In just 90 days Windows Phone 8 usage outpaced all Windows Phone 7 devices in the US

New statistics via AdDuplex, the popular cross-promotion network for Windows 8 and Windows Phone apps, reveal that in just three months’ time there are now more active Windows Phone 8 users than Windows Phone 7.

No firm numbers for sales of Windows Phone 7 or Windows Phone 8 have ever been revealed but at least according to AdDuplex’s data, Windows Phone 8 now accounts for 50.01% of Windows Phones using the AdDuplex network while Windows Phone 7.x has fallen to 49.99%.

That’s quite an impressive feat considering Windows Phone 7.x had been on the market for 2 years while Windows Phone 8 is just shy of 90 days.

Whether this is because Windows Phone 7.x sales were so modest that the bar was low or because Windows Phone 8 is finally catching on we’re not prepared to say but the news is certainly leaning in the right direction.

Microsoft previously reported that Windows Phone 8 sales were four-times what they were in the previous year and these new numbers seem to confirm that trend.

Back in January, data revealed that in just 60 days the AT&T Nokia Lumia 920 was leading the Windows Phone race accounting for 16% of all devices while the HTC 8X was further behind at 11% despite being available on two more carriers (T-Mobile, Verizon).

As a total, Nokia dominates with 54% of all Windows Phone in the US, which include the Lumia 710, 810, 820, 822, 900 and 920, a trend we can only imagine has increased in the proceeding 30 days.

Source: Twitter (@AdDuplex)


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In just 90 days Windows Phone 8 usage outpaced all Windows Phone 7 devices in the US



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Same hear. I want to unique data new to WP, not upgrades of current. If that were possible. Considering they won't release numbers of sales, I doubt we will know anytime soon.

I'll give you a stat - I just bought a Lumia 900 in November 2012 :)  Not sure how much that helps with your inquiry though.
I really don't think that the WP7 numbers will dwindle that much given that Nokia is still releasing 7.5/7.8 devices, but I think the more important stat is total marketshare - I think by end of Q2 2013 we will have a solid number on that front.

Exactly the first thing I thought.  I know I'm a WP7 -> 8 user.  In any case, its still a good stat.

I know 2 people that have got L610's and one that's got L800 since WP8 has come out.
I'm still on WP7 myself but want to upgrade soon.

How many of them are people who switch from 7.x vs who adopted to the platform from another? That's the real question.

Unfortunately, I think this is the right line of thinking. I suspect it's mainly that WP7 use has been canibalized.

Whether or not these WP8 owners are comming from WP7 or another platform this does indicate that WP8 is being adopted at a much faster pace then WP7. So either it is attracting new customers or they've turned customers into fans who want another Windows Phone. Either way this is good news.

I for one am(was) a new adopter. Used iPhone 4 for 2 years and switched to Lumia 920.
Despite apps (specifically games) quality is still vastly behind iOS, the 920 is so much better in terms of speed, beauty of UI, screen quality, ease of use, comfort in typing, maps, messaging, email and of course pictures. I will still say the same when comparing the 920 to my gf's iPhone 5!
Sadly after 2 months of use my 920 slipped out my pocket in a taxi, and now I am forced to use the old boring iPhone...
I miss the 920 so much but count me in for the next Lumia upgrade!

Sorry to hear that, have you tried to locate the phone with the find my phone feature built into your live account? Or any luck calling it for that matter... Of course the location service has to be on for the find my phone feature to work... But it does work very well. Hope you get another WP soon, I too had an iPhone, though I left at 3gs, never going back.

Good sign that the numbers are growing. I moved from T-Mobile to AT&T just to get my hands on Lumia 920. Its a pretty good phone

There isn't any new official apps coming and most of the apps in marketplace are not yet wp8 ready.. I am tired of waiting.. Booking.com instagram Hulu national geographic vudu vpn apps etc etc etc

Next they will have stats on how fast bb10 over takes Wp8. I love WP, but looking at the apps bb10 are gonna be available, makes me worried that even though my Lumia 920 is a beast, bb10 will out do it with their app collection

Possibly! But, its still going to take BB some time to get that user base up. Remember, developers are going to go where the market share is first and right now BB10 market share is at 0%. I think it's going to be hard for BB to catch up to WP at this point, but you're right it's something to be fearful of.. Hopefully this fear pushes MS, and others, to push even harder for WP. Like I've been saying BB10 could turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to WP...

It's all about brand Recognition BB10 has it's WP doesn't,some of my family and friends don't even know about WP8 or that Microsoft has a mobile OS.

