Itsdagraph for Windows Phone 8 Instagram

Sneak peek: Itsdagram is a full-featured Instagram client for Windows Phone 8 with direct uploads

What’s that? You need some more Instagram news for Windows Phone to keep going? Well, we don’t have any more info on an official app, though May keeps popping up. In the meantime, it looks like a new contender is getting ready to enter the field: Itsdagram.

Made by developer Daniel Gary (who also makes the popular Pinsation app), Itsdagram steps up its game against the current uploader Instagraph in that it allows unfettered, direct access to Instagram’s service. That means you can create an account, upload directly for posting, deleting, commenting, liking, searching, tagging, etc.--just about everything else an official client can offer. Check out the video below to see it in action.

So how does it work if there is no middle-man server? Well, it uses the Instagram API, ahem.

Now that raises all sorts of issues, including if Instagram alters it and whether or not they will tolerate such an app on the Store. There is some precedent for either way, after all, all of those HD YouTube video and Pandora apps on Windows Phone are using “hacked” APIs too and they’re still alive and kicking. However, Instagram is kind of a prickly company, so who knows how they will respond to this app.

Itsdagram for Windows Phone 8 Instagram

Pricing looks to be set for $1.49 with a free trial (one upload to test) and we’re looking at one to two weeks for submission as final features are being instantiated. The app itself has no filters, but with the small army of apps that already do this for Windows Phone, many of which are free, we don’t see that as a problem.

Once again, the Windows Phone community finds a way. The only questions remain is if an official client is on the way and if it is any good (rumors suggest it’s an iOS port with very few features—then again, it’ll be free).

Stay tuned for more information on Itsdagram here at Windows Phone Central. Leave a comment and share your thoughts on this option for your heavy Instagram users. Yay or nay?


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Sneak peek: Itsdagram is a full-featured Instagram client for Windows Phone 8 with direct uploads



Ugh! Quit it! Just make the next Instagram article about the official Instagram app! I keep getting excited, but then my heart drops when it's not the real deal. :'/

Plausible but honestly, nothing solid. My worry, if true, that would likely mean it's a Nokia Nokia events =! Microsoft Windows Phone events, generally speaking.

I'm not a big Instagram user, but I'm happy to see a quality app being developed by a 3rd party. Also, I'm thrilled to see the developer himself commenting on this post. Your dedication is admirable!

I really like the design, the colors of the iOS/Android Instagram apps in Metro UI style.
Also first seen a transparent 'action bar' (don't know the name) below (I've my Lumia 620 just a month, don't know a lot of apps). EDIT: I just saw it also in Metrotube, but never noticed it because of the black background.
Wouldn't be a surprise if Instagram would take over this app, because of the design. They only have to give access to there servers, add the filter system and make a notifications page and it's an official app.

Thanks for this.  I've spent quite a while making it as appealing as possible and it's nice to get some positive feedback from it.

I agree, fantastic work! And the most beautiful Instagram app out there! Even looks better than the official! Although add a filter/notifications option and it's perfect!!

Ergonomics wlll get huge, One-click point and shoot and publish to multiple sources from apps that blow away Instas filters. ProShot started integrating this approach
The risk of the API changing is  a nuisance but a compromise given the low cost of apps. Depending on the model the developer might end up  working for Instagram if its  a good app.
As far as official apps go not all are better. If you can  imagine one where we see increased consolidation between players to create simple, feature rich ergonomic apps, indie developers can run light years ahead of official apps. How about something like Proshot  with integrated search between Fiickr, Tumblr and Instagram as well as several new upload options including seamless point and click and  publish to Twitter, Facebook, Fiickr, Tumblr and Instagram at once?
Some companies will insist on official apps. Others will do both. Harness the developer community and see what comes of it. The MS developer community is just starting to get on board.

hey daniel, i know you busy with this new app but could you please find some time to fix Pinsation? ): i rly love it BUT the constant crashes makes it almost unusable >.< it's rly annoying and i hope you can fix it soon, so we can truly enjoy your beautiful full-featured Pinterest app!
'till then, i'm not really using it but it's sitting there waiting patiently for the day this issue will be fixed and i can fully enjoy it :D

I was dreading this coming up here... :)
You have my word, as soon as I can get Itsdagram wrapped up and submitted, I will fix that problem.  Quick question...the problem arises from how I implemented the pinch to zoom feature and I have debated just removing that feature.  Would that work for you or would you miss pinch to zoom?

