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Show your friends you support Windows Phone with the free app Tile Me!

If there is one thing Windows Phone supporters are good at, it’s self-promotion. We have a lot of evangelists in the crowd who want to get the word out about their OS of choice. We don’t blame you either, but we’re only as good as the tools we have to work with, which is why Tile Me! is worthy of your attention.

Over in the sub-Reddit dedicated to Windows Phone, a social media consultant named David Kimball had an idea: why not create profile pictures that looked like the Windows Phone Me Tile? The idea was to allow you to change your profile pic on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc., with the Windows Phone styled design, resulting in more awareness.

Tile Me

While a solid idea, it did lack one thing: practicality. That’s because David was creating the images one-by-one based on user request (see his website). While certainly helpful, in the long run that would not be feasible, especially if we sent a hundred thousand of our daily readers there.

Enter developer InfiniteLoop who decided to automate the process. What better way to do that than with a free (ad supported) Windows Phone app? Users can download Tile Me! for free, insert an image, pick their tile color and save it to their library for profile replacement. A paid version is evidently on the way, should you want to support the dev, but for now, you can use the ad-supported and free version.

In the future, we'd like to see support for the higher quality PNG format in addition to JPEG, but for now we'll take what we can get.

Overall, it’s a nifty little app powered by a great idea.

Pick up Tile Me! here in the Store. All Windows Phones. Thanks, Justin M., for the tip!

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Show your friends you support Windows Phone with the free app Tile Me!


Nope. It's "Me" on Windows Phone, not your name. It has to be the same.
I just think it should offer a option to translate the "me" word. Example: here in Brazil, the "me" tile is called "Eu". So, I would like to use the "Eu" tile.

Why are you still hanging around here trolling on apps that don't even run on your new phone? I would think that since you've supposedly dropped your WP for IPhone 5, you should be more happy hanging over at iMore instead looking at apps that do run on your phone.

But if you pin a friend, it shows their name on the top half, and pushes their picture down to the bottom half. I like the 1/3 Tile, 2/3 picture this app makes, but it would be better with my name, not "Me". Plus, if multiple people do it, you could end up with a people feed full of "Me" pics.

If anything, that's more of a statement that Windows Phone should allow you to edit it from "Me" on your phone as well. If I want my "Me" tile to say "Pimp Daddy Boi," I should be able to do that.

Generally once you pass the age of 10 or so you replace "kiddy" with "childish" - see also "grown-up" and "adult".

add yourself at people, and add your picture. Pin to start screen, take screenshot and cut it and you get profile picture :)

I saw that post on baconit and he started out by offerring people to do it as a service.  I was too lazy to do it myself or even send him a picture, but this works great.

Yes, it is.
I was really speaking more to the clowns who constantly complain and are very often wrong with their "facts" and have misplaced expectations.

This is great.  I remember reading David Kimball's post about this on Reddit a few weeks back.  Love his personal Website too :)

My Facebook profile picture syncs with my Me tile. So if I do this, there will be a double-Me on my Me tile... Good idea though.

Tap your Me tile (the start screen WP one) tap on your profile picture, tap the picture again to change it, now under Post to: untick Facebook and all the other accounts you dont want changed, but leave your main account Microsoft/Outlook Ticked). Problem solved :) 

Okay, but when I unticked Hotmail and only posted the update to Facebook, my Me tile on my phone still changed. I then had to work around this bug by again updating my profile picture but only for Hotmail so my Me tile would return to normal. Are you having that issue as well, or am I doing something wrong?

No, you do not need to tick Facebook. Facebook should be unticked, and only hotmail should be ticked. Post the update to Hotmail only (as you did in the second try). 

You change your Facebook profile picture on your Computer :)
Or what you can do is, on the phone: First Post your new Me Tile on Facebook (untick everything else). Then Post your normal picture on Hotmail (untick everything else).

