Metro newspaper app for Windows Phone broken, update on the way

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The highly rated Metro UK newspaper app for Windows Phone is currently experiencing issues and is not successfully pulling down content from the Metro website. This is a confirmed problem and one the developer has been working on. We're pleased to relay that an update is well on the way that will fix everything up.

When inquiring about issues with the app, here's the response we received:

"Sorry you are experiencing some downtime with the Metro app on your Windows phone. You might have noticed the recent change to metro.co.uk. Because of this we have had to change how the app handles the content feeds, an update for which is currently in approval with Windows."

Unfortunately the app has been receiving negative reviews on the store due to the problems that have arisen. The cause is the newspaper's new website, which requires the Windows Phone app to be altered to handle new content feeds. As the app update is required to be submitted and approved by Microsoft, it's taking some time for it to roll out.

If you're a frequent Metro app user, fear not as an update is well on the way. It's available on the Store for free.

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Reader comments

Metro newspaper app for Windows Phone broken, update on the way


Oh, and the word "metro" isn't banned... You just won't catch MS using it, and they'd prefer others don't either but won't actually take any action to prevent it.

I thought there was a problem been unable to get new news for days. Now I have to actually pick up the paper in the mornings.

its a bullshit app anyways. just gossip and celebrity news unlike their iphone app that is the actual newspaper news. they could also easily have an awesome windows 8 app that's like the ipad app, but no. gah!!

The app's been updated and working now but under 'categories' it's missing the most obvious 'News' category that was there previously!

I asked them about this. Apparently News is now the home category. Home, which was an overview of the top stories from all categoires had to be removed but they say they are going to look at ways to fix this.