I don't use Instagram, but I may just purchase this app for solidarity purposes.  Thank you Daniel G.
Oh and Daniel R. Are you sure you want everyone to know when & where you're having dinner tonight?

Nice! I was going to comment mostly about how FoodSpotting bought OpenTable, but you have the two apps side by side. Or maybe not "but" but rather "and" ... guess they really are two apps in a pod.

Or rather, OpenTable bought FoodSpotting. My bad!

i like this one way more than instagraph.the ui was nice.thats the main reason why i changed to windows phone..because i love its modern metro ui.

If now I had few extra bucks I would ditch Windows Phone. I always found something I didn't like in ios and Android, but Apple or Google never did anything close to the Microsoft favourite game of humiliating, flouting  and mocking the paying customers. Microsoft, I must say you did it. I now ready to ditch you both in desktop and mobile. Are you shit!

This was certainly not my intention when I made the do know Microsoft has nothing to do with this and this isn't an official app?

Such a dedicated developer ! I appreciate your effort, and i will buy this app if it's available for 7.8 btw in future if i buy a wp8, im gonna purchase itsdagram too :))

I would definitely be down to give it a shot. It looks gorgeous. J ca t stand when apps are simply ported from other OS because we have so much more fluidity available on WP and not enough "official" apps make use of it.

Will tagging friends and hash tags be supported while uploading a picture? Instagraph doesn't show hash tags once it's uploaded

Well, no, but there are some trade-offs.
I could build an app that targets Windows Phone 7.x and it would run in 8.x just fine.  However, I lose some things:
Full screen apps.  The apps are surrounded by black bars at the top and bottom on 720P screens.
Instant loading.  7.x apps have to show a splash screen.  8.x apps start instantly.
The good news is I built the API client as a portable class library that can be used in 7.x and 8.x apps.  And I can copy and paste most of the XAML.  7.x support is coming in the future.

Much appreciated, there are just things that developers understand that we don't. I'll just need to upgrade, money is scarce

Sweet! 7.8 support would be greatly appreciated! Thank you. Are there any plans to integrate a filter option? I have no idea what that process would entail.

i dont use instagram but i do use the pinsation app which to me is the best in the store right now. i hope you find time to address the issue with the intermittent crashes

Thanks for this, and as I replied earlier, as soon as I wrap up this app, I promise to solve the crashes on Pinsation.

i have a suggestion...would it be possible to make the repinning screen (title/boards selection) as a pop-up? the current way is nice but i think a pop-up would be easier and faster, wouldn't need to leave the picture page...if you want an example of what i mean, just look at Pinterest Mobile and repin a pic...smth like that but adapted to your app and metro xD

Sure, I know what you mean.  It's absolutely possible.  At some point I'm going to have to commit to a rewrite for the move to Windows Phone 8.  At this time, I'm not actively adding support to Pinsation as it's in maintenance mode, but when I get ready to update it to WP8, I will definitely do this.

great *-* i will patiently wait and keep supporting Pinsation, just the future crashes fix already makes me happy *-*

edit: tyvm btw, you rly care about WP and about giving us the best exprience possible! I don't use Instagram but i might buy it to support you and give Insta a try :D

I honestly didn't plan on purchasing this app until I read most of the developers comments. So whenever it comes to WP7 I'll be more than happy to break the bank and pay $1.49. Even willing to beta test it if you need it. I also made a vow to myself to not even use the "official" instagram app if it ever is released on WP (i'll download it, won't use it) because I'd rather support developers who care about the platform...but that's just me

Thank you Daniel Gary for spending your time and effort on the windows phone platform, nice to see you active in the comment section :)

@Daniel Gary, really great work and I will be supporting you for sure but just wanted to mention something: most folks I know avoided Instagraph because it was a pay app. I know this might sound disrespectful to the developers working hard on bringing us the good but the the thing is, some people don't have credit cards (and MS not support MS Points is sill silly) and others get pissy when things are paid on WP and free on other platforms.
tl;dr will you offer it for free sometime in the future?