Time, the market is saturated so there is no way to quickly stand out and have consumers ask for your phones. Microsoft will slowly have to build marketshare, mostly by word of mouth. Because most carriers and OEMs also have no need for another platform to support.

But I do think Windows Phone has made a lot of progress the past two years. In many countries marketshare has reach the point where word of mouth can have a significant impact. Not to mention that a Windows Phone has a very distinct appearance so if you see a few of them then you'll remember them.

What is holding it back are developers who grew up with hating Microsoft in the 90's. They just dont want to bring their app to Windows Phone 7/8. I don't think they can change this without a gnificant marketshare that would force developers. And without those apps WP might never be an attractive enough offering.

Only time will tell and I think Microsoft will never give up (unless shareholders force them) as they know the importance of being popular on the consumer market as well as having mobile platforms. But I think it is save to say that if they cant grow WP8 in 2013 then the chances of succes are minimal.

The biggest reason my sixteen year old niece won't switch is apps, plan and simple.She isn't going too give up her iPhone until apps like instagram and snap chat come too WP.Brand Recognition and apps is what's holding up WP8 from taking off.To be honest when I bought my 920 a couple of months ago I thought WP8 would be steam rolling by now and that just hasn't happened.Makes me wish I didn't lay down five hundred in cash for a phone that doesn't have the games and apps I want.

One sure way would be to provide a monetary incentive to the folks selling phones to the casual uninformed (and even less informed) buyers. If retails sales folks got even $10 for every Windows phone they sold they'd be pushing them like a drug dealer at a high school parking lot. Not sure doing this is possible/legal, just saying the folks in the b&m stores have a lot of influence.

Um.. Tell people. I let folks play with my 8X.. All I hear is "That's frickin cool!!". Word of mouth us THE best for of advertising!;

Nokia imo has a better brand recognition than Blackberry . Many smartphone users especially those from the emerging markets don't care much about the OS but rather brand popularity and marketability. HTC and probably LG have better Android phones than Samsung but everybody is buying Sammy's plastic pos over those relatively stellar devices out there.

Shit,my brother thought Nokia wasn't around anymore until I showed him my 920 a couple of months ago.BB doesn't have this problem.

Outside of the US, the smarpthone market isn't saturated yet. Smartphone users are still a minority, and Nokia still dominates the feature phone market. People are so loyal to the brand, that they are choosing Lumias over other Windows Phone because "it's a Nokia".  And when they of think of HTC they recall the dreadful android mess and don't even want to hear about a Mozart, Radar or Titan, becasue "it's a HTC, meh".

I will agree with you if you are in the US because Nokia was absent for a long time and they just returned to to US with the Lumia 710 and the 900, but Nokia is still King in Asia, some parts of Europe, Latin America, and Africa. By my work I travel a lot and surprisingly there are people who think Nokia=phone, and phone=Nokia. Even though I believe bb still have a strong brand recognition Nokia in some countries is like a cult and its just a matter of time that we will see Nokia pick up from where the left.

"gonna be available" is the key phrase. Like WP there are lots of announced apps but a lot are also not yet available. Most of the 70k apps are poor Android ports and ebooks and there is only an estimated 1k native BB apps right now.

Not saying BB10 will flub just that understand, there is a lot of marketing PR going on right now to bolster that new OS with the facts left on the side.

BB10 only has about 70,000 apps I heard, meanwhile WP8 currently has 150,000 apps avalible. I think in terms of the apps race, WP is fine.
The real problem is brand loyalty. A lot of WP's growth was coming from people who finally decided to dump BB, as they felt it was getting dated. But now with BB10, it might win some users back, and people who've been sticking with it will refuse to switch to anything else.
EDIT: Corrected the number of apps BB has, oopsie... 

Haha what? BB10 only has 1000 apps written for the platform. The rest are either Android ports, HTML5 apps, or simply wrappers around a mobile website (Youtube app on BB10).
Let me put this simply: That is God. Awful.

You can make the argument that alot of BB10 apps are Android,but it isn't like every app on WP and IOS is top notch either :)Their YouTube app is a short cut just like WP it's not a native app.

Even with Android apps being emulated on BB10, the performance is poor, and the experience isn't native (UI wise) so I'm not too worried.

I agree, I had a Blackberry Playbook when it was on sale at christmas...the amount of headache that i needed to go through to get access to android apps was a pain in the ass. Maybe that has changed, maybe not, but between that and how poorly those apps performed...it just wasnt worth the download.

