The Misfit Toys and Hermey play with Bing on Windows Phone

In a nice nod to nostalgia, Microsoft has made a Bing commercial featuring the toys from the 1964 TV special 'Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer' in addition to that troubled little elf, Hermey.

That's some hot yoga

While Yukon Cornelius drags the misfits on a sled, he soon pops his back. Hermey, now technologically modern, whips out a little clay-mation Windows Phone and Bings 'hot yoga'. Both hilarious and informative, the commercial is our new favorite. But that's the power of childhood memories for you.

Source: Discover Bing; Thanks, Vector555


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The Misfit Toys and Hermey play with Bing on Windows Phone


Bravo Microsoft, Bravo. Keep up the Nostalgia train, throw them online and on TV, then we got us some userbase.

I don't know why Microsoft would make the mistake of associating themselves with "misfit toys." You coudn't give your competition better amunition.

I sort of agree with Rhody. I mean, its not so much the misfit toys. But is a misfit toy really gonna get people out to buy a WP? I want more advertising that focuses on the phone and what it can offer consumers. Not if some character from my childhood uses it. However, its nice to see advertising of any kind after the past year of almost nothing

The Misfit Toys are underdogs, which is exactly what Windows Phone is in the smartphone space. I think it's fitting.

So, where is a link to this video that I can view on my Windows Phone? Just curious...since the source page requires flash...