I will most likely do something like offer it free for a day or something at some point.  Possibly on day one...

That's awesome. I will skip the offer and buy it to support you. :)
And watching the video, it says Aviary still doesn't support WP8 lol this is a bigger issue IMO than no Instagram.

Yeah, I'm usually the same way, but my daughter couldn't say Instagram, she said Itsdagram, so that's what it became...

Funny how me and my friend were talking about our windows phone and telling her about the Facebook beta app and then her friend was like, does that have instagram?.. Oh instagram.. @danielgary thank you for your hard work to bring your app to the windows phone community!

so its NOT fully featured then because it has no filters. What is with all the half-assed attempts at an instagram app? Just add some filters! Its not even that hard to do, just make 6 or 7 of your own and make this a one-stop app. is it c#? Look up pixel manipulation and hell, devs,  I'll even send you a couple of my algorithms from my windows 8 app to save you the effort! (its javascript so it will need some conversion to C# but the forumla is sound). Just give us one app that can do it all; thats how you score a win.

I want to upgrade.. but u know i dont have money..nd i love my wp7 from day one... nd beside that microsoft also support wp7 and wp8 till next year.. and there are also lots of wp7 users. so plz dont ignore us..

I don't use Instagram or care about it but I'll buy to support the developer for bringing us functional apps that aren't available to the platform. This is the kind of developer we should support as they make the platform better!
Thanks Daniel.
Btw Itsdagram is a great name. 

Reverse engineer process is quite easy for a developer. A friend of mine made ​​a app like this for wp7 four months ago and it has not passed Microsoft certification. Anyway good luck man!

Geez another copycat instagram. Just get the official instagram. Once we ever get it all these copycats will be useless

As long as the app has some kind of voice control, live tile/push notifications support, and lens capability (like Bing Vision, Blink, Smart Shoot, etc.), then it is worth the $$. WP8 apps should be optimized for WP8 integration.

WHY ARE ALL THE CLIENTS ONLY COMING OUT FOR WP8?! Am I the only one seeing this? I have a WP7 and want instagram also. Are they just cutting their loses with apps dealing with WP7?! If so im going to be really pissed. I don't mind where they are going its more how they are going about it that angers me. I was told this phone was gonna be the new biggest thing. And I almost feel as though Microsoft has abandoned WP7.

Kudos to the developer for doing this! Much appreciated. I like the design, its clean, simple and Metro, unlike others which are overly designed. I hope this app is also available in default share option.

I might have been interested in this, if I did not already pay 2.50 for Instagraph. I'm not paying for two instagram apps, especially since this one does not have any filters at all. The one minute I have to wait with Instagraph for photos to upload is not the biggest deal at the moment, and who knows if this app will get approved or even work. What was that early adapter reward for Instagraph? Never saw it or heard about it after it's first mention....

This would decrease my current number of instagram related apps from 3 down to 2. Plus Fhotoroom. I'm happy to see developers creating multiple instagram apps and developers on WP period since I'd like WP sto stick around.

@DanielGary, please why are you forgetting about WP 7.8 users? I mean do we have rights too? We actually bought our phones and fought for Instagram through #2InstaWithLove much before WP 8 was out? So do we deserve to be left out like this holding a box of useless yet pricy crap in our hands? Not all of us can afford a new phone just because it's a little bit better and because it contains more apps. I understand that the entire idea is to force people to spend more money and buy WP8 devices but still it's not fair. iPhone 4 users still have the same apps as iPhone 5 users. 
WP7 also needs Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Temple Run etc. Isn't it enough that by using Windows OS we are deprived of many cool apps other OS offer? Obviously not, now we have to be discriminated even within the area of Windows. I think Windows developpers shoud be thankful to all users who opted out for their devices instead of the much better working and up to date modern ones by showing some support to everyone in this hard time...

Awesome. I've been using Instagraph, and though it's been working fine, with shorter queue times than I expected, it's nice to see more options coming, particularly ones that act as an all in one solution rather needing a separate one to upload and another to comment etc


When is it available, yet this week?
And one more question..Well u get the API so why not the filter?
Thanks :)