Ting to support Windows Phone, offering Samsung and HTC hardware this summer

Ting WP

Ting has reaffirmed its stance on Windows Phone availability. The mobile operator has previously teased that there are plans in place to support Microsoft's platform, but we've yet to see anything materialise. A new article has been published on the Ting blog that details the company looking to pick up multiple Windows Phones this coming summer.

The blog post clearly states the network will offer smartphones from HTC and Samsung. Nokia unfortunatley wasn't mentioned. The only option for consumers for the time being is to sign up for email alerts. We'll keep our eyes open for further details to emerge. Good news if you're with Ting. Bad news if you are already and want Nokia hardware.

Source: Ting; thanks, pfe1223, for the tip!


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Ting to support Windows Phone, offering Samsung and HTC hardware this summer


An MVNO that opperates off Sprint.  I actually really like their pricing model.  You pay for what you use essentially.  Before I switched to T-Mobile, I was interested in Ting but they had no Windows Phones.  Looking at what I was currently consuming (calls/texts/data), my price for them per month would have come out to under 60 for both my wife and I.

Thank you. I wasn't trying to be a negative smartass, but Rich didn't explain what it was at all in the article and I was confused

It is equally not as difficult for Rich Edmonds to toss up a quick blurb about what it is/does in the same time he's writing the article. He's already writing it. A quick blurb will take him all of two seconds and would head off these questions in the comments. The journalism is usually better on this site

Sure, but he didn't do it. It's not that hard to do yourself. Maybe suggest to Rich that he could add more info on the subject at hand, but don't ask what Ting is when you're already using the internet.

Maybe your just commenting on the quality of Sprints network, but I actually think Ting is a pretty good MVNO. Out of all the MVNO's I researched, I thought they had the best pricing model. As I said in a reply above, you pay for what you use. I went with T-Mobile in the end, but with Ting I probably would have been paying a little under $60 for both my wife and I. Not bad.

an MVNO is only as good as the network.  If something is shit and they give it away for free, it is still shit.  Who cares if you are getting a good deal, Sprint is shit.

Besides the pricing model, Ting offers some things Virgin and Boost do not
1.Roaming. Voice roaming in the US. I visit an area in upstate NY that does not have Sprint voice service outside of some towns, but does have Sprint roaming (Verizon towers, I guess). No data roaming, though.
2.Tethering capability is included,  drawing on the plan's data pool. Virgin charges extra to tether with a cap.
3. Shared plan -- $6.00 charge per phone or data device on the plan, and all share the plan. Virgin doesn't share, so $35 per phone, minimum.
4. You can bring most Sprint phones into Ting (except IPhones and Blackberry). And, if you don't like Ting, you can take your Ting phone to Sprint. Virgin doesn't allow you to take your phone out.
5.Decent refurb deals. A new phone may cost a little more on Ting than Virgin, but the three refurbs I have bought have been flawless and cost less than an identical new phone on Virgin. 
6. Outstanding customer service. Support is answered by Toronto staff quickly, and they work exceedingly hard to resolve any problems. They spent several hours of phone and email time over  week helping me try to revive a phone I had bricked by my own fault. They are uniformly well informed.
7. Better new phones. Galaxy S3 and S4, Note 2, and  HTC One are all available on Ting. Virgin has older and mid-range phones. 
Downsides --
1. No subsidy on phones. No time payments like Tmobile. Offset by good deals on refurbs.
2. Data is charged in tiers. $13/100-500mb, $24/500-1000, etc However, unlike Virgin which throttles unlimited data at 2.5gb (I think that's the limit), no throttling, just get charged (e.g. 2.25 cents per mb above $60/3000mb.
3. It's Sprint. But I have had few issues since leaving Verizon over a year ago, first on Virgin and now Ting. 3g is slow. Wimax is fast and  LTE is going to be fast. 

I find them much better than boost or virgin for low-medium usage users but you still have to deal with sprints network.

My brother uses Ting (he has a Note 2 on it) and pays only $25/month for his service. They're a great MVNO if you don't use a lot of data/voice/texts. You can build your own plan depending on how much you use.
I believe my brother has 500 mins of talk time, 1000 texts and a paltry 100MB of data for $23/month plus taxes (takes it to around $25). He uses WiFi a ton at his college and when he's home so he rarely gets close to his data cap, he usually only goes over his talk and sometimes texts (to which Ting just kicks you up to the next higher tier for that month only).
They now support bringing your Sprint phone in addition to buying new/refurb phones from them so if you're on Sprint and looking to save a little money if you're not a big user, it's something to look into.

They also will credit you if you don't use that much....  I actually keep my plan at 0 for everything by defaultand it just scales up as you use it.  There is no reason to pick a plan with them.
The key to them is not using a ton of data.... everything else is pretty cheap. It works out well for me because when I am at home and at work I am on wifi so I only need data when I am somewhere else which my usage is about 400 megs a month.

Fyi, Sprint usually gets 4 to 8 week lead over their MVNOs when it comes to devices.  So I'm guessing this means Sprint will be announcing their launch in the next week or two.  WPCentral should hit up their contacts at Microsoft to see if they know anything.

Brought my Sprint HTC Arrive over to Ting using their BYOD program. Happy with it. Nice option for the budget conscious.

It's a shame they're limited to what Sprint chooses to offer.  If they were offering a good Lumia phone I'd be all over it. 

I just want sprint to announce the phones already....my wife refuses to look at other carriers due to lack of unlimited data. Sprint is not bad in Jacksonville, and we do have LTE in my area. So its just a waiting game, a horrible horrible waiting game.