Skype sucks Whatsapp sucks .. They r all lacking ... Is this Microsoft promised experience... The only thing keeping me in wp8 is Nokia and Xbox music pass

Wow.....when W7 launched we had HTC, Samsung, LG, Dell and later Nokia. Now we've only had Nokia and HTC. Yeah I know Samsung just released on Verizon but it's to new to be in these numbers.

I'm really tired of all these people saying that WP is lacking.. bla bla so many times bla. This is the sole reason why I'm taking it easy on the forums again. So many haters!
Daniel you forgot the 620 in your article :>.NEver mind, read it wrong :>

Didn't forget those: Lumia 620 and 800 never had carrier pickup here. True, you could go out of your way and buy them online, but the ones I mentioned were carrier supported phones.

Seems like WP8 has been out for a lot longer...
Was getting frustrated this morning that there still wasn't a Pandora app, (and some others that MICROSOFT said would be available), but it's still a pretty new OS...

Lack of a Pandora app frustrated me, but I really like metro radio and it syncs with your pandora account. So I probably will not get Pandora if it ever comes out for WP8.

What ever happened to the free 1-year subscription to Pandora with every WP8 purchase? Microsoft hass announced a lot of things that they never delieverd on, such as the ability to bypass carrier testing and get upgrades right when they're available. 

stop that lie ,, acording to tammi reller at microsoft there are sold 45 million windows phone 7 worldwide
windows phone 8 are sold 2.8 million world wide 
both are all windows phone brands ,, nokia,htc,samsung and all the othere
it really comprimise the credibility of wpcentral,, i was just saying do not let this side look like wmpoweruser
all the info can be read at 

Paul Thurrott's SuperSite for Windows Home Page

How is that even possible if Nokia sold around 4,4 million 920's alone? =/ Else I've read wrong

How is possible? Went to walmart last night, the only WP available was the Lumia 900 from AT&T, none of the WP8 to show or sale... a lot of android high end devices in all carriers, same last weekend in the mall, I went to verizon stands and they don't have any windows phones for sale or show... now I understand why they cannot sell more.

Something that bogs my mind is WHY IS AT&T STILL SELLING THE 900?? Costco is still selling it as well. I mean, WTH???

What else would they do with it? Throw into the garbage disposal?

Meanwhile in sane parts of the worlds, where phone are sold at their real prices (even when the payment is spread across your contract, added to your monthly fee for services) those old phones can now be acquired for half their initial price, so they can still be sold without competing with the newer models. It would be hard to do that, if they were sold "for free" from the start, wouldn't it?

This is good and bad. Its bad because you can kiss any new apps having windows 7 compatibility goodbye. Developers won't spend the extra time taking advantage of 7.8/7 features and will just target 8. Its good because windows phone 8 should attract more developers with its deep ties to windows 8. The windows phone 8 hardware is also more attractive to new customers and is starting to trend in the cool direction with its funky colors and "Look at me" tile configurations

I do agree but according to Microsoft they have layed out a rather easy way to port Windows 8 apps over to Windows 7.x devices and vice versa given some slight differences. Obviously apps that use per say NFC won't go to the older phones etc... But yeah I agree. I am even looking at a new Windows 8 phone just because if the improved hardware...

I love my new Samsung ATIV S, Samsung Canada was awesome to us Canadian's with the ATIV S WP8 platform on all Canadian major cellular provider's Dec 14/12 was two weeks late but came with "Portico" OS update!

WMC Feb 25-28/13 Microsoft will give us the real # and information of what's going on with WP.

March 2013 is one awesome month with WP8.1 coming and some big Apps!

Q2 2013 the second wave of WP hardware is expected!

- Nokia Lumia 930T c/w 41MP camera.

- MS Surface Phone

There's talk about Sony and LG return to WP platform with new more mature OS.

I had a Samsung Focus S and upgraded to a Lumia 920. Wife went from a Torch 9800 to a Lumia 820. Her friend newly purchased a Lumia 920 not too long ago.

If Nokia accounts for 50% of US Windows phone sales, then that means only 1.4 million windows phones were sold last quarter in the US.

All Lumias combined that were sold in the US last quarter was a whopping 700k. Source Nokia financial statements.

dont know why you guys are so shaky like that. BB stats blah blah only a marketing stuff, not real number. UK online retailers show no signal of BB at all. Also, BB hardware is outdated since in MWC 2013  we'll see all new phones coming out with a lot stronger features both hardware and software (hope for wp 8.5).  android, iphone and wp will extinguish BB right away.

I think Windows Phone 8 is being bolstered by Windows 8. People are making the association between them, likely due to the consistent design language, where as with Windows Phone 7 and Windows 7 I'm not sure they did. Now it finally makes sense to buy a Windows Phone to go with your Windows PC.