Why do you dedicate an article of this inutility and you never gave attention about my app (Fb Friends) ?
(you could have replied saying you didn't find it interesting, at least)

Honestly, never heard of it. Regarding "at least reply", come over and check out  my inbox and ask me to reply to all the emails we get...

Look, things get missed, overlooked or purposefully ignored at times. Just the way it is, but complaining in comments doesn't really help too much.

the same could've been said about the other writers on this site, instead of getting mad your app wasnt reviewed take this oppurtunity to have him or one of the other writers to check it out.

You can always get the word out on XDA as well. also in WPC forums under new apps..many folks read that section another good way of getting the word out about your app. do that place a link I'll check it out.

Great idea. I had a "Me" tile for my facebook profile pic a while back and then used a photoshop template to surround it with a cover photo that looked like a Windows 8 start screen. I was thinking of the phone at first, but Windows 8 worked better in the horizontal layout.

Cool idea, but now my Me tile on my handset looks retarded with the cropped "Me" with a smaller me scrolling in.

It's more for Facebook, etc., not for MS. However, just remove the Me tile and access yourself from the People Hub if you want it for MS. It's what I do.

That is very funny! I had this problem at first, too. But generally I change my profile picture on Hotmail/Microsoft (and not Facebook or Twitter), and it changes. :)

yea, i think it's really a nice shot n i try to scroll to see anyone else has the same thoughts too n found ur comment alas!! LOL

Seen this and instantly thought it was another bloatware app from Liquid Daf. Surprisingly wrong, nice app :)

Downloaded It. Works great. Would be cool of you could insert a custom message. The app could then optionally make a "live tile"-like gif.

This isn't meant to be a replacement for the Metile from the People Hub, it's just a profile picture you can choose to put on your social profiles for promoting Windows Phone. 

I'm going to keep my normal Facebook and Twitter profile pictures...but you know what? I'm DEFINITELY going to change my Instagram one for this. Just to p*ss them off XD 

IT's just a pitty that it doesn't either allow us to put our name instead of "Me" and that it doesn't allow us to use our normal tile colour (It's missing, at least, T-Mobile's Grey)

Nice idea, I've wanted to do this before but I was to lazy to do it by myself. Now, I'd like to know how to get my Xbox avatar to put it as the picture... Ive seen it around like that in twitter.

Hello folks. I am the developer of this app and I just saw that the app was featured on WPCentral. To answer some of the requests, I am already done with the ability to change the text on the tile and am submitting the update very soon.

For the next updates, I plan to add support for more languages, higher resolution tiles (currently saves 500x500) and creating GIF animations. 

Hey how about a F#$ken app that allows me to set custom tones for my incoming emails and text message? You know a useful app....

Seriouslly, I've done this already using paint brush. They probably saw my Facebook pic and got the idea from there.

aww yea. cant wait!
um,, my friend on my twitter successfully make animated me tile on twitter O.o
i dont know how :((
maybe my friend uses generator..

Tile Me! update is now under certification. The new version gives you the ability to enter your own text on the generated tile! The update should be live within 2-3 days.

I doubt you'll see PNG support any time soon. The currently available PNG library for Windows Phone is very bad, so it would have to be server-side rendering (with the associated costs).

I really do like the WP8 system, but the slow OS updates, missing epic apps like a proper facebook client, Google+, Snapchat and many more have convinced me to go back to iOS when they release the newest iPhone.
Too bad MS and Nokia. You had the chance to make som change in the smartphone world and you spoiled it big time.

So, the only problem I have with this app is that now, when "Me" comes down on my Me Tile, it says "Me Me". o_O Otherwise, this is pretty cool, I like it. :D

Tap your Me tile (the start screen WP one) tap on your profile picture, tap the picture again to change it and select your original picture (not the one you generated using Tile Me!), now under Post to: untick Facebook and all the other accounts you dont want changed, but leave your main account Microsoft/Outlook or Hotmail Ticked). Post the new image. This will update your email profile picture, fix the double Me Me issue and leave your Facebook, Twitter etc. profile pictures as Me tiles.