GasBuddy updated with Windows Phone 8 lockscreen support


GasBuddy is a nice Windows Phone 8 app that lets you find gas stations and real-time gas prices from the comfort of your Windows Phone. You can search by keyword or by your current location. The app was recently updated to version three to bring a handful of tweaks and performance fixes as well as Windows Phone 8 support.

The update also brings lockscreen support and offers randomly changing wallpaper images. We'll reserve judgment on the quality of the wallpapers once we see more but the first seems a little on the dark side.

The nice thing about the lockscreen support is that current average fuel price for your location, for the State you are in and the Nation will be displayed on your lockscreen.  It takes a few minutes to pull up the information on your Windows Phone lockscreen but it's a nice touch.

GasBuddy is a free app for your Windows Phone 8 device that you can find here at the Windows Phone Store.

Thanks, cruisezero, for the tip!

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GasBuddy updated with Windows Phone 8 lockscreen support


The huge gas buddy icon/font is horrid and too big. The rest takes up too much space. It's doing too much to be showing the price of gas. Just IMO.

While I agree that Microsoft has the best implementation of how their windows phone vision should play out, choice is never a bad thing

Its not choice, its purely bad design. Developers are usually horrible at design and UI. 95% of the apps in the marketplace are perfect examples of horrible design. They need to hire designers to help them.

The difference between the Bank of America app where a qualified designer was involved and the low budget overnight apps is night and day.

People still lack the basic comprehension of WP Ui standards and practices even though MS provides full documentation.

Hey I'm Jed the designer/developer for the GasBuddy app. While I do agree the lock screen design isn't the most cutting edge, I worked with a large set of beta testers and Microsoft on this app to find a good usability to pretty factor. I think in app, the design is very solid, however the lock screen was a bit of a trade off, and I agree it could look nicer, but the choice was made that with the technical limitation of what a lock screen can do, we would go with a more info centric design over something maybe more pretty, with less info, this can change with feedback of course and I have a few more designs now that MS has finished their lockscreen guidelines.
I worked with MS and their design team directly with this app so I will say once again the design is 100% to spec for design standards, and at GasBuddy no one wears a single hat as only a designer or only a developer, so we do take the overall app as a whole very seriously. I hope people here will feel compelled to try the app despite any judgement on the lock screen (I feel that unless, your screen is just designed to show pictures, it can be a tradeoff, but like I said, the more feedback the better! Everything is a bit of an unknown at this point, but the main point is we want to make the app as useful for people looking for gas as possible).
Anyways sorry for the long post, Windows Phone is basically my obsession so be on the lookout for more things in the pipe! Anyone who wants to give more feedback or look at signing up for any WP8 or Win8 betas fire me an email at jed@gasbuddy.com

The app itself looks really good. What the OP was complaining about was the logo on the lock screen. Its just unnecessarily jarring and distracts from the information.

My remark was regarding the above comment about "choice." I'm more frustrated with MS for allowing apps through that clearly don't follow standards. I'd rather have quality over choice. Some people just don't understand the value of maintaining those standards.

Your app looks good and I apologize if I came across as attacking your app specifically. I get frustrated with other apps because I am a UI designer and I see all the little flaws as I'm particularly anal about these things.

And you would know this how? While I'll let others be the judge once I get an app or two out. Your comment is baseless and adds no value to this world. Maybe you shouldn't "Express Yourself" so often.

Depend heavily on GasBuddy as I travel alot. This is a good example of lock screen usage. I don't mind the GasBuddy icon.

Yes alot of indie devs could use the help of a designer. When WP7 was first announced I thought I found my niche as a graphic designer. Sadly very few devs utilize such services.