Nokia Lumia 920 finally launching on China Mobile this week

Lumia 920

Nokia is set to launch its flagship Windows Phone, the Lumia 920 in China with the country's largest wireless carrier, according to sources familiar with company plans. Nokia plans to reach an agreement with China Mobile to release a Lumia 920 compatible with the country's homegrown TS-SCDMA technology, which the carrier makes use of. This partnership will see both companies refresh the relationship that saw China receiving the Lumia 800 earlier this year.

We previously reported that the Lumia 920 was headed to China Mobile back in September. Now, that launch looks imminent as we reported it launching for December 6th on the carrier.

The Lumia 920 has proven to be a popular choice among experienced Windows Phone enthusiasts, as well as new adopters. The Lumia 800, when the device launched in China, reportedly overtook Apple's iPhone in marketshare, which shows the powerful brand awareness that Nokia maintains. The Lumia 920 is a heavy upgrade on the previous generation of Lumia Windows Phones, which could continue the trend we've been following where it's almost impossible to locate one for purchase. 

China Mobile, the world's largest mobile phone company, had 703 million subscribers  as of October 2012, including 79.3 million customers who utilise high-speed, 3G services. The network competes with China Unicom and China Telecom, both of which stock subsidised iPhones, and will open up a huge userbase to Nokia that both the company and Microsoft could tap into.

Source: Bloomberg; thanks, riffraffy, for the tip!


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Nokia Lumia 920 finally launching on China Mobile this week


How is this news? I thought it was a well known fact that Nokia was releasing the 920T which is also capable of handling China Mobiles future (still in the works) TD-LTE (4G) network. It will be the only 4G phone on the only network provider with 4G In the country. Again, i thought this was concrete fact not speculation, as I've known about this since late October, and that its due out sometime this month, seem to recall earlier reading it was to launch on the 6th, but alot can happen in that amount of time.

Well I hope they have alot of supply for China, they seem to be the largest potential market growth.

Will users in china have access to large amount of apps from the store??? Or will they be extremely limited to what they see.

Any idea why this version comes with a GPU(Adreno 320) that's 3 times as powerful as Adreno 220 in the international Lumia 920? Nokia could have launched the Adreno 320 internationally and would have had the bragging rights over 8x

where are the statistics to backup the claim that the Lumia 800 has been "massively popular"?
Whilst I would love it to be true all the stats of market share in China shows Windows Phone as non existent (less than 1%)!
I hope you are not quoting the statement made by an MS rep who made this sort of comment!

While there aren't statistics, this is still believable. The iPhone share of the China mobile market is not large, so the numbers to overtake it wouldn't be the same as what they are in many other countries. I saw a report today about pre-orders for the iPhone 5 in China being 100,000 pre-orders and they were obviously proud of that number. That number elsewhere would be cause for concern. It's all relative.

I don't have facts or statistics, but when I read that claim I think Nokia Lumia 800 outsold iPhone in one month.  Probably the month of release, but maybe more.  Since the iPhone has been for sale longer, Apple has built up a larger base.  Windows Phone just hasn't been for sale long enough to make a dent in overall percentages.  Its the momentum that matters.
The sales in the US and even Europe don't matter all that much.  Win China or India and Nokia shoots to the moon.  I'm not sure why they even bother with the US unless our profit margins are just extra high.
My big concern is becoming so popular in China that they can't manage the inventory.  I've waited 20 days and should be finally getting my Yellow 920 tomorrow.  That's too long.  If this becomes a hit in China or India, we'll never get our hands on sufficient inventory. 

I guess that the true news here is the potential welcome of the 920 (or a modified one) on the Chinesse market, that will boost the WP marketshare exponentialy.

Nokia used to own Chinese mobile market... Then they ditched China mobile. The CEO of china mobile publicly pleaded Nokia to make phones for them, and the high end phones on China Mobile have been solely provided by Samsung for quite a long time. Nokia could live quite well if its market share in china were the same like 5 years ago.
If AAPL pushed iPhone 5 on China Mobile today, we could make a safe bet that Nokia would be dead. Fortunately, AAPL doesn't make it, and let's hope Nokia doesn't ruin its most important market again.