card is collecting dust.  This is the ideal windows phone in my opinion. 

Thank you for the review George.  Nice to see the ATIV out here.
Here's another multi-page review of the ATIV.  Be sure to select "next page" at the bottom of each review page on this site.  There are 11 detailed pages of review on the ATIV S.  Each page is a deep dive into everything about this device. 
Note that Page 7 of the review goes much deeper into the video and photo portions of this device.  Phone reviews and samples are much more comprehensive and detailed.  Samples of photos and video impress.  In short, this review compliments what this phone is capable of.  (Don't let the samples above fool you or make your apprehensive.)
If you are serious about Sammy and the ATIV, it's worth digging into this 11 page detail.  Based on relationship speculation, I would say that it is a safe bet that Samsung will not only announce the ATIV Odyssey for VZW shortly, but they will also announce the ATIV S carriers at the same time, or shortly after.  IMO, I think that Samsung was wise to copy their "better than the iPhone" Galaxy device here and I think that Samsung is wise wait and see what stupid things HTC and Nokia will do in the marketplace so that they can adjust their WP8 device rollout accordingly.

That's what I'd like to know.  We know that Verizon is getting the Ativ Odessey exclusivly.  Does that mean that the Ativ S is not coming to the US at all?

So far, Samsung has only announced Verizon which is a big shock. Verizon said it will be put before Christmas officially. No word on any other US carriers however, the VZ version is called the Odyssey, so maybe the others will be different ones sometime next year.

Yeah, low light looks like crap. I would consider it if it had better low light capabilities.

No go for me, I guess I have choice bit to go with att(reluctantly so) and pick up the L920(unlesssssss, Nokia releases the rumored L922 for Verizon).

where is that comment thats always out there? something like "NOKIAAAAAAAAAAAA FTW!!!"  lol
I pre ordered the 920, but really like this phone too. I guess samsung is losing me for not being out there gaining my bussiness.

This phones sister the GSIII sold 30 million in 5 months and it's the #1 selling phone now. Don't think it'll be any less on W8. This is a killer phone with every feature you'd want. Plus the largest battery to date on W8. So when it comes I'm sure Samsung will push it like a freight train to #1 in W8 sales.

You are 100% right Tbonenga.  And while I don't like to promote Android devices, ask someone you know to check out their Galaxy SIII.  I guarantee you have at least 1 friend who owns one.  It's a pretty awesome phone.  And it's only missing the WP8 OS.

I got to play with the GSIII as well, very impressive phone. This is coming to verizon, it might be the only option for me. Long battery life, Removable battery, MicroSDXC slot (up to 64gb cards as of now) makes it an even better option than the 920, that is, if you can live with the camera.
There is rumored support for Wireless charging as well for the ATIV as well....Rumored tho, nothing confirmed.

My question is if largest capacity battery means longest actual life. I've used three Windows Phones:
Samsung Focus
Nokia Lumia 710
Samsung Focus Flash
So far, the Lumia's battery lasted me the longest BY FAR.


I would bet that the ATIV's larger battery gets eaten up by the additional AMOLED power draw, making it last no longer than the 920 with a slightly smaller battery....

Bigger battery means more power, and slightly more life, but depends what's drawing power. Bigger screen means more power use. However, you can get spare batteries and a wall charger. Two batteries always last longer than one. Typing this in my awesome Focus, had it since day one.

Really really hope that the ATIV Odyssey won't be some 4-inch phone. I just want a WP8 device with a bigger battery, more storage, and a bigger screen than the 8X.

Which is smaller than the 4.8" of the ATIV S.  Which, unfortunately, means we really know little about it....

What kills me from buying this phone, is the lack of support of Samsung to WP. That's why I want either a Lumia 810 or HTC 8X.

OMG - An ATIV on WP Central.  It's a thing of beauty.  Big(est) screen.  SD card slot.  HUGE battery.  HTC is STILL kicking themselves for not making a copy of THIER most successful Android phone.  I am so tired of seeing the Galaxy devices out there, but not seeing or hearing anything about the ATIV.  It's great to get some news and some pictures.  It's going to be even better to see the ATIV at Verizon.  And other carriers.  Did you know that ATIV is LOVE spelled backwards?  This is great news for WP8.

It's been like that since the first Galaxy. They changed it on the SIII a bit after the patent war started and bam, ugly phone. It's selling so well because of the screen + internals (at the right time). But really, Samsung is a company that has ZERO pride in design.

when you say Samsung is a company that has zero pride in design, you are implying to all Samsung subsidary groups. I think you mean Samsung Mobile division has no pride in design. Their other divisions are top notch in deisgns, kitchen appliances, pc, tv.

A lot of people would disagree with you there. The GS3 and tab 7.7 are gorgeous devices. You should go hold a tab 7.7 global version and the best part about it is that it was designed a year and half ago and still beats the pants off of the Nexus 7 and ipad mini.

These are just completely and utterly terrible comparisons. Many of the features they attribute to one phone are standard Windows Phone 8 features like the dedicated camera button. These look good, but are not correct or informative.

The Samsung ATIV S hardware is = to the Samsung Galaxy S III... "ATIV S is a rebranded GS3" ....just looks a little better and better battery 2300mAh....and as for software it always just gets better! with WP8.1 comming some time in April 2013 and Android 5.0 "Key Lime Pie" also around the same? both will make good use of SnapDragon4 MSM 8960+
The ATIV S from Telus is my next smartphone upgrade from LG IQ from Telus.

I'd say it's more of a tie based on the article. The article mentions its audio capacities in relations to loudness but in no way mentions how its different from any other wp8. Its more of a generalization. I guess we will have to wait and see? Although the L920 does have equalizers.

I love the looks of the phone. The two bad things are the low light pictures and video I actually need along with 0% availability int he US Market.